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DPPt/HGSS A random team of random

Discussion in 'The Doctor's Clinic' started by Ruko, Feb 21, 2009.

  1. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    Blastoise @ Zoom Lens
    Quiet Nature
    -Hydro Pump  [96 accuracy]
    -Focus Blast [84 accuracy]
    -Rollout     [100 accuracy]
    100 ATK
    200 S ATK
    210 HP

    The accuracies listed are so long as I'm slower... which the Quiet Nature helps with. Yawn is just a great move given Blastoise's bulk and the fact that it sets up really well with Rollout.
    In a best case scenario, I'll yawn on something weak to rollout and then hope my opponent doesn't switch. By then I've got two turns down on Rollout, and it'll have a power of 120 on the next turn.

    Butterfree @ Focus Sash
    Timid Nature
    -Stun Spore   [97 accuracy]
    -Sleep Powder [97 accuracy]
    4 HP
    252 DEF
    252 SPD

    Team support all around. Compoundeyes makes both statusing attacks near perfect accuracy, and since Stun Spore isn't electric, it will work on ground types as well.
    Whirlwind is guaranteed to work so long as I'm at full health when I use it, making for a PHazer if I need it more than status.
    Tailwind is an underappreciated attack. Agility in weather form, essentially. I tailwind, and all of my pokemon get doubled speed for the next five turns.

    I consider dropping Stun Spore for U-turn. It won't do much damage, but it can switch me out for some STAB'd damage and a switch if I'm faster, or let me switch last in the event I'd like butterfree to take a hit first.

    Porygon2 @ Leftovers / ???
    Unsure of Nature
    -Magic Coat
    -Charge Beam
    Mixed Defense + HP

    I don't see enough use of Trace, and Download has a somewhat iffy chance of helping me. If anyone would really recommend Download over Trace, let me know. [It won't ever evolve into a PorygonZ; I'd like to retain my defenses]
    Recover should be obvious; I'd like to restore my HP
    Magic Coat protects me from status, while turning it back on my opponent
    Charge Beam will give a nice means of boosting my Special attack, and gives electric coverage too.
    Tri-Attack For STAB and the statuses it offers. Decided on this over coverage because Charge Beam should boost my S. Attack up enough to get around things that resist normal. That and most things that reisist normal either have really low special defense, or can't resist Charge Beam.
    I'll take any suggestions on this one, so long as it maintains recover and the ability to attack. A more useful item, if one exists, would be appreciated too.

    Raichu @ Shuca Berry
    Hasty Nature
    -Grass Knot
    -Volt Tackle
    180 ATK
    48 DEF
    104 S ATK
    176 SPD
    EVs cancel out the nature's effects for the most part. All of the lost defense is restored, but because of the formulas behind natures, I get a few extra EVs to work with. The speed EVs give me one point more than if I hadn't speed natured so as to outspeed every non-natured pokemon of the same speed.

    Tickle will not only weaken a foe's attack, but weaken them to my most powerful attack at the same time. A suicide mission over all, given Volt Tackle's self damaging properties.
    Encore lets me trap an opponent, particularly an EQing or stat raising one. Encoring an EQ means I'm probably going to be sacrificing Raichu, but any flying type, like the Butterfree above or a Crobat for instance, can come in and status freely. This can also be done with other type pairings of course, but Raichu is most likely going to be hit with EQ
    Grass Knot is for anything Volt Tackle shouldn't be used on, and that tickle won't do any good against. Rock/Ground types aren't used often, and most Water/Ground aren't likely to be caught off-guard, but this can catch them too if I should face them.
    Volt Tackle Base 180 power after STAB, perfect accuracy, will likely kill me. Meant mainly for use after Tickle.. I'm likely to switch Raichu in on something and tickle it to make sure it's not switching to a ground type first.

    Clefable @ Flame Orb
    Magic Guard
    Calm Nature
    Grass Knot
    Cosmic Power
    200 HP
    108 DEF
    200 S DEF

    Most of this set speaks for itself.
    Trick will allow me to burn an enemy with 100% accuracy [so long as they're holding something], and will also allow me to take the orb back so long as they don't switch or get KO'd first
    Attack is mainly for filler, so I can have at least one damaging attack on the set. Also allows me to hit fire types.
    Cosmic Power will raise both of my defenses, raising Clefable's surviveablity.. except against critical hits.
    Moonlight lets me restore HP.. essential to the set, really.

    Gengar @ Liechi Berry
    Hasty Nature
    -Shadow Ball
    Full Special attack and Speed EVs

    Substitute on what I hope will be status, Curse and cut my HP even farther, then substitute again on the switch, if it comes. I'd like to wait a turn after Liechi Activates so that I can attempt to Shadow Ball any oncoming ghosts from people who see Explosion [thanks KoL]
    Explosion will come out as soon as I'm not sure of a KO from Shadow Ball.. or I'll kill myself with Curse on something that I want PHazed, or knew neither attack would be effective against.
  2. Linkachu

    Linkachu Hero of Pizza
    Staff Member Administrator

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    Heh ^^;
    Well, like I mentioned to you via the chat, your Raichu reminds me of the one I used in gen 3 XD His moveset was Toxic, Encore, Focus Punch, and Thunder Bolt.

    So, for your purposes, I propose:
    - Tickle
    - Encore
    - Focus Punch (Over Grass Knot?)
    - Volt Tackle

    I abused Encore with Focus Punch similarly to how you plan to use Encore (catching them on Status changing attacks), and I think it could come in handy if you already feel like Grass Knot is just there for coverage. You'd catch them on the switch if they tried to flee from Encore, too. Tickle would aid Focus Punch nicely, and yes, keep Volt Tackle for your kamikaze intentions. Sounds like fun XD
  3. Wish is another option for Moonlight, since random weather screws it over and kills it back to 1/3 of your HP recovered, for Clefable.

    As well for Porygon2, that Smeargle moveset I gave you a while ago. it works quite well for Porygon2 as well. Obvious variation is needed, so:

    Porygon2@ Lum Berry / Leppa Berry
    Nature: Speed lowering, Defense boosting nature
    EVs: See below

    -Discharge / Magic Coat
    -Tri-Attack / Ice Beam

    Drop the speed stat and then boost one of the Defensive stats, then distribute them to obtain the optimal defensive stats.

    What I figured out, based on Perfect IVs and at Level 100:

    252 HP / 100 to the Defense boosted by the nature used Nature / 158 to the Defense stat didn't get boosted by the nature. It gives Porygon2 even defense stats with max HP (374 HP, 265 in each Defense).

    It retains its ability to survive, and it's quite handy for taking status, as the Lum Berry will save it. Predict a status, just Recycle the Berry and do it again.

    If used with the Leppa Berry, stall till you die or have to switch out, due to not being able to hit a Ghost-type with Tri-Attack being your only move, as your moves will not run out of PP.

    If the Leppa Berry is used, keep predicting status and keep reflecting it back with Mirror Coat.

    Discharge has a nifty 30% paralyze rate with a decent base power.

    Tri-Attack is its strongest and most reliable move. Ice Beam provides coverage but is overshadowed that Tri-Attack is at a higher base power. Unless you plan on using Porygon2 as a counter to Salamence.
  4. Ruko

    Ruko Bearded Trout Warrior

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    The only reason that moonlight appeals is for the instant recovery... but I think I'll go with wish just for the team support possibility as well as unaffected recovery.

    As for Porygon2, as much as I liked Discharge's effect.. I don't see it as being much of an offensive threat given EVs and a lack of download. That's why I chose Charge Beam over Zap Cannon, actually XD

    I'll definitely give Lum + Recycle a thought over, though. Magic Coat not only requires spot-on prediction, but can't reflect all status back on the user.. in a few cases, it might even be worse off for me to use Magic Coat [see T-wave on Jolteon, or Will o Wisp on Ninetales].

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