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Absol's Sprite Shop

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Lady Zoroark, Jan 30, 2011.

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  1. Hello, my name is Absol404
    Here are some of my sprites:
    Hologram Pokemon:
    Featureless Pokemon:
    Whitened Pokemon:

    Please comment and of course, request also :3
  2. A new spriting thread :DD! (Now I am not the new spriter on the street). >.>
    Anywayss, your sprites are pretty good. :> Featureless Pokemon is acutally a pretty smart idea :> I also like the idea of hologram Pokémon that's pretty orignal :)!
    Now for some helpful crictism. With your fusion; I like it, though you just need to add a little something to finish it off ;>. If you need some help with that try checking some of the other spriting threads.
    But for a new spriter your sprites are decent ;>! Keep up the good work.

    Shaymin ~*
    #2 Shaymin ~, Jan 30, 2011
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  3. Nice sprites! I really like the featureless Pokemon! You have really original ideas! But.....
    try to make the backgrounds nice and transparent. :)
    Can you make a featureless shiny miltank for me?
    #3 Thepokemontrainer, Feb 2, 2011
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  4. I'll find out how to do that
    Here is your request:
  5. Ah, a new spriter on the block~

    So, your sprites. Although I have to admit that they're not bad at all, I do have some little things I'd like to point out;

    -Hologram PokeMon

    Although I do like the idea behind this and it is quite refreshing and new, it does not exactly look like a hard sprite to make; It basically looks like you put a simple raster of horizontal white lines over the sprite. If you made both the background and the lines transparent, then it'd truly look like a hologram.

    -Featureless PokeMon

    The white buttons on the Prinplup look quite off, in my opinion. It'd look better if you made the bottom left button square as well. The Miltank looks quite good~

    -Whitened PokeMon

    I really like this idea. Maybe you could add shades of grey to the inside of the sprite, to make it into a Ghost PokeMon? Nothing else to say, really, it's a nice idea~

    And your fusion; Drapamoth/Ulgion?~ Anyway, the Drapion arms don't really look connected to the Ulgamoth body. You could try making the arms the same colours as the Ulgamoth wings.

    Hope this helped, and keep spriting~
  6. Those are neat! Could you do a Lineless Eevee for me? 8D
  7. Of course, here you go:
  8. Wow! Thank you! I need to figure out how to do these things...Anyhow, it looks really good! ^^
  9. Here is a simple Leafeon egg I did, I might try to do Pokeballs later when I'm less busy
    I finally finished my homework, and had time to do this Masqurain Pokeball
  10. More sprites; Musharnel, Drilshrew, Coronekzel and Hypda:
  11. *gasp*!
    I ♥ that Musharnel it's great :DD (very creative I would never think of that :DD) I also love your leafeon egg :DD Keep up the awesome work!
    Can't wait to see more!

    Shaymin ~*
  12. Ah, you have improved, Absol~

    I really like those new splices, or frankensprites, if that's what you prefer. The Drilshrew is my favourite; The parts looks really good together and I love the colour. If it was a real PokeMon, I'd catch it!

    The Musharnel looks quite good, the colour palette works well. The one point of advice I could give, is to make it more apparent that the smoke is coming from his nostils.

    Coronekzel? Nothing much to say, it's really good~

    The Hypda looks quite good, but in my oponion, the ears are a bit off. And there's something wrong with th wire of the hypnosis hanger; It has some random white pixels. The wire would look better in black anyway, IMHO.

    On a random note, maybe it would help to look around the forums a bit; PokeMon Chat, Small Talk, and maybe come onto chat now and then? You're actually a really good spriter, but it might just help to become more integrated into the PokeCharms society. Get to know some people~

    Keep it up!
  13. Thank you very much Dark Soul and Shaymin ~, your advice will help me a lot Dark Soul, and I am very glad that you think I have improved, I will get to know the forums a bit, I've just been really busy lately but I have plenty of spare time now.
    Please keep those comments coming people~ ♥
  14. New sprites:
    Numelutions (I'm obsessed with Numels now):

    First fifteen Pokemon's featureless sprites:
  15. I like those numelutions they are just awesome!
    I think my favourite is the eevee/numel fusion! it looks great! I really like the new batch of featureless pokemonz too, :DD especially the kanto starter lines :>
    Dark Soul is right you have improved :3! Hehe soon you will be doing trainer sprites :DD
    Keep up the tremendous work! (can't wait to see more :DD)

    Shaymin ~*
  16. Hehe, that will never be possible, as I am rubbish at scratch sprites of any form
    But thank you very much Shaymin ~, I will try my best at spriting all the time~
  17. Okay, seriously.

    Those Numelutions are really, really good! I especially love the Vaporumel and Glaecumel, altough the Umbrumel and Eevumel are pretty epic in their own right xD

    You should do more frankensprites, Absol, you're really good at them~

    I'm not that much of a fan of the featureless ones, but the Charizard is cool~

    (On a random note, this thread might help. I hope to see you on chat sometime~)

    Oh wait, before I go; Could you make me an Arcanine/Mightyena splice? I've always wanted a Dark/Fire PokeMon~
  18. Thank you Dark Soul, as always, your advice helps me. As for chat, I'm not entirely sure I will be able to participate in such things I'm afraid. As my parents are against the idea of me talking to people I do not know.
    Now, I have finished your request. Please accept my sincere apologies if it doesn't look right to you, I must say that Arcanine and Mightyena aren't the easiest sprites to fuse, although I tried my best on it:
  19. Oh, but we're not creepy strangers! We're actually very friendly and welcoming people. (Except KoL. He'll kick you whenever he has the chance.)

    Anyway, I love that splice! The colour palette is really good, and I love the way you frankensprited the different parts; The only thing wrong with it is that the tail's outline is brown instead of black. If you could fix that, it'd be awesome ♥

    Actually, would you mind if I used it in an RP of mine?
  20. Use it however you want Dark Soul, it's all yours anyway...
    Thanks for the compliments~ ♥
  21. I was bored, so I did these, not my best work yet, I believe I can do better, but I was messing around with the charms dex, and I decided to fuse whatever two Pokemon I got, it didn't really go all that well:
  22. Now what do we have here~?:


    Just Raichu fused with stuff, yes I know the Oshawott and Gengar ones look pretty bad... to be honest I should have used Gengar as base on the first one... but oh well~ The Butterfree one is probably my best sprite yet~ ♥
  23. I made this out of boredom:
    Yeah it sucks...
  24. Eee more sprites!

    My made this one for a good friend of mine :3

    This one is random:

    And so is this:

    Please comment~ ♥
  25. My word Absy you have improved ~*! I am loving your recent work! Your just getting better and better! I have secretly been stalking this thread :DD! The Lucario x Zebstirka doesn't suck, it's awesome! I love your creativity with your fusions :>! I especially love that Raichu x Pikachu, it's simple but it's end result looks good! The Dragonite x Raichu is adorable, I wuv it! I also love that Golbat fusion with glooms evo ( it's name escapes me...) if it's alright may I use that in my signature if I give a reference to you?
    Anwayss, Keep up the great work, oo yes before I forget I would like to request something... A Mew X Lucario fusion ^^! I can't wait to see the awesome end result, if that's ok of course ^^!

    Shaymin ~*
  26. My word Shaymin ~, your comments almost made me cry with happiness!
    Of course you may use the sprite in your signature, I'm really glad you want to!
    Here it is in a single picture thing:

    As for your request, I'll do it straight away, expect an edit very soon!

  27. Ked


    I don't believe that I've commented here before, so now I'll be sure to fix that~

    Your fusions are pretty good. You add lots of creativity to them, and most of the time they turn out alright. ^^ I really love the Sceptile and Ampharos one, since in looks the cleanest and best put together in my opinion.

    However, a lot of your fusions don't look natural. The Lucario and Mew fusions looks a bit odd. I find it strange that the arm is behind the tail. Maybe that sprite could benefit from dragging the Lucario sprite onto the tail, instead of the tail onto the Lucario. It might also look nicer if you used Mew as the base. Since Mew mixes nicely with almost every Pokemon, it is a good base to practice fusions on, and sharpening skills such as making parts look more natural and getting a hang at fusing Pokemon with very different body types.

    Your shading also could use some touching up. One thing that I did to help me with shading was using the circle tool in MSPaint, filling it in, and shading it to get a hang at shading round objects, since most Pokemon parts are round or slightly rounded. Your Vilebat could benefit from some new shading. The wings should be darker around the areas behind the petals should be darker, since they aren't getting as much light as the other sections.

    I hope some of this is helpful for you, and keep spriting ;)
  28. Dear me, dear me... I haven't commented here before? What?
    I really like your sprites! Your fusions look nice and official and nyargh~ I really like the Absol/Oshawott fusion. And I would like to request a fusion: Oshawott x Totodile. Thank you!
  29. Eeep! I haven't commented on your thread yet! Sorry about that! I absolutely love your fusions! Like Ked said, they're all very creative! My favorite one I think would be the Butterfree Raichu fusion. The only negative thing I can think to say about it is that it's tail looks like it would get in the way of its wings. Seems like it would have difficulty flying around with that thing XD.

    But other than that I absolutely LOVE it!!!! =D I can also see that you've improved a bunch since the start of your thread =D. Keep up the awesome work!
  30. Here ya go:

    And thanks for the comments everyone! And of course, the advice ^^
  31. A new sprite thing I did~


    And behold, I TRIED to make a sprite transparent :3

  32. I did a new type of sprite, it took me way over an hour to do~:
    Pillow Shaded Serperior. FEAR IT!
  33. *Epic music*
    Yup, revival :3

    I have two new sprites!


    Please comment and request! (I never get any comments but meh :<)
  34. Forgive me x_x!
    I really like that pillow shaded pokemon it's awesome ♥ I do fear it ;_;! I also like your fusions and stuff ~ I like the Axew and Scraggy fusions it's nice, but just a bit of advice try scratching some tiny things on your sprites it really helps. For example: you could start off by scratching eyes and facial expressions and little features (like horns). I know it's hard at first but you will get use to it and start to notice it becomes easier and easier. Also, try adding some more shading to your sprites, it's just off a little but thats nothing to really worry about but you are starting to improve : P
    I would love to see more sprites : D!

    Shaymin ~*
  35. Thank you Shaymin~! I would try to scratch sprites, but I suck at it so meh :<
    There will be more sprites coming up soon though :3
  36. Wow Absy your sprites are great and well done ;D
    #37 Sparky Kitsune, Apr 2, 2011
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  37. Look at this:
    It's a fail.
  38. I'm really proud of this sprite, I loves it ♥
  39. Heh, trainer sprites!
    You guys knew it was coming... right? xD
    Here's one of my characters, Maria
    Maria's mugshot:

    And this is Eli (aka, that dude from the picture that Kasumi drew for me :3)
    I had to do two versions of it, I don't know which is better~
    And Eli's mugshot:
    I got pretty much everything wrong in this, the shading, the head, everything ;3;
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