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Ask to Join A World Changing Wish

Discussion in 'General Role Play' started by Suga_Crystals, Jan 30, 2019.

  1. Disclaimer: This is going to be fairly dark so if you're not comfortable with gore, death and just dark themes in general so get ready for that

    Here is the Discussion and Sign ups thread https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-world-changing-wish-sign-ups-discussions.20545/#post-716094


    Charlotte sat in class as her teacher droned on about how important it was to learn an important subject like trigonometry and how it was everywhere in everyday life. She never saw the point in it, since even in her dream job as an athlete she didn't think she'd need math like this past her daily life of calculating how much food costs by the pound. Even jobs like a coach, gym teacher, or sports instructor of any sort would need this math in their daily life. That is if she could even balance out a normal job along side her night job that doesn't even pay her past the fact she's grateful for the fact that this creature, that now seemingly communicates inside a phone app, saved her life.
    "Hey, Charlotte, It's me, we have new missions!" the creature said as she went wide eyed looking around her class as she watched to see if anyone heard her the creature through the phone which they did.
    "Miss Rhodes, must we talk about that phone problem you have?" Her teacher asked in a harsh gruff voice looking at her.
    "N-No sir!" Charlotte replied nervously as she looked at her teacher.
    "Then why don't you answer this question?" He asked as Charlotte walked up to the front of the board, calculator in hand to answer this trigonometry question. Then hopefully slipping out of class and finishing these missions and be back as a real bathroom break would be.

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