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A Poke'Story

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Marky, Jul 22, 2008.

  1. You know, there never seems to be enough stars in Sinnoh.....

    I look outside my two-story window to see a very energetic young man walking in the middle of a dirt road, and behind him was a train of people, this man's family and friends. They were all cheering and chanting his name, "OC! OC!". Well, his initials, actually. I know this man. Osiris Carter. An arrogant man of about nineteen years of age, he has always been somewhat of a rival to me, but in a friendly sense. At times, however, he has been known to be extremely cocky, and I soon find it impossible to talk to him. It must be one of his cocky times, because this celebration that is taking place is for an event that doesn't require this much praise. However, he is enjoying himself. Osiris, or OC, always enjoys attention, so I won't blame him for wanting a celebration in light of his recent achievement. I had recieved the news this morning, and now it has just become official this afternoon.

    Osiris Carter has defeated the Elite Four and became yet another Champion.

    I wasn't surprised to hear this. He has always been a phenomenal Pokemon Trainer, and it was only a matter of time that he joined the ranks of some of the best Trainers in the land. Nowadays, however, the Elite Four is the equivalent of a drivers' license test: Everyone will do it eventually. They have recently become sloppy and poorly motivated, so now even a ten-year old kid can beat them. It isn't that big of a deal anymore, but knowing Osiris, he probably had his family think it was a huge achievement, considering his relatives are always somewhat out of the loop about current events.

    Even so, it explains the huge celebration that is taking place before my eyes. The train of people soon disappeared under a group of trees as they entered the park, which has become a fairground for the people of Twinleaf Town. I could still make out what was going on, even though the scattered trees hindered my sight. About a dozen tables with Poke Ball table covers created a circle, where the inner clearing was bare and used for dancing. Multi-colored lights bordered the party area, and as the sun set, the lights revealed their fluorescence to brighten the growing darkness. Looking closer, I can see that all the people were dressed in formal wear, guys wearing tuxedoes and girls wearing jeweled, and often revealing, dresses. I don't know how the other guys in my neighborhood think those dresses are attractive. They are just too revealing. Anyways, I could tell that a dinner party was taking place. I could see Machokes and Vigoroths and even Alakazams serving food to the guests, and I soon saw couples leaving their tables to dance in the clearing.

    Maybe I shouldn't see Osiris right now.....

    Then I realized that I'm just stopping by to say congratulations. Besides, it's not that I'm an antisocial: I know almost everyone down there.

    Well, in any case, since I'm just stopping by, I should just throw something on, I thought. I put my favorite hat on- a black modern-day cowboy hat. Not curled at the edges, just flat- over my semi-long black hair, which is always kept in its same style, forward in the front, curled down to the middle of my neck in the back. I put my black silk cloak over my black t-shirt in such a way it made me look like a somewhat mysterious gentleman. I tightened my white tennis shoes, adjusted my black slacks, and strolled down the stairs, out of my house, and into the park and the party beyond. And it was then I just frealized something that made me stop dead in my tracks.

    What if she's there at the party?

    I gave it some thought, but kept walking forward to the party, praying I won't run into her. I was there to see Osiris, not her.

    I always get tongue-tied when talking to her.....
  2. Looking out my window, the party looked like a small ten-year old's birthday party, but looking at it up close, it was much more than what I thought it was. The party tables, where many were dining, was orbiting the clearing, which was a dance floor, for many couples were "shaking it" to a catchy tune. As stated before, Vigoroth, Machoke, even Alakazam were serving food to the people at the tables. (the Alakazam telepathically moving the plates. I almost ran into one.) Lights of every color strung all throughout the festivities created a web of light, making the scene all but emaculate.

    Off to the left, outside the ring of tables, was a stage, and not to my surprise, OC was making his way up to the stage, dressed in a light blue tux with a pink bow (who couldn't notice that?!). In his hand were six different colored Poke Balls, no doubt his team he used to beat the Elite Four. I was curious, since Osiris had caught an amazing amount of PokeMon during his travels, so I wondered which ones he had used. However, since there was a possibility that she might be here, I wasn't planning to stick around long. 'Just say congratulations to OC, and leave', I thought.

    "Friends and family", Osiris stated over the mic, "I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for attending this evening. Now, as you all know, I have defeated the Elite Four and became anoth--thank you, thank you"

    The crowd of people had applauded, and my eardrums nearly shattered from the sound. If a stranger heard this, they would've thought the president was talking. This wasn't unusual, for his ego was always huge.

    "Despite the fact that my PokeMon were the ones that did the fighting, I love to point out to people 'Hey, who taught them, right?'" Laughter ensued. I merely scoffed and grinned.

    "With that said, I would like to propose a toast", He held his glass up,as did everyone else.

    "To PokeMon. May they always be tools for greatness! To PokeMon!"

    "TO POKEMON!" the crowd cheered. I dropped my glass.

    Tools?! He thinks PokeMon are tools?! The nerve of him. I mean, I know he's cocky, but that pushed it. I took a look at OC exiting the stage, and anger began to swell deep in my heart. Oh, NOW there was something I was gonna say to him.

    I waited by the foot of the stairs, seeing Osiris coming down. He caught sight of me, and his face lit up.

    "MARK! Old buddy, hows it going? Did you manage to hear my speech? I thought it was pretty good, I didn't write it down, but I thought it was pret-"

    "...tools?..." I managed to mutter through the wall of words he was spewing.

    "W-What'r you talking about?"

    "You think PokeMon are tools?! Where do you get off?! After all you have been through with your PokeMon, you have the nerve to call them tools?! Let me tell you something. PokeMon are NOT- get this through your thick head. I repeat- NOT tools! They are loyal companions, you ungrateful turd!"

    With every word I said, Osiris's face slowly went from a surprised smile to a bright red sneer. His blonde hair seemed to be fluttering like fire, since it was already standing up.

    "Alright, that is IT!! I break my back for this glory, and you come at me with this crap?! Since when were YOU a Poke-a-a-a-a Pokemo-o-a-a-gah- some Pokemon hippie?!?! Jus' because you beat the Elite Four before doesn't give you the right to police me, like some kind mom! A hippie like you doesn't do that, and..."

    I was trying hard not to laugh, for as he continued to rant, he began to make less and less sense, but I still managed to keep my stern face, and the next thing I heard him say made all laughter evaporate.

    "...You think your sooooo great, huh?! Yea? Well, I'll show you what my tools-thats right-TOOLS can do! You, me, right now! Lets go, you little PokeMon hippie!"

    The entire crowd was hearing this whole thing by the way. I hadn't noticed. I did when, without saying word, walked to the now-emptied clearing in the middle of the now-crashed party. I was gonna show him a lesson. Something he'll never forget.

    It was a mistake making him my friend.

    However, I should keep that new title in mind. Very amusing, really.......PokeMon Hippie.

    OOC: There we go. Chapter 2. Sorry for not noticing that it was eat'd before, but here we go now! The Complete PokeStory ^_^
  3. Hmmmmm, little overconfident-*ahem* Anyways, it looks like a nice story starting. Looking forward to next post.
  4. Interesting start... can't wait to see where you are going with this. ^_^
  5. Wow your a really good writer. I like the start of this story. I hope you make more.
  6. * I apologize guys, for being out of service. School started, and well....... I've been busy. On the bright side, I did manage to make this chapter of PokeStory longer, so enjoy, my two fans! :)

    ...I didn't want to do this. Not here. Not with everyone in town watching. I could only imagine experiencing this from a spectator's point of view: I see two people, who have been best friends most of their lives and are now fighting over a silly belief. I can understand the outsider's situation, but they don't know how I feel on the inside. Osiris had insulted the faiths that all the Professors in the PokeMon realm based their studies on, and I won't let a blatant ignorance of that belief stand for very long.

    Thats why I'm here, in the middle of a crashed party dedicated to my best friend, whom I now look on with intense hatred. OC's recent victory over the Elite Four had apparently inflated his already immense ego, which in turn had suffocated and obliterated his sense of respect for PokeMon within the depths of his mentality, and is probably bound to destroy other aspects as well. He needs to be taught that PokeMon are not minions whose only use is to further one's reputation, but loyal allies and companions. I will show him how faithful friends stack up against PokeMon who are thought of and and used as tools.

    Osiris didn't hesitate to start the battle , and with a great thrust of his arm, he tossed a yellow and black Ultra Ball into the air, and a bright stream of glowing energy erupted into an an arc, which took the form of his huge, lumpy brute of a Rhyperior. The stone muscles on its' entire body began to quiver and shake, its' blood red eyes narrowing, and with a deafening roar- which sounds rattled with rocks- made its' presence.

    However, Rhyperior's intimidating look is not what bothered me. In fact, it wasn't Rhyperior at all. I was busy looking out at the crowd. All of them were familiar faces, of course, but they weren't happy at all. Some of them had disgusted looks on their faces, and even a few were scared, but most of them were throwing furious looks...at Osiris. Apparently, they didn't like hoe he had changed, either. But even so, the crowd didn't draw his attention away for a brief moment.

    She did.

    There she was, with a worried look on her lightly tanned, flawless face, looking at me. She looked beautiful, with her long brown hair just reaching past her shoulders. Her bright blue eyes- while still worried- twinkled slightly, resting atop a perfectly sculpted figure, enveloped in a sparkling navy blue dress. For a few seconds, I felt it was just me and her alone on this planet. However, there was a reason it lasted a few seconds.

    "Whoa! What the-?!"

    OC's Rhyperior had lifted me off of the ground, his big, three-clawed, boulder-sized hand holding my throat. With a quick glance before my vision started failing, I managed to look over the shoulder of the hulking PokeMon to see Osiris smiling. I couldn't believe it! What happened to my friend? Why is he letting his PokeMon choke me?!

    Quickly losing my breath, I managed to find my five Poke Balls in my pocket and grabbed one-anyone- and throw it behind OC's Rhyperior, and with that, I was able to hear him say "Look! Behind!"

    The Ground PokeMon dropped me as he slowly wheeled around. As I gasped for breath, regained my vision, and wondered why no one helping me (then I thought, 'Who would stand up to a fully grown Rhyperior?') I looked up, and a wave of relief flooded over me. There was Sceptile, wearing his trademark leather jacket, standing ready to fight. While Sceptile acts like he's cool, he can't help but get hyper whenever a battle starts. Rhyperior won't be able to keep up with him.

    "Well, OC, let's see how your tools work..."

    * Sorry for stalling. I'll get this battled started as soon as I think of something interesting to put in. Next chapter, I promise ^_^
  7. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    I like your 1st and 3rd chapters, but I think your second got eaten ??? Check with the mods to get it restored. I'd like to see how Marky went from going to the party to being in a fight with OC.
  8. Don't worry, it got fixed. Chapter 2 is up
  9. You know, it is usually really hard to pull off the first person perspective when narrating a fantasy story. I have to say, though, that you are doing a fairly good job of it. ^_^ Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more.
  10. MORE!!!

    OMG I'm sorry for that but I want to see where this goes. :D :D :D
  11. *The ever-so exciting Chapter 4 has arrived!*

    Sceptile (sometimes known as "Scep") stood ready against the Rhyperior, trembling, but not from fear. It was from excitement. Despite his cool and relaxed look, Scep is still a child at heart. He always has that immature surge of adrenaline and acts like a ten-year old whenever a battle comes about. It was Sceptile's choice to wear the leather jacket, though. He wanted to look cool and laid-back, making his opponent somewhat drop its guard and be unprepared for the lightning-fast fury of an excited Sceptile. Plus, by the look on his face, he thought it was pretty stylish.

    "Finally! Now we can start this thing!", Osiris said with a sneer. "Rhyperior! Mega Punch!"

    Apparently, Rhyperior was already pulling his arm back, the many stones on his rocky fist glowing brightly, and in a split second (unexpected speed for a Rhyperior) the punch made contact with Scep's stomach before he had time to react. He flew back a few feet, did one flip even, and managed to land on his feet, luckily. Sceptile took the hit, of course, and stood again, unfazed by the attack. Osiris, on the other hand, wasn't impressed.

    "He's still standing!", OC yelled, "Take Down! Now!"

    Once again, at a disturbingly fast pace, Rhyperior sprinted toward Sceptile. Despite the intense speed, however, there was some distance between the two PokeMon, so now I was able to counter-attack.

    "Scep! Jump above Rhyperior and use Leaf Storm!"

    Acknowledging with a quick nod, Sceptile leaped straight up until he was about 20 feet in the air. Rhyperior started to drag to a stop right where Scep wanted: below him. Vines shot out from the earth, coiled around Rhyperior's chubby stone legs, and strapped him unwillingly to the ground. Sceptile above began to glow a bright green, with his arms and legs spread out in midair, an unknown wind making his jacket flutter wildly.

    Below, the grass around Rhyperior suddenly lay flat, forming a circle of depressed vegetation around the Ground PokeMon. The wind that came from nowhere intensified, and the leaves on the surrounding trees flew off of their branches. They began to converge around Rhyperior, and in a tornado-like fashion, started to spin, faster and faster. Rhyperior was swinging his arms madly, trying to keep the leaves from damaging him, but it wasn't helping. The Storm was taking its toll.

    Flustered with rage, Osiris watched as his beloved PokeMon (Oh! Excuse me-tool) was ambushed by tons of leaves. Looking on, I saw that something must've sparked in that egotistical mind of his, for he went from a teeth-gritted sneer into a cold, cruel smile. 'This', I thought, 'wasn't gonna turn out good'.

    "Rhyperior!", shouted OC through the intense Leaf Storm, "Ice Beam! Do it!"

    What was he thinking?! There is a circle of people surrounding us! Sceptile (who was now on the ground, one hand clutching his stomach) can't dodge the attack, or someone would get seriously hurt by the Ice Beam.

    I took a look at Scep, who was looking from side to side, hesitating. Suddenly realizing what he has to do (take the attack), he gave a low sigh and dropped his fighting stance. He knew he couldn't last through an Ice Beam, and stood casually, my heart slowly sinking.

    Standing there myself, I watched as Ryperior- still fighting through the Leaf Storm- began to swell, a frosty wind slowly gathering inside his jaws as he drew breath. Suddenly, the leaves that had been harassing him stopped dead in their tracks, frozen from the wind, and fell to the ground, shattering like glass. Chunks of ice began to form within his mouth, and with a great roar, released them in a horizontal pillar of ice and snow, heading straight for Sceptile.

    He didn't move. He wouldn't move. We both knew that if Scep dodged, it would strike the crowd, possibly killing someone. The only movement that was seen coming from Scep was what looked like a smile, looking right at me, with my heart hitting my pelvis.

    In a frosty flash, the smile and Scep's entire body was pummeled by the Ice Beam. creating a huge, cold cloud of frost, fog, and ice. I could hear the crowd gasping, followed by shivering. I couldn't see past my own hands, now held up to shield my eyes. Once the cloud settled, I, including everyone else, looked at where Sceptile stood in horror. I was so distracted that I barely heard Osiris laugh and say, "Ice Heals won't even cure that!", and continued laughing.

    There was Sceptile, standing perfectly still, his smile still on his face. However, Scep was encased in an irregular chunk of glacier ice. Horizontal icicles jutted out dangerously behind his back, displaying the force of the Ice Beam.

    Ice Heals won't cure it? What does that mean? Is Scep frozen forever? How powerful was that Ice Beam? A dozen questions entered my mind, but one assumption stood above them: Osiris had killed my Sceptile. I looked away from my frozen PokeMon, and saw Osiris still laughing, and rage infected my soul.

    Without thinking, I grabbed another one of my Poke Balls and tossed it into the air, the steam of energy taking the form of a Salamence.

    "Salamence!", I screamed, "FLAMETHROWER! Burn the Murderer!"

    Salamence gave me a confused look, for I was pointing straight at OC.

    "What are you waiting for?!", I continued to yell, "DO IT!"

    A sad look entered Salamence's face. (I didn't care) She had been taught never to harm another Trainer, but still, she had a command, and proceeded to follow it.

    The smell of smoke penetrated the air, as flames began to swell inside Salamence's jaws. She craned her neck back as the fire grew larger, and roared, releasing a spiraling ribbon of fire...

    Heading straight for my best friend...
  12. Oh wow, this is intense! The story has been good thus far and I can't wait to see what happens next ^^

    btw Pokemon Hippie = win.
  13. Psycho Monkey

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    I am officially hooked. Keep up the excellent work Marky!
  14. *Chibi had been hooked like a Magikarp*

    MORE!! NOW!!!
  15. I agree with Chibi. After reading the RP post between you two, I want to see what you can do here.

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