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A simple thing I don't know

Discussion in 'Pokémon Games Discussion' started by Renorrin, Jun 17, 2007.

  1. How much of an effect do moves like Howl/Double Team/Tail Whip/etc have? The same question for the X items.
  2. if it raises a stat by one stage, it adds on 50% of the raised stat.. if it adds 2 stages, 100%. 3, 150%. mind you, that's how much is added ON. not the overall.
  3. I'm guessing Iron Defence is bigger than Harden.

    So, with a base Def of 100, Harden would take it to 150, then 200. ID would go to 200 then 300, right?

    Is there a good list of (de)buff moves anywhere?

    ((I accidently hit the report to mod link, but I hit back staright away, hopefully it didn't do anything. Sometimes my mouse gets away from me.))
  4. well, sharply generally means 2 stages. so yeah, that's what it would do. with the debuffs, i'm not entirely sure, but the lowest it can get is 25%.

    serebii.net has a better explanation than i can give of the stage percentages, in the game mechanic section.
  5. Growl, Leer, and Defense Curl are really annoying unless you hack your game with a Gameshark.
  6. Erm, what?

    Moving on, I've been trying to find a battling guide that can answer the questions that keep popping into my head, but I can't find one. So, if it's ok, I'll ask them here. (I'll post more if I think of any, but I'll try to ask a few per post)

    First off, the one in my OP that didn't get an answer: How much does Accuracy and Evasion change with each stat upper/downer move? (Edit - Answer found.)

    EV question now: If I go beyond 255 EVs in a stat, are they wasted or just not registered? As in, say I got carried away and battled enough to earn 310 in Speed, would I then be left with 200 EVs to spend elsewhere?

    Edit - If lower my opponent's stats, then switch my Pokemon, do those effects stay in play?

    Apologies for the bother, but I'm looking forward to wi-fi battles, and I don't really want to get creamed every time.
  7. The max EV's for a stat is 255, so if you battled enough to get 4 billion EV points only 255 would actually have been registered, and you'd still have 255 to go for other stats. 255 is a bit of a waste though, since only 252 will have an effect as EV's work in sets of 4, so if you put 252 in one stat and 252 in another, there's 6 left meaning you can put 4 in a third stat and only waste 2 overall.
  8. That would be cheating...i'm not entirely sure whats the point to that...

    And yes,they are annoying.I believe pokemon who use them mostly are considered annoyers?

    they tend to also have moves like toxic,will o wisp,and pressure i believe
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  10. Right, hopefully this'll be my last question.

    I've read things about EV training, but I've not seen anything explain what happens if you switch out the one you're training.

    Example: I've hatched a Bulbasaur with the moves I want, I encounter a Magnemite, I switch Bulbasaur for my Graveler who blitzes the 'Mite. Does Bulbasaur get the 1 Sp.Atk EV?
  11. i believe it does, in the same way that you can give your bulbasaur exp. share and it wont have to battle at all yet it will still get the same evs as if it defeated the magnemite all by itself
  12. Linkachu

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    Any chance you've read that? It's a bit outdated since it's aimed at gen 3, but it should still answer most EV-related questions XD
  13. Heh, obviously not, as it says:
    Thanks, Linkachu :)

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