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Open Abnormal Apartment

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Grand Master Koop, Jul 5, 2018.

  1. The concept of this RP is simple, a cast of colourful and wacky characters of all kind living in an apartment building. They'll have many adventure throughout their school life and everyday life in this slice of life style RP.
    ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Rules ------------------------------------------------------------------------
    1- Follow Pokecharm rules
    2- No one liners
    3- Use proper grammar and punctuation
    4- Romance is allowed and encouraged but keep things tame
    5- No autoing
    6- Write JoJo somewhere in your Bio
    7- No godmodding
    8- have fun


    Floor 4
    Front: 1-D 3-D Gerald Talin(@FrostCrispz) 5-D 7-D Back: 2-D 4-D 6-D 8-D
    Floor 3
    Front: 1-C 3-C 5-C 7-C Back: 2-C 4-C 6-C 8-C
    Floor 2
    Front: 1-B Xavior Southgate(@SoulDemon) 3-B 5-B 7-B Back: 2-B 4-B 6-B 8-B
    Floor 1
    Front: 1-A 3-A 5-A 7-A Back: 2-A 4-A 6-A 8-A
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  2. Sounds fun, eh. Will make a bio later.
  3. Fire Mana

    Fire Mana Previously Top_Smug_

    This is the kind of RP that will be decided by the characters. I'll hold off on making a character sheet until a few other people do.
  4. Hum...never did a slice of life RP before. I'll think it over. Could be interesting.
  5. Hmmm... if I made a character, he would probably be lazy af if that’s alright.
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  6. oh yeah that's fine, why wouldn't it be
  7. For a minute there, the name sounded like a horror-styled RP, but Slice of Life is cool too, I've never tried that before. I'll think about my bio...
  8. Maybe. Depends if I have time to make a character
  9. Sounds cool, I'll join
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  10. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    *kicks down the door* I'm interested, there gonna be some kinda plot?
  11. As much plot as a Slice of life anime has
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  12. I am honestly moving away from Charms to another site, one that completes roleplays more often than not, but if this one actually can keep its footing, I might just hang around for this.
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  13. what's the site?
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  14. Bio: An athlete with a knack for electronics, Olivia is someone who knows how to manage her time between studying and making friends like no other. Born in Mexico, she lived with her parents and her little brother and moved to the apartment after her brother could take care of himself. She is a bit overprotective at times but tries her best to loosen up at times. JoJo
    Name: Olivia Colomara
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Race: Human
    Personality: Friendly, protective, disciplined, grouchy at times.
    Appearance: Olivia has long black hair that is shaved at the left side. She wears a black leather coat and purple pants. She wears purple lipstick and black eyeshadow. She has a beauty mark underneath her right eye and has an earring in her left ear. She wears purple boots that gradually turn black from top to bottom.
    Likes: Technology, computers, track events, being around friends and family.
    Dislikes: Braggers, liars, mice, power outage.
    Other: Olivia is bisexual.
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  15. you forgot to pot something in your Bio that was in the rules
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  16. Before I make a bio, is this like a 'human' apartment or can we roleplay as something interesting?
  17. oh and by race I don't mean nationality, I mean actual race, as in species
  18. this is the anwser
  19. Name: Gerald Talin
    Gender: Male
    Age: 12, 452 years old.
    Race: An immortal God of Dimes. (As in the coins)
    Personality: Gerald is quite stuck up and often proud of his powers. He acts superior to all around him and feels like people should pay him taxes.
    Appearance: Gerald is a tall but skinny man with short and unkept black hair. His eyes are green and wears a white shirt under a black vest.
    Likes: Dimes, money, praise, the Jojo adventures Anime.
    Dislikes: People dissing him, Dollar bills.
  20. accepted, what would you like your room placement to be?
  21. Are there any suites? Because if so then probably one of those. If not, D-3.
  22. This is a normal apartment so I don't think they have anything this fancy, D-3 it is
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  23. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    Bio: had a normal life for a demon hybrid, exiled self by living on a farm, works a low paying but a humble and meaningful job as a farmhand
    Name: Xavior Southgate
    Gender: Male
    Age: 25
    Race: Human/Demon Hybrid (African American)
    Personality: down to earth and realistic, doesn't really care about much too overwhelming extents
    Appearance: Tiny, almost unnoticeable horns at the side of the head, blood red eyes and a tail mark on the right arm to signify his demon lineage
    Likes: Resting
    Dislikes: Work
    Other: Is Cringe the OC
    All JoJos are best JoJo.
  24. accepted, what would your room be?
  25. sSoul

    sSoul Previously Swirled

    B-1 I guess...

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