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A Steel grip.

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by togeben, Jan 9, 2008.

  1. [[Okay this is my first PRP, so here goes. Its not set in an exact Pokemon location, lets say its just on the borders of Hoenn]]

    The desert lay still, the moon glowed against ugly rocks and pieces of drying shrubbery, all was still apart from the odd snuffle of a trapinch, or the distant howl of a Mightyena.
    In the distance the gentle neon red glow of Steelore city could be seen, the huge iron city was a hubub of movement even at this late hour. The last of the mine workers moved around the street eating the food and dancing drunkenly to snippets of forgotten songs.
    However, on the edge of the distance a glint, a mere hint of light shot across the desert, punctuating the mirky stillness. It was Jirachi, it rushed across the desert. The wish pokemon was obviously extremely distressed it gave off powerful screams of anguish. Around it slants of dazzling sunlight burst from the sky creating huge garish scars on the rough desert floor, it was its doom desire. The powerful beams of lights dessimated the clusters of rocks, a lone Flygon dove from its hideout narrowly dodging one of the powerful slants of energy.
    The Jirachi was reaching a peak of anguish, the eye on it's torso wasnt open yet but twitches and movement could be seen as the legendary pokemon flew on. As it moved the Jirachi seemed to give out pulses of 'invisible' energy somehwat like soundwaves made real. They came off it like a heatwave fizzling off into the sky, the Jirachi was calling for aide.
    Somewhere, deep in the ravines of time, the pokemon Dialga felt the magnetic pull of Jirachi, it had a reached across billions of seconds, millions of minutes,hundreds of hours. The pokemon gave a roar, scattering unown, it distorted itself and within seconds it had disapeared.
    At the same time deep underground a lone Registeel also felt the pull of energy. It looked up as the stalagmites that covered the roof of the gigantic cave it was in tey shuddered, some of them even falling with a crash to the floor. It dug itself into the ground making a steady movement upwards.
    The Jirachi was moving closer to Steelore, even some of its inhabitants had seen the far off shimmers of sunlight, that seemed to come from nowhere. Meanwhile in Diamiondcore tower, professor December laughed to himself. He moved the picece of ice around in his empty glass. He had finally, after years of looking, found another legendary talisman. The Jirachi wishtag was his. After so long, so much work he had taken it, another fine piece to his collection. It joined the lugia feather, the rayquza scale, the Palkia orb and the Mew hair. It hadn't been easy, the creature had put up a fight, but he had claimed it in the end, he would have them all soon.
    The dark sky just above Jirachi started to distort, as it twisted and convulsed, shades of blue and silver moved around like the Northern lights, then out of the shimmerings, dialga burst, it gave off another roar, that could be heard even in the city. The Jirachi looked up as the steel dragon flew above it. Almost instantaneously the ground just in front burst and cracked and the Registeel Broke out, a strange mechanical screeching piereced the air.
    The Dialga felt the power coming from the Registeel and felt threatened. The Registeel looked up at it.
    It moved it's large arms and fired off a Focus blast, the huge ball of red white light shot at the Dialga, who met it with a draco meteor. The two then fired off simaltaneous hyper beams, knocking the Jirachi off course. Rather than helping they had started to fight, and now the two steel Titans where fighting, and all three pokemon where heading towards one of the largest cities in the world...

    [[Yikes1 i know it wa slong but I enjoyed writing that badboy! Thought I'd end it on a clincher!]]
  2. "PICHU PICHU!" A small yellow pokemon was yelling at his trainer. He hopped onto her stomach. He was apparently in great distress. The girl the pichu was standing on started to wake up and soon she had started to open her sapphire eyes. She blew her dirty blonde hair out of her face. She glared at her pokemon.
    "Lightning what is your problem?! I'm trying to sleep!" The pichu sighed.
    "Pichu pichu pi." The girl slowly translated the sentence in her mind. Diamond, there are pokemon fighting in the desert and they are heading toward Steelore!
    "So what? Are you gonna wake me up everytime you see a pokemon?" The pichu shook his head and pointed in the direction of the fighting. Dialga and registeel were creating such a big ruckus that Diamond eventually sat up. She stared with her mouth wide open. Dialga, the pokemon of time, and registeel...fighting?? And what pokemon is th...JIRACHI! What the hell is going on here?? Diamond jumped up and stuffed her sleeping bag inside her gray backpack, it barely fit and looked fairly lumpy. While putting her backpack on she plucked a black pokeball with two yellow stripes off her belt. She silently tossed up the ball. A bright light streamed out of it as a green dragon pokemon appeared. She gave off a strange shine as she looked at her trainer, who was, clearly, very solemn. "Flygon fly?" what's wrong? Diamond simply pointed her head towards the fighting and the flygon understood.
    "Flia, will you fly me and lightning over there?" The flgon nodded and lowered herself so they could climb on. In a flash they were speeding towards the scene with grim expressions...

    OOC: I would have posted earlier but my computer died when I typed this yesterday (I had to rewrite it and now it's not as good as yesterday's)
  3. "Please, Choco, I just made those!" A small girl pried her Eevee away from the freshly-made Poffins. The Eevee wiggled and finally went limp until its trainer put it down. "Okay, now, Choco, be a good girl--" The girl stopped midsentence. It's not like Choco to act like that, she usually would just run back to the Poffins after I put her down. The trainer bent down. "Is something wrong? You don't seem like yourself."
    "Eevee--eev. Eevee vee...Eevee," her Pokemon replied, beginning to shake from fear.
    The girl strained to understand what her Pokemon was saying, as the words had come out very nervously. Finally, she put the words together.
    April--I think some big Pokemon are...fighting. I think they're coming to Steelore!
    "What? Big Pokemon?" April asked. "What big Pokemon?" Maybe a Tyranitar or a Grovyle. Those would seem big to Choco. She wasn't too worried.
    "Mud--mudkip." April looked down at her Mudkip, which was hanging out of her pants pocket. "Kip--kip kip mudkip." Yes, I think so too--and I'm scared.
    "Okay, can either of you point me to this? I'm still not entirely sure what you mean."
    Mudkip jumped out of her pocket and they both scampered in the direction of the fighting. April followed them, and when she saw what was going on, her brown eyes became as big as gumballs. "D-Dialga...Jir-rachi...Regi-isteel..." She could do nothing but stutter. Finally she came to her senses. Something could go seriously wrong here! Dialga controls time and if something bad happens... She shuddered but grabbed a PokeBall out of her backpack. "Starryy, c'mon out!"
    "Star-aptor!" the large bird Pokemon announced as its shape appeared, white, and its details were added to the shape.
    "Listen, Starry--" April said as she, Choco, and Mudkip climbed onto its back, "we need your help. Fly us over there--" she pointed a shaking hand towards the fighting Pokemon "--as fast as you can."
    They took off quicker than anyone could blink and sped towards the legendaries, Choco and Mudkip wearing frightened faces, April with the wind whipping her chocolate brown hair off her face hoping that she could do something to calm the fighting...
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Axel caught in his left hand the punch Brian threw with his right hand and countered with his own punch with his free hand only to have it caught in Brian's free hand. They stuggled for a little bit until a smile came to Brian's face. He released his fist in Axel's hand turning it into a grip. He then fell backward, pulling the gloden Infernape with him. To finish the combo he kicked Axel into the air. It was a typical day for the trainer and his Infernape. For the better part of 4 years Brian has always trained along side his Pokemon to get stronger. "A Pokemon is only as strong as its trainer." Ever since hearing these Brian trained with his Pokemon. That included sparring with Axel.
    "That one was new." commented Axel landing on all fours.
    "I just came up with it. Consider it pay pack for using Mach Punch last week." responded the bare chested trainer. He looked into the sky realizing how late it had gotten. Once Brian has his mind set on something time means nothing and has a tendancy to fly by. Suddenly the sky was illuminated by a bright light temporarrily blinding the boy. He winced and put his arm over his eyes to block the light.
    "What was that?" asked Axel in as much shock as his trainer. Recovering his night vision, Brian picked up his shirt off the ground and put it on. "I don't know, but I think it's worth investigating. Don't you agree?" said Brian.
    "Try and keep up slowpoke." taunted Axel breaking into a run. Brian laughed to himself and ran after the Infernape.
  5. Gardevoir Master sat back, slouched, in his throne. His elbows lay on the arms of his chair with his fingers steepled before him. He stared pensively from behind the violet visor of his green and white helmet.

    "I sense... a disturbance," Gardevoir Master said, pausing for ominous effect.

    "No foolin'," said the green and white figure before him. The Gardevoir was elegant and graceful, even in the grunt she made as she telekinetically shoved an I-beam back into place. She turned to her master with hands on her hips, her eyes narrowed in annoyance, and said, "What was yer first clue? The tremors that nearly brought the roof of our secret base down on our heads, or the hole made by the Hyper Beam?"

    The Gardevoir pointed at a gigantic hole in the wall, the center of which was were Gardevoir Master's head would be had he been sitting completely upright. Said Master soon shifted to something more resembling proper posture and wiped the dust from the green sleeves of his white coat.

    "Anastasia," Gardevoir Master said, addressing the Gardevoir before him. "As Hoenn's most powerful unofficial psychic, I am privy to the subtle nuances of the cosmic plane inaccessable to most humans and Pokemon. Indeed, my observation comes from forces much grander in scope than mere tremors and killer death rays. There is something out there that may very well bring about the End Of The World As We Know It!"

    "Right," Anastasia replied. "You want me to bring ya a clean pair of pants right now, or do you think you can handle it on your own?"

    "My dear, what is going on outside right now is the Very Thing Our Mothers Told Us To Wear Clean Underwear For!" Gardevoir Master decreed, his hands raised in claws of dramatic tension. "Forces unimaginable are in pitched combat as we speak, and, as The World's Greatest Super-Villian it is up to me to harness this power And Bend It To My Will!!"

    "I'll take that as a yes," Anastasia noted as she floated out of the room.

    As he watched his servant fetch some unsoiled clothes, he put his hand to his head and concentrated. With utmost ease, he sent out a telepathic message.

    #Euripedes, report,# Gardevoir Master telepathed. #What's going on out there?#

    On the roof of a largish fort constructed mainly of rocks and aluminum siding, a Ralts dressed as a gopher put down a pair of binoculars about as big as she is for a second before picking them back up and staring through them again.

    #Bidibidibi,# Euripedes the Ralts psychically responded. #It ain't good, boss. Bidibi. Looks like we got a wounded Jirachi throwing a fit and screaming bloody murder while Dialga and Registeel are duking it out. Bidibidibi. It's total chaos, boss!#

    "Chaos, indeed," Gardevoir Master concurred aloud. "And it is a Chaos I Will Weild In My Hands Like a Painter Holds a Brush To Canvas!" He leapt from his chair, accidentally pulling off the green and white cover to reveal a pile of crates, and marched out the door. "Anastasia! Grab my balls and meet me in the GardeCar!"

    Anastasia cringed. Just once, she would've liked him to call them "PokeBalls."

    "You mean the Pinto, right?" She called back.

    Gardevoir Master growled in annoyance. "Yes, the Pinto. It's not like we have another car."

    Moments later, a dilapidated station wagon with a sprayed-on green and white paint job sputtered to life. It trundled away from Gardevoir Master's fort and was soon bouncing across the wasteland towards the scene of battle.

    ((Clearly, GM's bark is worse than his bite. Don't worry, he should be about as evil as Jessie and James in any of the movies.))
  6. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

    OOC: Hmm... Much legendary usage going on here, and I realize now that the rule about using them in RP isn't explained very well, so I'll let it go for you guys (it's my blunder, after all, but expect to see it clarified for the future). I'll just remind people that nobody is allowed to capture and keep a legendary Pokemon in this thread, kay?

    Otherwise, things are looking good here, so I have nothing more to say but keep it up. *Poofs*
  7. A few miles away from the fighting between the legendaries, a trainer named Alex heard a low rumble. She knew it did not come from her Graveler's Dig, and not from her opponents Horsea. That low rumble was enough to distract Shodon (the graveler) and did not dodge the Horsea's Dragon Pulse. Over the speaker, Alex heard, 'Shodon is now unable to battle!'. Alex recalled Shodon, and sent out her most powerful Pokemon, her Empoleon named Poach, her first and favorite Pokemon, into battle. "Poach! Use Surf!' she commanded. Horsea did not have enough time to dodge, and was hit with full force. Over the speaker, she heard the usual response to a OHKO attack. Now was the last Pokemon. If she won this battle, she would have enough money to buy a new TM. "Poach, return!" she commanded, then sent out a Gabite, confident that Jet would defeat the next Pokemon. "Jet, use-!" Alex never got to finish the command, as a large earthquake shook the stadium. Sinkholes appeared in the ground, nearly sucking Jet in. The lights went out, and the staduim went dark. She fled, with Jet following her.

    Little did they know, it was just an Earthquake missing the target. But what Pokemon could make an Earthquake that large?
  8. Officer Jenny was getting worried. The steelore emergency system was ringing out various alarms and members of the police where ushering the inhabitants of Steelore city into the huge underground bunker. She had no doubts that they would be safe in the bunker. It had been used for years as a precaution against the many earthquakes the city took, due to the mines.
    She had had few problems with people, the odd missing child, or grumbling old person. Everything was going o.k but she still wasn't happy. She had been assured that the warring pokemon had got no closer, yet their various powerful attacks where getting closer to the city. At one point a flash cannon attack had hit the iron wall that surrounded it.
    Meanwhile on the hectic streets, the aspiring pokemon photographer, Maximillian Zeus was fiddling with his camera. Once again the ancient thing had got stuck and was repeatedly taking pictures of the pavement. He sighed to himself the air escaping through his nose annoyed him further. This was a perfect opportunity to take some amazing Photo's. Abraham Flash his boss would (finally) be impressed with his photos and give him enough money to buy the new PokeFlash 2000.
    He glanced up at the darkening sky, the legendary Pokemon had been fighting for a while now, even though it was coming up to dawn the sky was black, occasionally lit by a blinding flash. If only he could take a picture of them, that one picture would get him millions. The last good picture he had taken was of the gymnastic spinda troop, that was pretty depressing. Over the hullabaloo of the shouting, screaming and squaking citizens he heard a roar of sorts. He looked up again to see a Flygon highlighted by the light. A trainer was on his back looking resolutley into the desert, seconds later another trainer flew over, one even hunkered passed him riding on the back of a large Rhyhorn. they were going to try and stop the fight. Maximillian ran after them. He had no intention of helping with the fight, he had never been much of a pokemon trainer, his one Pokemon was a Minun, who's impressive flash attack often helped with his photographs. As he ran he could see the Iron gate, one of the few entrances to the city. It was slowly being shut, but just for a split second he saw, in the distance, the battling Pokemon. His breath got caught in his chest it was an awe inspiring sight. At the gate a harassed officer Jenny was arguing with various pokemon trainers, dissuading them from going an further.
    "Just turn around and find your nearest bunker entrance, there is nothing you can do, no one is leaving the city..."
    Just then the Pokemon trainers who had taken to the skys flew over her.
    "For goodness sake." she muttered, pokemon tariners never learned.
    The majority of the crowd had given up, and only a few officers where left. Max walked forward.
    "Maximillian Zeus, Pokemon photographer, I have permission to go nearer the Pokemon."
    "Say's who?" Replied officer Jenny, she hadn't even looked up from the electronic chart she was studying.
    "say's, ummm, Steelore Echo newspaper. Thats who!"
    "Look pal," said another officer. "Just go back, you have no right being here, so take a hike."
    This wasn't going to work, he groaned to himself. Then an idea hit him, hard. The small door at the side of ther large main, Iron door was open, it was just a delivery door but even through it he could see the desert and beyond that, the warring Titans. He stepped forward.
    "Listen bub..." Said the officer irritatedly.
    "Now Minun!"
    His minun leapt from his shoulder and in a double summersault, that would have made a Spinda blush, he fired of a powerful Flash. Max covered his eyes, but he still felt dizzy, that Minun packed a punch. The various officers and their Growlithe where moaning, their eyes off focus. He ran past them, his camera ready, Minun scooting after him, jumped back onto his shoulder. The desert called.
    In DiamondCore Tower, professor December had heard news of the various trainers going to try and quail the fighting. If any of them worked out what he had done, there would be some sort of inquest. He couldn't risk being ruined. He had to stop them, who knows, in the process he may even accuire a Dialga or Registeel talisman. He picked up a phone and dialled a number.

    [[Another long one, i think this is goin' great, people are welcome to join in, but no more trainers please. Any more and i'm gonna have the pokemon equivalent of the Battle of Versailles on my hands. So yeah, input is great just, you know don't be stoopid!]]

  9. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "We're getting closer to Steelore City. What ever's going on out here is dangerously close to the city." Brian called to Axel who was noticably further ahead than his trainer. Suddenly the battling legendaries came into view.
    "W-wow. I-I don't believe this. I-I-I'm at a complete loss of words." Brian stuttered. He began trembling. "Dialga and Registeel." A crazy grin came to his face.
    "I know that look. You're exited aren't you? You had that same look when we faught, and lost, to Deoxys." said Axel remembering the most difficult battle he had ever faught. The battle that destroyed his Pokeball forcing him to journey with his trainer outside of one. He didn't mind though, it was good exercise.
    "Unlike Deoxys though, we have an advantage this time. Both Dialga and Registeel are steel types. Steel is weak to Fire and Fighting. Now refresh my memory, what types are Infernapes?" taunted Brian.
    "Aren't you being too hasty? Have you even thaught this one through?" inquired Axel looking Brian in the eye. He didn't doubt his trainer, he just didn't want Brian doing anything reckless. They were interupted by the explosion of two Flash Cannons colliding. The blast sent Brian and Axel back doing a double backflip through the sand. Brian moaned getting up. He brushed sand off his clothes and out of his hair.
    "Of course I thaught it through." Brian finally responded. "Our first priority is to drive them away from Steelore City. If this keeps up they may end up destroying the city. Best case scenario we defeat both Dialga and Registeel. Worst case, we have to pull out. Tell me you're in Axel." The last sentence said almost beggingly and with extra urgency.
    "Ah what the hell. You know you can't keep me from a good fight. Besides, I look foward to testing my abilities against them. Alright partner, give the signal and let's get this show on the road." Axel said exitedly.
    "Flare Blitz!" Brian commanded.

    ooc: We are allowed to auto the legendaries in battle right?
  10. ((OOC: Yeah, I'm pretty sure we are. It says no autoing another character, nothing about autoing Pokemon...))
    "Okay, Starryy, land here!" April commanded, and the bird Pokemon obeyed. She returned it to its PokeBall and looked at the huge battle scene. She was a safe distance away for the moment, but to do anything, she would need to get closer. And she needed to do something, or this could get worse than she preferred to think about. As she broke into a jog trot, she quickly thought of the legendaries' weaknesses.
    Okay. It looks like only Dialga and Registeel are fighting. They're both steel-types...so Choco is weak against them. Steel-types are weak to Fire, which I don't have, Fighting, which I don't have, and Ground...that's it!
    She spoke quickly. "Okay, Choco, outta the way!" The small Eevee jumped back. "Now, Mudkip--use Mud--" She was cut off by two Flash Cannons, one from each of the legendaries, which luckily she managed to avoid as she grabbed Choco to prevent harm coming to her. Nevertheless, the attacks blinded her for a few seconds, and afterwards her vision was too clouded with dark blobs to see, and the fact that everything looked blurry to her to begin with didn't help. Wish I'd worn my contacts today... Nevertheless, she finished her command. "Mud-Shot!"
    Her Mudkip took aim, Choco wriggled a little bit, and April gripped her tighter in fear.
    If Dialga does Roar of Time it'll all be over.
  11. Alex was at a Pokecenter, getting her Pokemon healed up and withdrawing a few of her most powerful Pokemon from her PC. All over, the rumbles were heard, and everyone was preparing for the worst. Alex flicked through her boxes, looking for one of her Torkoals, Flamerey, to take with her. A Fire type would come in handy with all the Steel type legendaries running around.Shoudl I bring my Pokemon with HMs? she thought,I'll never know, so I should bring them. After she withdrew her Pokeballs, she got her Gabite's and Gravelers pokeballs and deposited Jet's, to hopefully be safe at Professor Oak's lab. Everyone is preparing for the worst.. Alex thought,I better be too. Alex left the pokecenter, not sure what to do, and went to the shelter.
  12. The sand whipped up harshly as the flygon started to land. She eventually settled for a graceful landing upon the sand. Diamond hopped off as lightning gripped her shoulder. His eyes were full of excitment. But soon his eyes strayed from the fightiing Pokemon. Diamond saw a trainer battling dialga, and she also saw that quite a few trainers coming towards the fight. Her eyes scanned the seen.
    "Help me...please.." A weak voice came from behind her. She spun around and ended up face to face with jirachi. Jirachi was barely floating, every moment she got weaker as she tried to stop her true eye from opening. It constantly twitched. Diamond followed her instinct and took Jirachi into her hands to try and comfort her.
    "What happened here?!? Are you alright??" Diamond looked deep into Jirachi's eyes, they were almost lifeless, they seemed to be losing the warm glow in them.
    "It...he......" Her gentle eys silently shut. Jirachi drfited off into an unconscious state. She was still trembling as she fought the twitching eye.
    "Pichu pi pich pichu pichu pipi pichu." This is definetely not good. Jirachi's true eye is only supposed to open when it is the last night the millenium comet is in the sky...but Jirachi shouldn't even be awake at the moment...she should be in her cocoon.
    "What could of happened....." Diamond took a glance back at the fighting Pokemon,"Flia, were are going to have to fight registeel first, he seems to be in a slightly worse condition than dialga, fire up your most powerful fire blast." Flia's eyes gittered underneath the orange covering, she had never battled a legendary, but she started to charge up a fire blast. She was going to do her very best to stop these Pokemon from destroying Steelore.

    OOC: Don't leave me!! Lol, sorry I've been a bit busy but I found time to post, I'll be more active this Thurs-Sunday. btw is it ok that I controlled jirachi? If not I'll modify a bit, I just wasn't sure....
  13. (I wonder if there's still room.)

    "Hey! What the heck?!" A blue haired trainer shouted as they an I-beam narrowly missed her and her sister.

    Her sister, who might have have been her clone, say for the fact that she had tan hair instead of blue, screamed and jumped back.

    "Quil! Quuiiiillllllll!!!" Her Cyndaquil, Blaze, squealed, tugging on her hair.

    "Rai! Rai! Raichu!" Her other pokemon, Volts, called out as the Raichu tugged on his owner's ankle and desperatly pointed upwards. Meanwhile, the trainer's sister also had a Raichu who was pulling on her hat worridly, a Chikorita had a vine wrapped around her trainer's arm and another, like Volts', was pointed to the rumbling sky.

    "Ouchouchouch! Blaze why are you yanking my hair?!" Rosa shouted as she tried unsuccesfully to pry the fire pokemon off her head and blue hair. "Ack! Volts will you help me here?" She shook her leg back and forth to try and fling the Raichu off, but it would probably take a jackhammer to loosen her pokemon's grip.

    "Ack! Ow! Sparky your messing up my cap! Ahh! Sweetie what is it? Eeek! That chunk of building almost hit us!" Rosa's sister, Rosie, also pleaded fo her pokemon to loosen their crazy grip, but their efforts were in vain.

    The only things the twins could remember properly was that they were walking through Steelore City on a mission to desperatly replenish their almost gone supplies, when suddenly their pokemon began freaking out and five seconds later, the city seemed to be exploding around them and peolpe were screaming and the usual catastrophic stuff.

    Rosa finally shook Blaze and Volts off of her body and hed them both out in front of her. "Alright, what is it?!!" She screamed.

    "Quil! Quil, quil! Cyndaquil!!" Blaze shouted, pointing upwards.

    "What?" Rosa houted, "Come on Blaze! Enough with the jokes! There's no possible way that Dialga and Regiateel could be in a catasrophic battle because that Jirachi sent out a desperate cry for help for some unkown reason and-" All this time she had been tilrting her head upwards, and now looked in the direction that Blaze was pointed. Her eyes went wide. "HOLY SH-" A large chunk of the building above them fell off and landed a few feet away from the, drowning out the rest of Rosa's words. The trainer yanked a black pokeball with two yellow stripes off of her belt and threw it high into the air, which spiraled and opened in a bright flash of light, materialzing into an Aerodactyl.

    The Aerodactyl made clear that it was here by throwing back its head and creating a thunderous roar that could compete with the two legendary pokemons clashing above their heads. Each and every one of its white, saw-like teeth showed as a trembling roar erupted from its maw for a second time.

    "Yeah, yeah." Rosa said idily, jumping on top of the Aerodactyl with Blaze and Volts. "Typhoon, fly over to those pokemon!" Rosa shouted, pointing at the two steel legendaries. With just a single flap of its mighty wings, Typhoon was soon accelerting towards Dialga and Registeel. Rosie was close behind on the back of her Charizard with Sweetie and Sparky on her shoulder.
  14. Hroarr!!!! Dialga's cry was heard all over Steelore and beyond. Aparrently some trainer had hit Dialga hard enough to enrage the Temporal Pokemon. That cry renewed Alex's resolve, and decided to take down Dialga herself. As she headed over, she picked a Duskball with a long scratch down the front off of her belt. Many trainers had decided to take on Dialga themselves. An Infernape was seen attacking with a wheel of flame, and a Raichu was infray. "Flamerey, come out and battle!" Alex yelled. A Torkoal came out in a beam of red light, ready to battle. "Flamerey, use Heatwave!" commanded Alex. Flamerey glowed red, and a hot wave of fire came out of her body. It hit Dialga, but it did not do a lot of damage. Dialga retaliated with Dragon Claw, but thankfully due to Flamerey's high defense, it survived, albeit with it's HP lowered. Alex took out a potion, and sprayed it on the Torkoal."Flamerey, use Lava Plume!" Alex commanded. Oops, Alex thought, Why did I do that? It'll hit everyone here! "Get out of the way!!!" Alex screamed as Flamerey prepared to use the attack. "Lava Plume is going to hit!!!!"
  15. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    ooc: ok so I'm a bit late on this but I blame my computer crashing last night. Damn blue screen of death >:(

    An aura of fire surounded Axel as he charged toward the warring legendaries. He jumped into the air and struck Dialga with his Flare Blitz. Dialga took notice of the attack but didn't seem heavily damaged by it. In fact, Axel was just an annoyace to the Temporal Pokemon. With a roar Dialga smacked Axel away with a Dragon Claw and resumed its duel with Registeel.
    "Axel!" shouted Brian running as the golden Infernape landed hard on the ground. He was now kneeling over his Pokemon. "Are you ok?"
    "Peachy." Axel said sarcasticly getting on his feet. "Dialga sure packs a punch- er claw I mean." They both looked toward the battle trying to come up with a follow up attack. A Mud Shot came out of nowhere and struck Dialga. Brian looked in the direction the attack came from. Standing there was a female trainer with her Mudkip.
    "Looks like reinforcements have arrived." he commented noticing two more trainers, one coming in on a Flygon and the other using a Torkoal. "C'mon Axel. We should introduce ourselves. With all these people around it's easier to formulate a plan as a team then have everyone act on their own." They began running toward the nearest trainer. Suddenly the girl with the Torcoal shouted for everyone to get out of the way. Within seconds the Pokemon used Lava Plume.
    "Axel get down!" called Brian dropping into the sand. The attack barely missed them. Brian got up and ran over to the girl. "I know you're trying to help, but can we avoid attacks that will take the rest of us out. Oh, BTW, I'm Brian, and this is Axel. How would you like to team up?"
  16. "Sure, I'd like to team up. I'm Alex. This is Flamerey. Sorry about the Lava Plume. I usually use it in one-on-one battles. I nealry forgot about the other people in the heat of the battle." replied Alex. She then pulled out a potion and gave it to Brian. Dialga looked as if it was about to use Roar of Time. Alex panicked, and said, "If you have any good Ground types, now would be the time to use them!"
  17. "Hmmm. Looks as if everyone is mainly focused on Dialga." Rosa commented as her and her sister watched the battle from above.

    Rosie noticed that Dialga was powering up for something. "Oh no!" She cried, "It's about to use Roar of Time!"

    Rosa raised an eyebrow. "So? We can fix that." She said in a smart-alec way and plucked another Ultra Ball. She sighed, "I really wanted to use him on Registeel." she said rejectedly, but threw the ball over Dialga anyway. The Ultra Ball stopped directly over Dialga, then opened in a flash of light, releasing one of Rosa's most powerful pokemon.

    Dialga probably didn't sense a very powerful pokemon hovering over its head, but it sure as heck did noticed it was there when 120kg of a Rhydon came crashing down on its back, plowing it to the ground. It probably hurt a little, but maybe the most thing it did was just pissed Dialga off. With a roar of fury, Dialga shot up, flinging the Rhydon off its back, but the Rhydon quckly recovered.

    Rosa smiled at the toughness of her Rhydon, nothing could keep him down for long. "Boulder use Stone Edge!" She called from Typhoon's back. Boulder roared in confirmation and charged forward, and hit Dialga with the attack head on.

    "He seems that he can take care of himself." Rosa said as she saw all of the other trainers that were facing Dialga. "Its Registeel we need to work on." She turned to the legendary which only had one opponent, which now seemed to be preoccupied at the moment. "Typhoon, to Registeel." She told her pokemon. Rosie did the same with her Charizard.

    As both Aerodactyl and Charizard swooped down closer to Registeel, Rosa nodded at Blaze, who bunched up his back legs. While at the same tiime, Rosie took another Ultra Ball off her belt. "NOW!" Rosa shouted.

    Registeel was just a little bit quicker than Dialga (mainly because it wasn't doing something else) and avoided being shoved into the ground by a Tyranitar that had burst from Rosie's Ultra Ball, a Cydaquil falling along with it. Due to Tyranitar's ability, a sandstorm immediatly surrounded the three pokemon, Typhoon and Firestorm both flew in a tight circle to avoid being hit.

    Rosie looked at the two pokemon, "Mountain use Hypherbeam!" She shouted, getting a mouthful of sand along the way. Mountain, the Tyranitar, opened his great maw and a multicolored beam shot shot and blasted Registeel, which didn't look as if it did much.

    "Blaze use Flamethrower!" Rosa shouted even before Mountain finished the attack. They had dealt with steel types before and knew just how to deal with them. Immediatly after Mountain finished the beam, Blaze fired up his spikes and a huge colloum of fire shot out, bathing Registeel in a blanket of flames.

    A huge grumble came from Registeel, then it suddenly seemed to jerk and shake all of the flames of its body. Then it began powering up, the red dots on its head glowing.

    Rosa knew what this meant. "Crap! It's gonna do a Flash Cannon!" registeel suddenly unleahed its ffury on its opponents. Its target? An unlucky Cyndaquil. The blast hit Blaze, sending him flying back ten feet, where he landed on his back. Mountain rushed forward but Registeel just swung to the side and delivered a powerful Hammer Arm right in his stomach, causing the Tyranitar to fall to is knees. Registeel then advanced to Blaze and drew back to use Charge Beam, it never used the attack however, mainly because of the fact at that moment a Charizard flew down and rammed its side with a Wing Attack.

    Rosie looked up and knew what was coming next. "Firestorm fly sideways!" She called, and Firestorm instantly flew sideways, avoiding Rosa and the Registeel.

    Typhoon dove straight down, like an arrow, Rosa quicly jumped off when they were a few feet from the ground to avoid the impact, she landed on her feet and instantly went into a roll to stop herself from being paralyzed, and watched Typhoon unleash his attack. The Aerodactyl pinned his arms to his side, and dove straight at Registeel and with a earsplitting BANG, he rammed his head into Registeel. Any other lessr pokemon who tried to do that would probably get a major concussion, but Typhoon had a head of steel. Literally. Registeel stumbled back a few paces from the impact, while Typhoon blinked furiously as if the clear his dizzied brain. Rosa smiled, she was now confident that they would win this battle.

    (Sorry for the uber long post, but I guess I just saved you guys from Dialga, and now I was just showing how my characters are gonna face Registeel. If you want t help then go ahead, just remember that you have to get past Mountain's sandstorm first. ;)
  18. As soon as Lighting heard the girl call out a lava plume he warned Diamond and they quickly dodged the flames. Flia had simply shot up in the air. She quickly returned to her place next to Diamond. Diamond rubbed some of the ash that came from the attack from her face. She figured that she should head over to where two trainers were standing.
    "Flia, try to take down registeel, I'm gonna go over to the trainers over there, Burn and Waterfall can help me once I get there." Flia seemed worried, but she knew that her trainer knew what she was doing. Flia simply nodded her head. But soon sheith flapped her wings and she soared over towards registeel, powering up a fire blast on the way. She got ready for the worst. During that moment, Diamond took the quick oppertunity to dash towards the trainers.
    Dialga had something else in mind. He stopped in front of Diamond, eyes glaring towards her with all the rage in the world. She stopped. She felt paralyzed. Her legs were numb. The dialga started to charge up a roar of time.
    Even though Lighting's cheeks were giving off powerful sparks he dared not to attack, for he was not stupid enough to think that the dialga could be defeated by even the most powerful of electric attacks. Luckily, a trainer had sent out a rhydon. The rhydon landed on top of dialga just in time. Diamond ran away and got to the trainers. As she ran she glanced towards the weakened jirachi in her hands. She was not in a good state. Diamond quickly plucked a great ball and a pokeball off her belt. She forced them up into the air. The great ball held a blue mudfish pokemon, he was a bit dazed. "Marshtomp?" What's going on? The pokeball opened up, revealing a red lizard-like pokemon, the flame on the end of his tail grew bigger. "Charmeleon char char." I'm guessing were in for quite a battle Diamond stopped and looked at the two trainers, torkoal, and infernape.
    "I'm Diamond, that's waterfall and burn--need any help? My flygon, Flia, is over by registeel, she's pretty strong but I may need to help her out later...but I can still help you guys out for now." Jirachi started to open her true eyes, but she quickly resisted and forced herself to wake up.

    OOC: I almost forgot about jirachi when I started writing this -slaps self- and if you see my pun you won't need to tell me how bad it is XD
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    "No, I don't have any ground types on me at the moment." Brian responded to Alex's question. "What I do have is a Slaking that knows Earthquake, but that's just as bad as Lava Plum. Actually worse considering we're both using fire types." Dialga's attack was cut short when a Rhydon came crashing down on it.
    "I'm glad we have help out here." said Axel relieved. Who knows what kind of untold disaster would have come from Roar of Time. Just then another female trainer came up to them and introduced herself as Diamond. It was the one Brian saw on the Flygon afew moments ago.
    "I'm Brian and this is Axel. Glad you could help." it was then he noticed the Pokemon in Diamond's arms. "Uh! That's Jirachi isn't it?! What happened to it?" he asked in concern.
    "Nevermind Jirachi, what about Dialga? At the moment Rhydon is the only one fighting it. Registeel seems pretty well occupied with Flia and two female trainers using a Charizard, Tyranitar, Aerodactyl, and Cyndiquil." Brian nodded in agreement and translated what Axel said to the others.
    "Alright, I have a plan. Alex, could you to help that Rhydon distract Dialga for afew moments? I'm going to have Axel use Focus Punch. As you may already know, he can't be attacked while he focuses. So Diamond, could you be my cover until the attack is ready? I don't mean to put you ladies on the spot or anything." Brian explained.
    "One focus punch coming up then." said Axel making a fist. He closed his eyes and began focusing his energy into it.
  20. Rosa turned to the girl called Diamond and smiled. "Yes, we would love some help. My name is Rosa by the way, and this is my sister, Rosie." Rosa said, smiling widely at Diamond. "Hmmmm. Flygon probably has an advantage over Registeel. I'm pretty sure that we'll win." Her eys suddenly fell upon the Jirachi in Diamond's arms. "Oh...my...god." She whispered.

    Registeel obviously, thought otherwise. It charged forward and spewed a powerful Zap Cannon at Typhoon. The Aerodactyl grinned and shook the attack off. Maybe for a moment Registeel forgot the electric attacks were useless against Rock types. Rosie noticed this distraction, and took advantage of the opportunity. "Mountain use Dark Pulse! Firestorm, after that you do Fire Spin!"

    Mountain roared and sent a dark beam at Registeel, which really didn't do much at all. But Firestorm's Fire Spin did. A jet of flame escaped the Charizard's jaws and spiraled around Registeel. The legendary was now trapped.
  21. Good. The legendaries just need a good strong attack that can hit both of them hard. Gotta be careful, with ground-type moves, though...those trainers have fire-types out...
    April returned her Eevee to its ball, glanced around at the other trainers, and then she totally lost her concentration. Or maybe it was her train of thought. Or maybe she was just being plain stupid.
    She took a deep breath and muttered, "Mudkip...Earthquake."
    And then she realized what she had done.
    "Mudkip! NO!" she yelled, but it was too late. Her Mudkip looked at her pleadingly and she balled her hands into fists so hard that she drew blood.
    I am truly stupid. The fire-types that those other trainers have out...!
    "Guys, get your fire-types in the balls!" April screamed over the noise of the earthquake, which had already made the ground start to rumble.
  22. Diamond gave a quick nod.
    "Burn, Waterfall, give it your best! Fireblast and mudshot!" The two pokemon started firing attacks. It seemed they had no end. They constantly streamed out of their mouths and onto dialga. Although the Burn and Waterfall did not inflict much damage seperately, when they attacked at the precice moment together they gave dialga quite a bit of damage. Dialga started to grow weaker. But it quickly charged up a hyper beam.
    "Burn, look out!" Luckily, Burn heard Diamond at the last moment. He was not hurt, but his attacks grew weaker, as did Waterfall's. Lightnind finally couldn't take watching this fighting. He absolutly loved battling. He had to try and get his moment of glory even though he knew electric attacks probably wouldn't do much.
    He leaped off Diamond's shoulder with just enough power to land on dialga's head. Dialga shook wildly and tried to shake him off. Lightining did his best to hold on. What should I do...I have an idea! Lighting let go on gracefully hopped onto dialga's back. It's long enough... Lighting ran at full speed towards the dragon's head. After a few moment his body was covered in electricity. The sparks flew in all directions. Dialga better be ready for my most powerful volt tackle ever! BAM!
    The impact made lightning fly off the raging beast. Fortunately, he landed on his feet. Although he had had suffered a large amount of damage Diamond knew he would be fine. She swiftly bent down so lighting could climb onto her shoulder. She glanced towards dialga. He was in more fury than ever. He was panting from all the damage. Maybe if...no! I can't catch a legendary! She mentally slapped herself as jirachi started to glow. All the pokemon, except dialga and registeel, started glowing as well. Their wounds and hp were fully healed. But then jirachi drifted off to sleep again, her true eye twitching more than usual.
  23. "A Slowking with Earthquake?" Alex mocked. "How 'bout a level 100 Empoleon? Say hello, Poach!" As the beam of red light shot out near Brians Infernape, the Capsule around the battered Pokeball burst into decorative blue and red flames. Scroareek!! went the Empoleon, as he came out of the Pokeball. Then another trainer started shouting. A low rumble filled the air. Oh, no.Alex thought. Not Earthquake."Flamerey, Poach, return!" Alex commanded, and sent out her Starraptor as the Pokemon returned to their respective balls. She jumped on Ebou (the Starraptor) and flew up, hoping that the others would be okay.

    As she flew up, she went around to Registeel's back. "Ebou, use Close Combat!" Alex commanded. It was a risky move, but desparate times call for desparate measures. She held on for dear life as the Starraptor attacked, but slipped off of her slick feathers. This is it. she thought while the ground rushed up to meet her. This is how it ends. Me, falling off the back of a Pokemon, while battling a Legendary, all because I washed my Starraptor with too much condidtioner!
  24. Psycho Monkey

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    Axel opened his eyes, his Focus Punch was ready. He jumped in the air and swung his fist. It was a direct hit on Dialga's face! All these attacks were begining to take there toll on Dialga. Unfortunately, Dialga's rage increased with its fatigue. Dialga let loose a furrious roar before blasting Axel with an Aura Blast.
    "Axel!" shouted Brian running to catch the Infernape. Axel summer-saulted across the ground stopping at his trainer's feet. "You still with me?" he asked.
    "At least I'm not fainted right? But I think I'm outof the battle." Axel said with an ironic laugh. As if on que Jirachi started glowing. Axel's wounds began disapearing as he got to his feet fully refreshed. "Thanks Jirachi. I needed that."
    "Round 2 then?" Brian inquired making sure Axel wasn't backing out.
    "Round 2." Axel agreed. Alex sent out an Empoleon to join them.
    "The more the merrier, and the easier it is on everyone else." commented Brian
    "Then why did you put Primape in the PC yesterday? He could have been helpful right now." Axel mocked.
    "Shut it!" said Brian defensively holding his hand over Axel's mouth. A low rumbling caught their attention stopping the arguement. "Earthquake! Axel on my back!" The Infernape did as told wrapping his arms, legs and tail around Brian's torso. The rummbling caused Brian to fall to the ground. When the Earthquake stopped they got up.
    "Nice one Brian." Axel mocked.
    "Hey, my balance was thrown off by the extra weight, Fatso." Brian joked.
    "'Fatso?' I may be heavier than the average Infernape, but it's all muscle." he said showing off. Brian gave him a playful punch to the shoulder. Their fun was cut short by a scream. They looked up and saw Alex fall off her Starrapter.
    "Axel Go!" Brian commanded. Not many could best Infernapes in terms of speed. Let's hope gravity wasn't one of them.
  25. The ground started to rumble under Diamond feet. who the heck used earthquake??!? Don't they know there are other pokemon and people out here that could be hit by the attack?!?
    "Burn, Waterfall, return!" she grabbed their designated pokeballs. A red light surrounded them and they disappeared inside. She braced herself for the earthquake. The waves went under her. "Huh?" Diamond looked down and saw herself levitating. But in a few moments she gently came back to earth. that was weird...but no matter! I think we've just about finished this fight
    "Burn, Waterfall, come back out and give it your all!" The pokemon quickly reappeared and automatically started to attack. hmmm....Burn seems a bit- As soon as her mind started to think Burn started glowing. He grew much bigger as his head gained a second horn. Wings sprouted out of his back. They flapped themselves in pleasure.
    "Awesome! Burn's a Charizard! I wonder....Burn!" The dragon looked towards his trainer, he was filled with more energy than ever.
    I'll bet he does know them...Diamond quickly posed the question,"Do you know blast burn and or flare blitz?"
    "Charizard char char." I believe I know both Diamond smiled and nodded.
    "Think you can put them together into one attack?" Diamond couldn't hold her excitment. Burn grinned and sped towards dialga. He brought out flames to cover his body. He planned to attack with blast burn then use the extra embers from it ,and the flare blitz, to do a full scale body slam. There would be a few seconds delay in between, but it shouldn't matter.
  26. "Okay, Typhoon do-What the heck is going on?!" Rosa screamed as the ground rumbled beneath her feet. "Wait a second..." she whispered, Boulder had done this move countless times before. "EARTHQUAKE!!" She screamed, "Get in the air!!" Rosie instantly returned Mountain to his ball and jumped on Firestorm's back and with a single flap, the Charizard and his trainer were both in the air. Rosa scooped up Blaze in her arms and jumped on Typhoon's back, who immediatly took off because the ground was starting to crack.

    Rosa turned to Boulder, who just flicked his ears as if dismissing a bothersome fly. She smiled, "Boulder use Take Down!" She shouted. She knew that is this didn't finshish Dialga then a few lesser attacks would. Boulder charged forward and without stopping, rammed full-bodily into Dialga, the sheer force sending the legendary flying back. Rosa turned back to see that all of her pokemon's wounds were healed. I wonder who did that? She thought, but she didn't get much time to ponder the thought because a scream erupted from right above them. Rosa, Blaze, and Volts all looked up in unison and suddenly a trainer crashed right in front of Rosa on Typhoon's back. Rosa stared at the girl awkardly for a moment. "Um...Can I help you?" she finally asked.
  27. "Oof!" Alex landed on a soft-ish surface. As she got up, she saw she was a Typhlosion's back. A girl and a Raichu were staring at her. The girl asked, "Umm, can I help you?" "Ah.....no." she replied as she did a once-over. "I'm okay. And who are you? And what happened to my Starraptor?" Alex asked in a hurried tone. "I do hope she's all right! Have you seen my Starraptor?!?!?!" Alex panicked. Ebou's Pokeball wasn't on her belt. Alex went in uber-panic mode, and started looking underneath everything, from under the Typhlosion's stomach, to under a bunch of rocks, and underneath the Raichu. As she picked it up, the Raichu zapped her, and Alex blacked out, falling on the ground.
  28. [[OOC, okay I haven't managed to get on my stoopid Pcs acting up, this seems to be going good, but i'm pretty sure some people joined after I said don't!]]

    Max ran harder, the Minun on his shoulder fidgeted, everything was shooting through his head at once, the dangers of it all, the amount of picture possibilities, the cause.
    He was close now, very close. He stared down at the carnage that was happening around him, trainers, too various to mention were running round like headless chickens their pokemon mimicing them. Surely there was a better way of doing this, they swere causing more damage than good, something had to happen, something decisive. He watched as the legendary pokemon suffered blow after blow. It was obviously taking it's toll. This wasn't right, he glanced through the drifts of smoke, a young trainer had something odd in her hands.
    "Ohh my God." He whispered to himself.
    He ran down the sandy hill he had been on, his legs were aching from the exertion of the run, he had a cut on his face. He ran towards the girl. He was right, it was Jirachi, the legendary wish Pokemon Jirachi was in her hands, it was in pain, alot of pain. Its true eye fluttered uncontrollably on its torso. The majority of its Doomdesire had gone, but traces of light drifted round its head like lazy spirits. As he got closer the girl looked up and smiled uncertainly at him. How strange it must be to hold a legendary Pokemon in her hands. Maximillian stared at the Jirachi, he looked at its head, shaking, twitching with pain, what was wrong, something wasn't right. One of its wishtags were gone, what the...
    Then like a train the thought crunched into his mind like thunder, billions of ions of energy convulsed as thought pathways joined. A thought, a memeory surged forward.
    It was 4 months ago now, Max was invited to take pictures at the grand opening of the Diamondcore tower. It was a truly prestigous event, the Pokemon creme of the crop had been there, various region champions, members of the Elite Fours, Professor Oak. Hosting the party was Professor December himself. Owner and entrepeneur of Diamondcore Enterprises. They made everything from the new ingenious 'crystal ball', to the new Poketch. Max had never liked him, he gave off a strange aura. Maybe it was his slicked back white hair, or his round sunglasses that he never took off, but that guy was bad news. His Minun had growled all night everytime Max had gone near. Then halfway through the party something stranger still happened. Muffled shouts could be heard at the other side of the vista where the celebration was being staged. A young trainer, maybe Max's age, a little younger was shouting something.
    "Thats sick, you're a freak December! Do these people know what you do!? Well do they know about your little collection!?"
    He had screamed at the top of his lungs, tears pricked at the corners of his eyes.
    December smiled icily, "Security, take this cretin away, obviously he has had too mcuh to drink."
    A few people around him laughed, but many of them looked uneasy.
    Maximillian had to know what was going on, he creeped past the glittering people, all white teeth and expensive clothes. He looked into the dimly lit corridor the trainer had come out of, a single security man was checking the only door down there. Max moved forward, as he did so he gave his Minun a nod. Minun, of course, did his signature flash, the security guard fell to the floor completely out of it, Max checked no one had noticed. He edged around the fallen man to the door. It was bulky probably made of steel. There was a single fingerprint gel scanner, he lugged the huge guy up and pushed his massive digit into the goo, it scanned blue for a few seconds then, bing! It went a deep green and the door clicked open. As he walked in, lights sprang on automatically. As his eyes adjusted to the light he gasped, thick tubes filled with liquid pulsed different colours, there in the centre of one was a scale, softly lit, glittering like a jewel, an emerald. In another was a feather, icey blue. They were bits of Pokemon, legandary pokemon.The sight that truly disgusted him was at the end of the strange collection, in the largest tube of all, it was wishtag, one of Jirachis, suspended and unmoving, it shone eerily at him.

    He shook his head, it all made sense this was the Jirachi December had mutilated in order to truly glamorise his sick collection. This was why it had called for aide, why it had nearly destroyed the city. All this fighting was happening because of December. They needed to know.
    He cleared his throat, how could he make them hear him, he was at the highest point he could find, but there was no chance he could get their attention. He felt a squeeze on his shoulder. Minuns eyes flashed, he jumped gently off his shoulder and into the air....

    [[Phewww quite a few holes to fill in there. Ummm make sure your characters listen, because the fights about to change.]]
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    As it turned out gravity was faster, but only by a little bit. Alex landed safely on the back of a Typhlosion. They may both be feeling that in the morning, but atleast they were both ok. Alex seemed stressed out about the location of her Starraptor. Axel scanned the air where he had last seem it.
    "There! Your Starraptor is a safe distance from Dialga." he said pointing in the air. Naturally Alex couldn't understand him the way Brian could, but she could be certain on what he was trying to tell her.
    "That's a relief, you're alright." Brian said panting having run after them. Suddenly a bright flash lit the area. "*Arg* What now?" asked Brian in frustration blocking the light with his arm. If it was another legendary it could be trouble. The sun was begining to rise so it didn't as long for him to get his sight back as last time. Brian began looking around until he saw a man on a high hill of sand with a Minun standing on his shoulder. Brian stared at the guy for afew seconds. He must have been the one who used Flash.
    "Who does this guy think he is?" grumbled Axel.
    "Easy. There's alot going on right now." Brian said to Axel. He turned his attention back to the man on the hill. "If you wanted my attention you have it. Now what is it you want with us?"
  30. (Typhlosion? Secad your character just landed on the back of Rosa's Aerodactyl T.T)

    Rosa saw that the girl seemed to be alright, she smiled and pointed up. "I believe your Starraptor is floating above our heads." She said. Registeel looked as if it could go on fighting forever, for it still was up and running. Well our pokemon are gonna fall sometime. She thought, And it's gonna be before any of these two legendaries do.

    Rosie suddenly appeared next to her on Firestorm's back. "Rosa." She called, Rosa turned her head. "I think something is wrong."

    Rosa frowned. "What do you mean wrong?" She asked, puzzled.

    Rosie's voice shook as she explained. "I'm sure you saw the Jirachi in that girl's arms right?" She asked, Rosa nodded, "Well, one of its wishtags are missing."

    "What?!" Rosa pratically screamed. One of Jirachi's wishtags are gone? Oh man this is bad. Who knows what catastrophies could happen if that were to continue. Then, something clicked in her head. Like a child adding the the last piece to a jigsaw puzzle. Of course! Jirachi's wishtag must've been stolen, so it came to Steelore city and called for help, which Dialga and Registeel answered. Why they started fighting I'll problably never know but... She turned to Rosie, "Let's go visit Jirachi." She declared.
  31. "Huh?" Diamond spun around and ended up face to face with a minun, it sat patiently on its masters shoulder. Diamond saw a boy. He had a camera. I'm guessin that he is a pokemon photographer...he probably wanted pictures of the legendary pokemon fight...on the other hand a "steel" legendary pokemon fight.. The boy eyes were apparently focused on jirachi. He had whispered something vague that it could be barely registered in her mind as an 'oh my God' towards jirachi. But Diamond just looking at the guy. he looks a bit familiar but...I just can't really remember... She looked towards his eyes and mentally tried to figure out why he kept staring at jirachi. Diamond looked at the same spot on jirachi as he was and realized that she was missing a wish tag. But before she could speak the minun leaped off the photographer's shoulder and his eyes started to ....flash?
    Diamond quickly ducked down so she could cover her eyes as well as protect jirachi. Lightning didn't see the attck coming.
    He was thrown off Diamond shoulder and landed roughly in the sand. "PICHU PICHU! PICH!" WHAT THE FREAKIN HELL!!! I"M BLIND!! His started to dizzily try to attack the minun, but it really looked like someone had too much to drink. Way to stay calm lightning... Diamond flahed a nasty glare towards the boy. She slowly got up and looked him directly in the eye.
    "WHY THE HELL DID YOU DO THAT!?!" Burn and Waterfall peeked out from behind her. She gently picked up lightning and placed him delicately on her shoulder. But she wasn't quite through.
    "-sigh- ok...I'm calmer..."
    "-cough- marsh -cough-" -cough- anger issues -cough- Waterfall said it so inaudibly that Diamond didn't hear.
    But she did hear something and shot a glance towards him before continuing,"So...who are you and why did you do that?"
  32. Maximaillian was being looked at now, the girl with the Jirachi looked at him strangely, he was tall and slim he had a shock of red hair that seemed to defy gravity, a yellow band was wrapped round his hairs base. It jarred shockingly with the colour. He grinned apologetically at them all. He glanced at his Minun who simply smiled at him. More and more trainers turned their attention to him, this was difficult. The legendary Pokemon continued to duke it out massive amounts of attack kept blotting out, the watery sun of dawn.
    "Y-you have to listen to me.... There's something wrong here, these pok-pokemon are, they are fighting because of this Jirachi. It's its wishtag it's been stolen, someone, and I think I know who, took it."

    Meanwhile, in Diamondcore Tower, Professor December was on the phone. It was the latest Crystal model, it glinted in the light.
    "Yes, Giovanni, I have a problem. Yes? No, I think they will find out shortly and they need to be stopped. Do whatever you can, but make sure it's done. Send me your best."

    The trainers blinked at him, he e4xplained his Professor December theory quickly, but was it enough would they believe him. Of course they would! He rooted through his bag and took out a picture. It was the Articuno feather, bright blue an unmoving, minute trail of blood led from its base. He walkd forward, would it be enough to make them understand what was happening here?
  33. Alex woke up with a pounding headache, and something in her mouth. As she got up she spat something out on the ground. It was a half-dissolved Revive. Who put that in her mouth? As she looked around, she saw a Starraptor spiraling down towards her, with something in it's mouth. As it landed, she saw the item in it's mouth was her bag! Alex must of lost it in the fall from Ebou. Hey, Alex. It said. It's me, Ebou. As Alex looked, she saw the streak of pale gold on its back, and the little pouch on its side had Ebou's held item, a Pure Incense. "Ebou!" Alex cried out, "Are you okay?" Yeah, I am. Oh, and here's my Pokeball. Ebou spat out her Pokeball, and it fell on the ground. "You swallowed it?!?" Alex exclaimed. Yeah. You threw it up my throat while you were falling, and I was performing Close Combat. "Who put the Revive in my mouth? Did you see?" Eh....I don't know. I was looking for you. "Oh. Okay. I don't blame you. Are you okay?" Yeah. Ebou said indifferently. Let's go find Brian. Alex put Ebou's Pokeball back on her belt, and hopped on and soared upwards. "There's Brian!" Alex pointed. "Let's go down to meet him. But who's the guy with him?" Alex landed, and hopped off of Ebou. "Ebou, take a rest. Ebou, return!" Gladly. I'm pooped. said Ebou, and went in with the beam of red light. Ebou picked another Pokeball off of her belt. "Toxspeed, go!" Alex commanded, and a bluish-purple Skuntank hopped out and walked to Alex. "Come on, Toxspeed. Let's go." As she got to Brian, she asked, "Need help anyone?"
  34. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "Huh?" Brian had heard someone call his name. He turned around and saw Alex running toward them with a Skuntank. "Hey you're awake. That's great. Listen, this is Max, he's a Pokemon photographer. Max has just explained a pretty interesting theory about a rich man in Steelore City by the name of Prof. December with a rather sadistic collection of "pieces" of legendary Pokemon including Jirachi's lost wishtag." he explained. "May I see that picture?" Brian asked the photographer. Max gladly handed it to him. "See. Photographic proof of an Articuno feather, apperently ripped from the body rather than naturally molted." He gave the picture back to Max.
    "I say we pay this man a visit. See how he likes having a part of his body ripped off." Axel said angrily cracking his knuckles.
    "I don't disagree, but we should ask Max if he has a plan. After all, he seems to be the expert on this situation." Brian turned his head back to Dialga and Registeel. Now that the trainers have stopped fighting they've gotten back to their battle. Neither one will last much longer. After all the damage we delt them their fight will be over shortly. The best course of action would be to confront December. he thaught.
  35. Rosa and Rosie arrived next to Maximaillian shortly after he explained what was going on. Rosa leapt off of Typhoon's back even before he touched the ground and quickly walked over to Max, peering at the picture.

    "Wow." Rosie said as she appeared a few seconds later. "Just wow. I can't remember the last time I saw Articuno, or even a part of it."

    "That's because you didn't see Articuno," Rosa pointed out, "I did. I think it was about a year and a half ago when we decided to pay a visit to Fire, Ice, and Lighting Island to see if we could defeat and possibly capture one of the three legendary birds. I remember you went off after Moltres, which I knew you had no chance of beating because you didn't even have a Water pokemon, but I went after Articuno. I just about had it too. I was just about to throw the Ultra ball when a very angry Zaptos appeared out of nowhere because I think a random ice beam from Articuno froze a section of Lightning Island. Well, I couldn't face both of 'em so the only thing left for me was to run, which I really hate doing. And then while I was running you came along and said you got your butt kicked by Moltres. But then we ran and that's that." She saw everyone staring at her, so she deverted her attention to the picture once again. Without warning, she swiped it from Max's hand and peered closer at it. "Mm-hmm. Yep, this definetly once beloged to Articuno. See how the feather sparkles? That's because of the little tiny ice crystals the always cling to its wings when it's flying."

    "Cynda! Quil, quil! Cyndaquil!!" Hmph! If December thinks he can get away with this then he is dearly mistaken. Blaze growled in a low tone.

    "Chaaar! Char, char! Char, chaaar." What I want to know is how did he get it from Articuno? Firestorm agreed, To do that he must've either very strong, or very lucky. And I think it's the second one.

    "Heh. Wait until Flora sees this." Rosa whispered half to herself, half to everyone. "Well, why do you think December does this? Why take parts of the legendary pokemon away? Wouldn't it just be easier to just capture the entire thing?" True, it did sound terrible. But Rosa did have a point.
  36. "This Professor December guy sounds insane! Who would rip apart Legendaries for souveniers? Apparently Professer December. Toxspeed retorted. "That was a retorical question, Toxspeed. Now, what do we do? I was thinking we blast in his lab with Surf, do some damage, take December hostage, force him to give us the Legendary parts, and use an Abra to teleport them to the Legendaries. What do you think?" Alex suggested. "That'll probably help Registeel and Dialga calm down."
  37. Diamond sighed. She took the picture into her hands. A beautiful blue feather glittered the in light in the photograph.
    "That is the real thing after all...." Diamond pondered for a moment a handed the picture to Max. She looked around her.
    "I'll bet December has seen that we have figured out that these legendaries aren't supposed to be here....and I'll bet he knows that we know jirachi is missing a wish tag....he's probably sending someone to "take care" of us now." She gazed into the distance, as if expecting someone to come out of nowhere. Lightning shivered and climbed onto Diamond's head. "pichuu pichuuuu..." I think you're right Although Diamond had seen a legendary before, and wanted a souveniour, it's not as if she ripped off a leg!! She pulled out the image of mew from her memory. Once in a while she still caught a glimpse of her, but....
    Diamond looked up and realized that everyone was uncomfortably silent. She plucked off Waterfall's and Burn's pokeballs and made them disappear inside. Flia landed right next to Diamond. She seemed tired and worn out. She gently pressed her own pokeball and vanished with a flash of red light.
  38. April listened from a distance to the conversations between the trainers. When everyone was so silent that you could have heard a pin drop if not for the legendaries still making a ruckus in the background, she turned back to her Mudkip. "This is worse than anything I've seen or heard about before. Who in their right mind would rip a legendary apart?!" She clenched her fists tighter, if that was even possible.
    "Mudkip...kip kip mudkip mud mud kip." Calm down...you don't think straight when you're angry or scared. The Mudkip fidgeted. "Kip mudkip kip kip." And I don't think I like Earthquake any more.
    "Uh well..." April blushed slightly. "That's beside the point." She uncurled her hands and bent down so she was nearly eye level with her Mudkip. "What do you think we should do? I can't stand just watching and hearing about this..."
    "Kip. Kip, mudkip." Not sure. The Pokemon paused. "Ki...mud mu mudkip ki ip?" Uh...maybe ask another of your Pokemon?
    "Okay." April pulled a PokeBall off her belt. "Thunder...c'mon out." A flash of white and then a Pichu appeared.
    "Pi pichu. Pi pi chu." I heard what's going on from inside my ball.
    "Do you have any ideas of what to do?" April questioned.
    The Pichu thought a moment. "Pi pichu chu chu pi." Let's get into the lab.
    "Kip?" How? Mudkip was confused.
    "Pi. Pi pichu, pichu uu pi." You know Hydro Pump. I know Thunder.
    "I got it." April grinned. "Starryy will fly us to the lab, then you two will combine your attacks, and since water conducts electricity..."
  39. A flash of light in Alex's peripheral vision snapped her attention to her surroundings. "Did I just see a Flygon dissapear?" she asked. "If a Pokemon dissapears, that means there's a trainer! And more trainers means more power to stop December! Let's go, Toxspeed!" Alex started running, but since Toxspeed wasn't that fast on it's short waddly legs, she picked the Skuntank up and carried it, with much difficulty. When she was near to the trainer with the Flygon, there was a stitch in her side, but she still yelled, "Hey! Do you think you can help us defeat Professor December?!"
  40. "Of course..." Diamond looked towards Alex then continued thinking in silence. But soon all the sound of the night faded away. She looked in the direction of the horizon to see the sun slowly awakening.
    But soon Diamond seemed a bit uncomfortable. No one had said anything for quite a while. The sun had already gently tinted the morning sky with beautiful shades of red and orange. Steelore had been awake since the fighting started but it still seemed as though the city was just waking up. The stillness seemed unnatural. Dialga and Registeel were rooted to their spot, unmoving, patient, and waiting. ....it something gonna happen...? Diamond openly pondered the strangness of the scene around her. Moments ago there had been much fighting but, it ceased wthout a cause.
    Lightning fidgeted in his spot, becoming aware of the calmness. The only sound that could be heard was their breathing, the vague sound of people from Steelore, and some kind of vehicle coming towards them...wait...What?! Diamond's eyes raced around as she tried to find the source of the noise.

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