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Ask to Join Abilities From The Buttons

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by UmbreonEevee, Mar 16, 2019.

  1. You are going about your day, and suddenly you get taken to a room with different colored buttons with what they mean. If you looked around there is seemingly no entrance or exit and to progress, it seems, you have to press one of the buttons.

    The Red Button: Gives you the ability to turn completely invisible including your clothes. You can use this five times a day. The maximum amount of time you can be invisible is 24 hrs

    The Blue Button: Gives you the ability to fly. You can use this five times a day.

    The Yellow Button: Gives you the ability to read anyone’s thoughts, including pictures. You can turn this ability on and off. You can only read one person’s mind at a time

    The Green Button: Gives you the ability to shape shift into any non-extinct animal that you have seen. You can use this five times a day. The maximum amount of time you can be an animal is 24 hrs @Jodie.xox @Shadow_Pup

    The Teal Button: Gives you the ability to speak and understand any human or animal language. You turn this ability on and off. The maximum amount of time you can have a certain language is 24 hrs @UmbreonEevee

    The Orange Button: Gives you the ability to teleport to any place you see. You can use this ability five times a day

    The Purple Button: Gives you the ability to phase through anything that you can see and you have to touch it first. You can use this ability five times a day

    The Gray Button: Gives you the ability to lift and move objects with your mind that you can see. You can use this five times a day @GhostlyCubone11

    The Pink Button: Gives you the ability to heal any non-fatal wound. You have to touch the wound. You can use this ability five times a day

    You can tell how you get captured but only one person can be in the room at a time. After you press the button things go black then you wake up in a concrete room on a bed and you will see 18 total beds, if you count yours. The button will disappear when two people have pressed the button.

    The regular Charms Rules, no double posting, no one liners, etc.
    Please use paragraphs and as much detail as you can/need
    Keep the cursing to a minimum
    Romance is allowed but nothing beyond kissing
    Only two people can have the same button abilities
    Put “Rainbow somewhere in your bio to show you read the rules

    Character Sheet:
    Nickname (if you have one):
    Age (nothin younger than 14 and nothing older than 30)
    Button Choice:

    My Character:
    Name: Sapphire Slade
    Nickname: Saph, but only people close to him call him that
    Age: 20
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Native American
    Sexuality: Homosexual
    Personality: Sapphire is very sweet and kind to anyone he meets. He’s very outgoing and loves to be around others though if someone wants to be left alone he will get the hint. He is a very supportive friend and he loves a good, calm protest. He is very outspoken and will address his opinion if he thinks it matters, which is mostly at any point in time. Despite being relatively young, He is pretty educated and prides himself on knowing the major, and some minor, issues with society. Although he is kind, he loves a good prank and can be mischievous at times

    Appearance: Sapphire is pretty short, standing at only 5’3”, a brown skin color decorating his body. His body is unporportional, his upper body being a bit more round. He has a round face with soft, round indigo eyes, equipped with round glasses that, surprisingly, doesn’t make his face look like a huge circle. He is usually wearing slightly loose blue jeans, any color long sleeved shirt, or a short sleeved shirt, a black jacket with white stars on it, and white with rainbow splashed shoes
    Button Choice: The Teal Button
    Strengths: Sapphire can talk to anybody about anything
    Weaknesses: Sapphire has horrible arachnophobia and a major sweet tooth
    Other: N/A
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  2. Name: Skylar Cosmos
    Nickname: Sky / whatever you come up with
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Ethnicity: British
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: You could say she has a rainbow coloured personality. She’s a kind girl who is in love with animals, especially cats. She likes helping anyone in need and being friends with everybody she finds. She isn’t the brightest mind, but she makes up for it with her kind heart.
    Appearance: She has blonde hair just above her waist, wavy and sometimes fashioned with a flower. She wears a blue crop top with ripped denim jeans and sometimes wears a denim jacket and sneakers. She has white skin and blue eyes.
    Button Choice: The Green Button
    Strengths: She’s quite good with animals, and is good at trying to cheer people up.
    Weaknesses: Thinking of complicated plans.
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  3. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Name: Lorenzo Lightwood
    Nickname: Lori
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: Irish
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Kind, gentle and ambitious. He is also protective and determined.
    Appearance: Tall and slender, ginger hair, green eyes. He wears a black tank-top, beige trousers, a denim jacket and black boots.
    Button Choice: The Green Button
    Strengths: Brains and good at making friends.
    Weaknesses: Heights, cramped spaces.
    Other: Rainbow
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  4. @Shadow_Pup you are missing something, please go back and read the rules then you will be accepted
  5. Name: William McDaniel
    Nickname: Liam/Will (he likes Liam better.)
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Ethnicity: American
    Sexuality: Straight
    Personality: Liam is shy, and doesnt open up easily. He is very gullible also, which has got him in tough situations. If he trusts someone right from the start, it gives the person a friend for life.
    Apperance: Liam wears a red shirt with a yellow stripe around the middle, torn up dark blue shorts, and purple tennis shoes. He has short and messy blond hair, has green eyes, and is pretty short for his age.
    Button Choice: The Gray Button.
    Strengths: Very fast, good at hiding, and can be extremely quiet.
    Weaknesses: Afraid of the dark, being touched, and meeting new people.

    I wasn’t able to work the word rainbow anywhere, so i put it in other.
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  6. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

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