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A New Life

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Yoshimitsu, Feb 25, 2006.

  1. Yoshimitsu

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    "Dammit!" Yoshimitsu cursed angrily, once again failing to catch a glass unicorn telekinetically. Vincent was sat on a nearby wall, watching his friend's progress. Yoshimitsu sighed, and threw an expensive plate, trying to mentally stop its descent. He failed. Again.

    "As if it wasn't bad enough! We've lost the whole area the house used to be in, my powers have gone, I'm not even human…" Yoshimitsu listed angrily. Vincent slid off of the wall.

    "I mean, it isn't all bad," Yoshimitsu continued. "I've got the speed and dexterity down, but the energy blasts are beyond me."
    "It's getting late, we'd better get some sleep," Vincent said, slipping his bag off his back. "Here, you take the camp bed."

    It was out of respect that Vincent gave Yoshimitsu the bed. Yoshimitsu had been through so much in the last ninety-six hours. He had discovered that he wasn't human, he'd had to fight his own people, he'd been stripped of his powers and he'd had his home ripped to pieces. Yoshimitsu said a quiet word of thanks, and started to set up the bed.

    "Man… It's been pretty rough…" Vincent thought. "We'll have to start all over…"
    "G'night," Yoshimitsu's voice came.
    "'Night," Vincent replied. They quickly sunk into slumber.

    • * * * *

    "Boss, they messed," A male voice said.
    "Just keep moving, Clen, we'll worry ‘bout that later," The one called Boss said.

    A group of about seven people were moving through a forest, being chased by a few official-looking people. The shade of the trees covered their appearances, making them very hard to track. After a few minutes, they had lost their pursuers.

    "Let's rest here," Boss said, jumping over a wall. "Clen, got the drinks?"
    "Well duh," Clen replied, sliding a bag off his shoulders. "Only water, though, didn't have enough time for anything else."
    "It'll have to do," Boss said, taking a bottle of water.

    "Hey Boss!" Another voice yelled, female this time. "There are a coupla bodies here, think they're still alive!"
    "Lesse," Boss said, walking over. He crouched, and examined the bodies of Yoshimitsu and Vincent. "Check ‘em, Saph, if they're alive, we'll take ‘em with us. They look starved, but pretty strong."

    Saph nodded, and knelt down to check their pulses.
    "They're alive, Boss," Saph said.
    "Alright. Clen, D, you two carry them. We'd better get goin' now," Boss said. Two male figures nodded, and lifted the bodies of Vincent and Yoshimitsu.

    • * * * *

    When Vincent woke up, his groggy mind thought he was still in a dream. The place where he was lying was not where he had fallen asleep. It was much warmer, more comfortable, and there was no dew on him. He moved his right arm rather groggily, and jabbed his left arm with his thumb. It hurt. He wasn't dreaming.

    He half-opened his eyes, his tired state not allowing him to full open them, and sat up.
    "Ungh…" He groaned. He ached all over. "Whe… Where am I?"

    A head seemed to appear out of no where. After a few seconds of thought, Vincent realised that the head was coming from a top bunk of a bed, the same one he was sitting in.
    "Finally awake, are you?" The head said, smirking.
    "Where am I?" Vincent repeated, his voice sounding very hoarse.
    "The Aer Battalion, an Airship," The head replied. "I'm Clen, what's your name?"
    "Vincent," Vincent replied, clearing his throat. "How did I-?"
    "Carried you. And that blue haired guy," Clen explained.
    "Yoshimitsu? He's here?" Vincent asked.

    "Yeah, he's been up for a few hours now, said he'd check in soon," Clen replied. "You might wanna get changed, Boss said you can borrow some of my clothes." Clen's head vanished for a second, and some neatly folded clothes landed on Vincent's lap. Suddenly, Vincent became very aware that he was wearing nothing but his underwear. Clen's head reappeared.

    "I take it the glasses are a fashion statement? At least they suit the rest of your outfit," Clen joked, smirking again. Vincent never took his shades off.

    "Alright, I'm getting up," Vincent said, sorting through his borrowed clothes and taking the clean underwear.

    "Not gonna look, I'm guessing?" Vincent said.
    "Nope," Clen replied, looking at the ceiling. Vincent nodded, and got changed.

    "Vincent!" A familiar voice yelled. Yoshimitsu jumped out from out of view, and ruffled Vincent's hair. Vincent grinned, but pushed Yoshimitsu's hand away. From the yell alone, Vincent could tell that Yoshimitsu had already settled into lifestyle aboard the Aer Battalion.

    Vincent looked around the room.
    "So, Vincent," Clen said, stepping forward. "This is the crew."

    This was the first time Vincent had seen Clen properly. Clen wore what looked like a belt at first, but upon closer examination it was a leather headband on his head, covering half of his eyes and his forehead. His hair was either spiked, or just forced up by the headband, and was a very dark purple. He wore a leather v-necked vest top, with triangular sleeves that covered his shoulders underneath a dyed black denim jacket. His jeans were ripped in various places, his knees and the bottom of the legs amongst other places. His boots looked worn and the laces were frayed.

    "Yeah… I guessed as much," Vincent said, looking around again.

    "So, this is Saph," Clen said, gesturing to a girl, who looked to be about seventeen or so. Her hair was long, blue and tied back, the top of her head hidden by a black cowboy hat. She wore a long black top, and jeans, with high-heeled boots. Vincent got the impression that she was not someone to be messed with, but could be a lot of fun to hang around with anyway.

    "That's Diago, we call him D for short," Clen continued, pointing at a tall male figure. He looked to be in his late teens, maybe nineteen. He was approaching six foot eight, and wore a lot of black. He wore a leather jacket that looked fairly new and black jeans which were ripped more than Clen's. He also wore black trainers and black gloves.

    "She's Tina," Clen said as another girl stepped forwards. She looked more normal than the other two members Vincent had been introduced to. Her hair was fair, somewhere between light brown and sandy brown, and fell rather messily around her shoulders. She wore a white t-shirt that said "Rock is Dead, Long Live Paper and Scissors!" She was also wearing light-blue trousers, that weren't ripped, unlike Diago and Clen, and she had light blue Converse on.

    "He's Ray," Clen gestured lazily to another male figure. He looked no older than sixteen, and had very messy, long-ish brown hair. He wore a black, Chinese-style top and the same style trousers as Tina. He was wearing dulled red Converse. Vincent assumed that he and Tina were related somehow.

    "And this guy's Ivan," Clen finished as another male figure stepped forwards. He appeared to be about Vincent's age, but there was a sharp contrast in their appearances. They appeared to be complete opposites. He had long, tidy white hair, with a single earring that had what appeared to be a fang attached to it. He wore a navy green top, which was zip-up, and black jeans. His boots were silver-and-black.

    "And as for Boss, you'll know him when you see him," Clen said, winking. Vincent nodded.

    • * * * *

    "Oi, Vincent," D shouted, bursting into Vincent and Clen's room. "Boss says he wants to see you."
    "What?" Vincent asked, staring at D.
    "Boss. Says. He. Wants. To. See. You," D repeated, speaking slowly this time.
    "Vincent, if Boss said he wants to see you, it's probably important," Clen said. "Head up to his room."
    "Err… Where's his room?" Vincent asked, feeling very thick.
    "I'll take you," Clen said, jumping to his feet.

    "Clen…" Vincent said, as he and Clen were walking through the airship. "What's Boss like?"
    "Well… He's ok, pretty good strategist… Really good fighter… But, he can be a bit…" Clen said. "Well… Nasty. Just try to stay on his good side."
    "Oh… Ok…" Vincent said.
    "Here we are," Clen said, stopping abruptly. Vincent stopped, and turned.

    "Oh, one last thing, he'll probably salute you. Here's the salute, so you can return it," Clen said. He brought his right arm up across his chest, and clapped his feet together.
    "Right…" Vincent said, taking a mental note. He turned, waving to Clen, and knocked on the door.
    "Enter!" A strong voice said. Vincent swallowed, and pushed open the door.

    The room looked exactly like Vincent and Clen's room, only with a single bed instead of a bunk bed. It was decorated with a slightly rough carpet, and shabbily done wallpaper that had been scribbled over. A tall figure stood in the room. He was very bulky, clearly a strong person, and wore selective pieces of armour. He was wearing a breastplate, shoulder pads and gauntlets. Underneath, he was wearing a black shirt and jeans. Resting against a wall was a battleaxe.

    The man saluted to Vincent, he saluted back.
    "Bwahaha! I see you've got the salute down," The man laughed, looking at Vincent. "I guessed that if you got a proper meal you'd be right."

    Vincent didn't say anything. He didn't want to comment in case he offended the Boss.
    "Quiet one, eh?" Boss said. "I like that. So, what do you think of the Aer Battalion?"
    "It's…" Vincent started. He didn't know what to say exactly. He liked the crew quite a bit, having spent some time with them. The food was good. It wasn't anything special, but it had a nice taste to it. The place felt very homely.


    "Bwahaha! Nice, eh?" Boss laughed again. "Well, got settled in alright?"
    "I guess so…"
    "Good, good… Well, here's the deal. I'd like to keep you in this airship, you're clearly getting along with the rest of the crew, and considering how we found you, it'd probably do you a lot of good," Boss said. "So, how about it?"

    Vincent didn't say anything. Boss studied Vincent for a second.
    "I'm not expecting an answer straight away. Stay on for a little bit, and tell me in a few days," Boss said.
    "Alright," Vincent said, relieved that he didn't have to answer straight away.
    "Good good, you're dismissed," Boss said. Vincent wasted no time in leaving the Boss's room.

    • * * * *

    "So, how did it go?" Clen asked when Vincent returned. He was sat there on the top bunk, with D and Yoshimitsu sat on the bottom bunk.
    "He asked me if I wanted to stay here," Vincent replied, slipping off his jacket and boots.
    "Well, that's not the only news you've got. You an' Yosh have been put into this play we've gotta do," D said, pulling out a script and throwing it to Vincent, who caught it easily. "Character listing's on the first page, an' it tells you who you have to play."

    "Ok…" Vincent said slowly.
    "I best be off," D said. "Gotta finish washin' up, then I'm off to bed."
    "I need to go too," Clen said. "I've gotta work with D in the kitchen. See ya, Vince."

    After D and Clen had gone, Vincent looked at the character listing, and scanned through for his name. He found Yoshimitsu's first.
    "You've gotta play some guy called… Jay?" Vincent said.
    "Yup, not a leading role, but I don't mind. I'm not a brilliant actor," Yoshimitsu replied, shrugging. Vincent continued looking, quickly finding his character. He suddenly went oddly quiet.

    "What's up?" Yoshimitsu asked, jumping off the bed. "Can't be that bad." He grabbed the script and looked at Vincent's character. Slowly, and grin spread across his face.

    "Don't laugh," Vincent warned. Yoshimitsu tried to straighten his face. And failed.
    "You've gotta play Celia Smith," Yoshimitsu said, still grinning. Vincent grabbed the script back.
    "It isn't funny," Vincent said, flipping through the script. "I've only got a few lines, a couple in act three scene five, and some in act six sce…ne…three…"
    "Oh? What's wrong with Six Three?" Yoshimitsu asked.
    "I've gotta… I… It's a kissing scene…" Vincent said, his jaw dropping. Yoshimitsu burst out laughing.

    "Who's the unlucky guy you've gotta kiss?" He managed to get out. Vincent went back to the character listing.
    "Clen," Vincent said.

    • * * * *

    Over the next few days, Vincent had settled into his life aboard the Aer Battalion. He was working, just like everybody else, although his jobs were mostly washing dishes. He didn't mind, though. It was better that he started out pretty small.

    "Alright, job call guys!" Clen yelled during breakfast. "D, Saph, you work in the kitchens, Tina, Ivan, you pilot, Yosh, clean the dining area, Ray, Vince, you work in the engine room."

    Vincent stared at Clen for a second, who took him to one side.
    "So, Vince, moving up in the jobs," Clen said. "Just so you know, Boss requested it. And he says he wants to see you when you've finished, but you should probably take a shower before you do. Working in the engine room makes you stink." Clen winked, and went off to help Yoshimitsu.

    "Yo, Vince, let's get moving!" Ray yelled, gesturing for Vincent to follow, which he did.

    Vincent could see why working in the engine room might make him stink. It was incredibly hot in there, with the engine giving off lots of heat, and the room looked less than clean.

    "No point cleaning up," Ray said. "Oil and grease gets everywhere, usually. Gets too messy too quickly. Pass me that spanner, will you?"

    After a few hours, Vincent's appearance had changed vastly. His hair was even messier than usual, if that was possible. His top was undone, revealing his chest off to the world, due to the head. Ray looked very similar, only he had oil covering his face.

    "Alright, we're done," Ray said, wiping a layer of sweat from his forehead. "Better hit the showers."
    "Agreed," Vincent said, grinning.

    • * * * *

    "You were supposed to come right after you finished working," Boss said. "But I think I'll overlook it, Clen said you smelled terrible." Boss laughed heartily.
    "Sorry, Boss," Vincent said.

    "So, what do you think? Willing to stay?" Boss asked.

    Vincent thought for a moment. He loved life on the Aer Battalion. He loved all his friends, Tina, Saph, Ray, Ivan, D, Yoshimitsu and Clen. He enjoyed working with all his friends, and the work was never too hard. He had settled in almost perfectly. He tilted his head slightly, and looked at Boss.


    • * * * *

    "What'd Boss want?" Clen asked when Vincent walked in. Yoshimitsu was sat on the bottom bunk, with Clen lying on his back on the floor.
    "Same as last time," Vincent said. "Asked me if I wanted to stay."
    "What'd you say?" Yoshimitsu asked.
    "I said yes," Vincent said. Clen jumped to his feet, and embraced Vincent.
    "Awesome!" He said, after letting go of Vincent.
    "What about you, Yosh?" Vincent asked Yoshimitsu.
    "I said yeah too," Yoshimitsu replied, grinning. "Just came to remind you, been learning your lines?"

    Vincent clapped his hand to his forehead.
    "Dammit! Forgot all about them!" Vincent said, sounding half angry.
    "Don't worry too much," Clen said. "You've got a week to learn ‘em in. Just don't forget again."

    "Trust me, I wont," Vincent said, sitting on his bunk and pulling his boots off.
    "I'd better go check my lines too," Yoshimitsu said, jumping to his feet. "Later, Vince."
    "See ya," Vincent replied. Yoshimitsu ran out of the room, slamming the door by accident.

    "Hey, Clen?" Vincent said. Clen, who was sorting through some of his possessions, looked up.
    "Yeah?" Clen replied, throwing a medallion into the bin.
    "Y'know the play?" Vincent said. He paused. "Act six, scene three…"
    "Oh yeah, what about it?" Clen said, looking through his stuff again.
    "Well… It's a… Y'know, it's a…" Vincent paused, and took a deep breath. "It's a… a… kissing scene."
    "Oh yeah, what abou- oh, I see," Clen said.

    "I'm sorry," Vincent said.
    "You're first kiss?" Clen asked.
    "I wouldn't mind…" Vincent said. "It's just… I wanted my first kiss to actually mean something…"
    "So, if I meant it, you'd be fine with it?" Clen asked.
    "If I knew you meant it…" Vincent said. "Yeah."

    "Ok then," Clen said.
    "What?" Vincent said, taken aback.
    "I mean it," Clen said. "I'm gonna say this, but you're not gonna hear it again, alright?"
    "O-ok…" Vincent said.
    "You're… a gorgeous, sexy guy. I'd mean anything that we did together," Clen said, his eyes blazing into Vincent's. "So, do you still want to practice?"
    "Y-yeah," Vincent stammered.

    "Man, I can't believe it's already happening," Clen said.
    "What?" Vincent said, suddenly a lot more panicky. "They didn't change the play time, did they?"
    "No, no, nothing like that… It's just that, well, you're growing up loads… Hell, you're halfway through it now, I'd bet," Clen said.

    "Come here," Clen said, sitting on the bed. Vincent stumbled across the room, though he was apparently stumbling over thin air. He practically fell onto his bed.
    "Heh heh, if you act like that in the play, you'll get Boss on your case," Clen said, smirking. Vincent went slightly red, but quickly recovered. He raised his right hand, and pulled his shaded off, revealing his eyes for the first time in a long while.

    "I don't know why you hide your eyes, y'know," Clen said, looking at Vincent. "They really are amazing."
    "I like some privacy in where I look, I s'pose," Vincent said, putting his shades down next to him. Clen took a hold of Vincent's hand, and looked at him.

    "Now, are you sure you want to do this?" He asked.
    "Y-yeah…" Vincent said, stammering again. Clen nodded slowly.
    "Alright then."

    Clen moved his head forwards, tilting it slightly, and pushed his lips to meet Vincent's. It was a peculiar sensation, Vincent found. Clen's upper lip was just above Vincent's upper lip, his lower lip along the seam of Vincent's mouth. While unusual, it didn't at all feel unnatural to Vincent, who rather liked the feeling. Clen wrapped his arms around Vincent.

    After about half a minute, Clen drew his head back slightly, still holding on to Vincent.
    "How was that?" Clen asked.
    "It… it was… amazing," Vincent said, breathless. His mind seemed to have shut down, still focusing on that kiss.
    "Not bad, eh?" Clen said. "Or maybe you wish you hadn't?"
    "No, of course not!" Vincent said, sounding horror-struck. "I'd never wish that!"

    "Anyway, we still have to get your lines right," Clen said.
    "I know…" Vincent said.

    • * * * *

    It was the night of the play.
    "One last scene to go," Yoshimitsu said cheerfully. Vincent rolled his eyes. Yoshimitsu didn't have anything to do this scene, whereas Vincent was still dressed up as a girl, and he was in the last scene. Already, he felt nervousness wash over him.

    "Yo, Vince," D yelled. "You're up! Go! GO!"

    Vincent nodded, swearing as he stumbled on to the stage. Luckily, he was supposed to stumble, and everyone's attention was directed at Clen anyway. He delivered his opening line, but just as he finished, a low rumbling filled the air. Vincent crouched, feeling the vibrations in the ground.

    "No… freaking… way…" Vincent said to himself. He turned his head, and saw two claws ripping open the backdrop. It must be something powerful — the backdrop had been re-forged twice because Boss didn't like its strength. Suddenly, the backdrop gave, and the thing clawing at it ripped it away.

    "Ok, first thing's first…" Vincent said, standing up. A fiery aura formed around him, burning away his stage-clothes, revealing his casual wear underneath. Clen glanced sideways at him, and gave his a questioning look.

    "I'd like to keep some indication of the fact that I am still a male," Vincent said, his armour forming around him. Clen pulled a sword from the ground, where it had been cleverly hidden by a trap-door. Vincent smirked. Actors really were prepared.

    The rest of the crew were running on to the stage, Boss shouting orders.
    "Keep them away from the audience at all costs!" He yelled. "And don't ruin the ship!"
    "Aww, dammit," Vincent said. "Looks like no elements for me."

    Vincent pulled out his sword, his weapon instantly extending into a spear. A golden blade formed at the end. Clen was already in battle. It was then that Vincent saw what they were up against.

    Dragons. At least a hundred, navy blue dragons. All of them identical. Vincent swore, if he had been focusing, he could've warned everyone before they attacked. They must have been in the dragons' airspace.
    "Well, whatever."

    "GET SOME!" Boss yelled, smashing a dragon in the skull with his axe. Quickly, he spun and sliced through another's wing. Vincent stared for a second, realising why he was the boss. Vincent shook himself mentally, and jumped back. Everyone was holding them back a fair distance, but a couple were breaking through.

    "Dragon Net," Vincent said calmly, throwing a string of energy at a dragon. The string wrapped itself around the dragon, constricting its movement efficiently. Vincent spun on the spot, catching another dragon with his spear, cutting its head and damaging its brain, rendering it unconscious and no longer a threat.

    It was then that Vincent saw Yoshimitsu. However, what he saw worried him. Yoshimitsu wasn't fighting as he usually did — he was much more violent and aggressive. Vincent knew Yoshimitsu — he would never fight like that, even in the most desperate times. Yoshimitsu was cleaving the dragons in two, apparently not caring.

    "Yoshimitsu!" Vincent yelled, moving in front of Yoshimitsu. "Stop! NOW!"

    Yoshimitsu gave an evil, somewhat mad chuckle, and launched a powerful kick, which caught Vincent's ribcage, throwing him to the side. Vincent dragged himself up, kneeling and holding his side. Yoshimitsu ran at the incoming dragons, Bahamut's wings ripping out of his back. Vincent stood up, grabbed Clen's wrist, his hair turning golden as he shot after Yoshimitsu.

    "Clen!" Vincent yelled over the wind. "Close your eyes, I need your help for this!"

    Clen nodded, and closed his eyes. Vincent focused briefly, transferring his own power into Clen, making his friend's hair turn golden. Clen would have all the same abilities as Vincent until Vincent took the power back.

    Up ahead, Yoshimitsu was darting through the dark sky. It was late, and it was stormy. There was no rain, only thunder and wind. Vincent knew where Yoshimitsu was heading — right for Mist. He let go of Clen's arm, and the two of them shot after Yoshimitsu.

    • * * * *

    "What the hell is going on?!" D yelled, crushing a dragon's skull with his fist.
    "Just hold them back!" Boss yelled, slicing a dragon's wing off.

    • * * * *

    "STOP!" Vincent yelled, appearing in front of Yoshimitsu. Clen hovered around fifteen meters behind Yoshimitsu.
    "No," Yoshimitsu said.
    "Fine," Vincent said, his sword forming in his hand. "Then I'll stop you." Vincent shot forwards, and slashed at Yoshimitsu.

    "No way…" Vincent said as Yoshimitsu caught the blade in his hand. With a mighty pull, he threw Vincent behind him. Clen dropped slightly, and shot forwards, ignoring everything around him. He would not slash, stab, punch or kick. He would just ram straight into him.

    "NO!" Yoshimitsu yelled, spinning and kicking Clen's incoming head. Clen dropped out of the air, but it had given Vincent enough time to recover.

    "I AM NOT GOING TO STOP!" Yoshimitsu screamed at the top of his lungs. Vincent stared at Yoshimitsu. This was not his friend. Something had taken over, something inhuman.

    "Inhuman, that's it!" Vincent thought. "He isn't human… This is what he is really…"

    "What are you planning to do, Vincent?" Yoshimitsu said, turning. "Why do you want to stop me?"

    "Because…" Vincent said. Why did he?


    "I don't know! Because you're planning something? Because whatever this is, it isn't good? Because I want my friend back!"

    Yoshimitsu laughed, a cruel laugh. Vincent's anger took over, his hair going beyond golden, turning silver. This was a power beyond anything he had ever felt. Yoshimitsu frowned, and shielded his face as Vincent discharged so much energy, creating shockwaves that ripped through the air.

    "There is no fucking way…" Vincent said, sounding cold. "No fucking way I'll let you leave this…"

    "You don't have a choice," Yoshimitsu said, throwing his arms out to either side. Vincent's eyes narrowed, and he started gathering energy in his hands, his sword fading away. Yoshimitsu laughed again, mimicking Vincent's actions. An orb of black energy formed in between his hands.

    Vincent yelled, and threw a beam of energy at Yoshimitsu, who laughed and fired his own back. The blasts clashed, creating an explosion in the air between them. From below, another beam shot up, and hit Yoshimitsu, who dropped slightly, his focus gone. Vincent's energy blast hit the descending Yoshimitsu, blasting him back. Clen shot up from below, performing an uppercut which threw Yoshimitsu high into the air. Vincent shot forwards, and kicked Yoshimitsu in the gut.

    Yoshimitsu flipped, and shot back at Vincent, Osafune drawn. Vincent spun, and kicked at the incoming Yoshimitsu very violently, catching his sword and kicking it out of his hands. Yoshimitsu watched for a second, before switching his attention back to Vincent. He launched a series of quick punches and kicks, but Vincent was more than ready for this. After about the seventh punch, and caught Yoshimitsu's fist. Yoshimitsu tried to punch with the other hand, but Vincent caught that fist too. With a smirk, Vincent forced Yoshimitsu's hands down, and slammed his head into Yoshimitsu's. Yoshimitsu fell backwards, dropping for about ten seconds before recovering nicely.

    Yoshimitsu flew back, putting about fifteen meters distance between him and Vincent as he started gathering as much energy as he could in his hands. After a few seconds charging, he started throwing seemingly endless orbs of energy at Vincent.

    Vincent laughed. As soon as the first orb got too close, he backhanded it, making it fly off in another direction. The second, he kicked away. The third, he punched into another incoming one.
    "ENOUGH!" Vincent yelled, sending out a shockwave of energy. Yoshimitsu put his arms across his chest, and tucked in his knees, blocking the waves of energy. Vincent was already shooting at Yoshimitsu. Once he got close enough, he started pounding away with a mixture of punches, kicks and headbutts.

    "Not bad," Yoshimitsu said. "But our time here is up, and I have to leave."

    Yoshimitsu smiled, an evil smile, and vanished from sight.

    "No… He's gone…" Vincent said, his hair fading into black. Clen grabbed Vincent, holding him in the air.
    "It's not too late," Clen said. "Leave him, give him a day."
    "It'll be too late then…" Vincent said, tears flowing freely from his eyes.
    "No, it wont. Leave him, and we'll decide what to do then," Clen said, holding Vincent close.

    • * * * *

    "Alright, that's the last of it," Vincent said, taking his powers back from Clen.
    "Phew," Clen said, a little light-headed. "It was fun an' all, but I feel a bit weird now."
    "I got used to the after-effects of it," Vincent said, shrugging. "Had to, I've used that so many times now…"

    "You two have fun, then?" D said, walking over with a plate of sandwiches. "Yosh made a getaway, eh? No idea what he's gone for?"
    "I know already…" Vincent said. "He's gone back home, a floating island if you will. But, it's an extension of his mind, he can change its shape, its properties, he can even spawn new life there. He'll be doing something there."

    "I don't mean to worry you fellas," Saph said, walking over. "But y'see, somethin' weird's going on."
    "What do you mean?" Vincent asked instantly.
    "A huge… Well, planet, for lack o' better word, just appeared, followin' the moon's orbit," Saph said, taking a sandwich.
    "You're joking… He has that much power over it?" Vincent asked himself. "I'm going there. Now."
    "No, Vincent," Clen said. "I'll go. He'll probably be expecting you, whatever he's planning."
    "…Ok," Vincent said reluctantly. He understood what Clen was saying, and a part of him agreed with him, but he felt that it was he himself that was going.

    "I'll go ask Boss ‘bout that teleport thing he has hidden away," Clen said, standing up.

    • * * * *

    "What's going on up there?" Vincent asked, talking to Clen through a small piece of magic he picked up. It created a link to whoever he wanted, as long as the other person was aware of it. It was essentially a video-phone.

    "Well, it certainly is a planet," Clen said. "But it's easily accessible — it may as well be in the sky. I'm sure the Aer Battalion could safely get here."
    "So what's with Yoshi?" Vincent asked.
    "No idea, I haven't seen him. Everyone's talking about him though — he's the single best Kinsta Knight, or KK for short," Clen said.
    "No way… Well, whatever, I'm coming up there soon. How're you doing up there?"
    "I'm heading for a tryout for the KK's soon, they use something called Ruco energy here and I have to check my resistance to the stuff before I'm accepted," Clen explained.


    Clen was silent. Vincent quickly realised how he must have sounded.

    "Sorry…" Vincent said, looking down. "I didn't mean it like that… I know you're making every effort… It's just that…"
    "Don't worry about it, Vincent," Clen said. "I know how you feel. Look, I gotta go, my test's in an hour and I need to get ready. I'll check in later, after we find out if I get accepted."
    "Alright… See you…" Vincent said, closing the link.

    It was too much. He'd lost one of his friends, and another was risking his life. He looked around his room — it was lonely without Clen. Sighing, he sat on his bed, thinking about his two friends.

    • * * * *

    "Clen, dammit, pick up!" Vincent muttered, trying to open a link. He waited for a few minutes, but still nothing.

    "Shit… There's only one reason he wouldn't pick up," Vincent said, throwing on a chain-mail jacket and walking to the Boss's room. Clen's test must have gone wrong, because Clen didn't know about the link. He threw open the Boss's door, something no one would've ever dared to do.

    "Boss! I need permission to fly the Aer Battalion! Something's happened to Clen, and I need to know what," Vincent demanded. Boss looked up from what appeared to be a battle plan.
    "No, but I'll teleport you there directly. I'm not having an amateur flying my ship, no offence," Boss replied, raising a hand. Vincent felt as though his body was being forced into a very small space, like he was being crushed from all sides. The sensation lasted for a few seconds, before he found himself standing somewhere, somewhere different.

    "You there!" A rough voice yelled. "Who are you, Kinsta or Rebel?!"

    Vincent spun on the spot, and found himself face to face with a tall, bulky man, armed with a very large sword.

    "Am I what?"
    "Get out of the way!" The man yelled, backhanding Vincent. Vincent caught the arm, ripping him off his feet, and threw him about ten meters away from where he had previously been stood. He soon regretted the action, as about ten more men, each wielding a different weapon, surrounded him.

    "What the hell is this?" Vincent demanded.
    "Give it up, you can't face ten First Class KKs," One of the men said. Vincent mentally slapped himself — KKs. He must have taken one of them down just then.

    "Go on then, make your move," Vincent said, assuming a defensive stance. One of the men smirked, and drew his long sword. He lunged at Vincent, and slashed around Vincent's waist. Vincent dropped down, the sword going over his head. In one swift, solid movement, he brought his foot sweeping down, knocking the man off his feet. Then, he stood up and brought his foot slamming down into his stomach.

    "Who's next?" Vincent demanded. Two men attacked at one, all the others backing off slightly. One of them was armed with a spear, the other with a buster sword. Vincent smirked, and jumped backwards a meter or so.

    "Ready, Dave?" One man said, the one with the buster sword.
    "You betcha, Cal," The one with the spear replied, smirking.

    Dave launched the first move, lunging at Vincent and trying to stab the youth. Vinent jumped, and landed on the spear. He hooked a foot under the spear, and kicked it away from Dave. He was about to knock Dave out when he heard the other man moving behind him. So, he ran at Dave, and kicked off his chest, flipping over Cal and landing in a crouching position, a smirk on his face.

    "Is this it?" Vincent asked, smirking still. He ran at Cal, and spun around the KK, dodging a stab from the buster sword. He brought his right foot swinging round, catching Cal's side. Then, he jumped again, dodging Dave's spear which caught the back of Cal's leg. This was too easy.

    "Don't make me laugh," Vincent said, running at Cal, flipping over him and kicking Dave in the head on the way down. He spun, and smashed his hand into Cal's face. The pair of them collapsed.

    "Enough!" One of the other KKs said. "He's good. He's very good — no one can take on three KKs and live through it normally."
    "I concur. Let's take him to President Kinsta."

    "There's that damn name again! What has Yoshimitsu been doing?!" Vincent thought to himself.
    "Alright. Let's go," Two KKs stood at either side of him, and grabbed his arms, leading him off.

    • * * * *

    "Three?" President Kinsta asked, eyes wide. "He beat three? Without receiving a scratch?"
    "Yes, Sir," One of the KKs said. Vincent was being held in place by the same two KKs that had dragged him here. However, he didn't care about that. The KKs were nothing but wimps to him. He was looking around the room for some hint of Yoshimitsu.

    "Very well…" The president said, regaining his composure quickly. "Take him down to level 63, and have him tested."
    "Yes Sir!"

    Vincent found himself being pushed into a lift, with three security guards making sure he wasn't wrecking things. With a shudder, he felt the lift start moving. He was sorely tempted to knock out the security guards and start raiding the place, looking for his friends, but he knew that he couldn't fight every KK, Security Guard and Kinsta Soldier in the building.

    "Alright, let's move," a security guard said as the lift stopped. Vincent nodded, and walked out of the lift, looking around.

    "What is this level?" Vincent asked.
    "KK Training and Testing," a security guard said. "We're having you tested for Ruco. You have more than what it takes to get in to the KK, First Class"
    "Ok…" Vincent said. He found himself being ushered into a room.

    "Is he the one?" A man said. He was wearing a lab coat, and very thick glasses, giving him a somewhat nerdy look.
    "Yeah, he's the one," the security guard said.
    "Alright. Please, lie down on the bed," the nerdy guy said. Vincent nodded, and obliged.

    "This'll just take a sec, just a minor injection," The scientist said. Vincent nodded, and swallowed. He didn't like needles. He felt the sting of the needle, but the last thing he heard before passing out was:

    "I put in a power limiter, and an amnesiac."

    • * * * *

    Vincent woke up in a fairly comfortable bed, feeling groggy as hell. He opened his eyes, and waited from his mind to kick in again. Where was he? What was he doing? How did he get here.

    That's right. He was a Kinsta Soldier, he came from a small town called Drieb. His training was starting soon, and he had been doing this for a month now. He rolled over, and checked his clock. Six AM. He had half an hour before he had to get up and face another day of being talked about behind his back, and training that always made him feel exhausted.

    He rolled over, and swung his legs over the side as he sat up. May as well get up now, at least this way he could get some studying in before hand. He got changed into his uniform, and grabbed a book on Trieb Mountains.

    • * * * *

    "Outta the way!"

    Vincent stood, holding a tray, in the mess hall. It was around one pm, so everyone had been given a lunch break. Vincent might have liked his lunch breaks, but all the talk seemed to die when he went near someone. Everyone talked about him behind his back. He only wished he knew what it was about.

    "I said move it!" An angry voice ordered. Vincent swallowed, and instantly moved, allowing a KK to move freely, instead of being blocked by a weedy little soldier.

    Vincent walked over to an empty table, and sat down. He looked down at his tray, and stared at his disgusting-looking food. It looked more like worms thank it did a healthy meal. It probably was worms, knowing his luck.

    It was about a minute before he realised that he wasn't alone on the table. He looked up to see a KK, about 21 years old, with spiky purple hair and a leather headband covering his forehead and the top half of his eyes.

    "Heya," the KK said, extending a hand. "I'm Clen. What's your name?"
    "V-Vincent," Vincent stuttered, shaking the older boy's hand. "Uh… Not to be rude, but… Why aren't you sat with the other KKs?"
    "You looked like you wanted some company," Clen replied, stabbing his fork into his food absentmindly. Vincent felt a slight surge of anger.

    "Besides, I wanted to see if the rumors were true, and they are," Clen continued.
    "Yeah. People've been saying you're the prettiest face since Yoshimitsu," Clen explained. "And turns out the rumors are true."

    Vincent stood up, having had just about enough of it. Clen had clearly just come over to poke fun at him. He turned to leave, but found Clen's hand wrapped tightly around his wrist.

    "Don't leave, I'm sorry," Clen said. Vincent grudgingly sat down again. "I didn't mean to offend you. You looked like you wanted some company, and I wouldn't mind bein' your friend."
    "Really?" Vincent said, suddenly hopeful. No one had offered to be his friend before.
    "Yeah. How about I pick you up after the afternoon drills, and take you out for a drink?" Clen offered.
    "S-sure!" Vincent said.

    * * * * *
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    Vincent stood at the kerb, staring at the cars that were going past. Clen had told him to wait here. The rain was pouring down, making his hair go from messy to scraggly, and his casual clothes were being ruined. He looked to his right, and saw a motorbike pulled up. The rider took off his helmet, to reveal that it was Clen.

    "Hop on," he said, handing Vincent a helmet. Vincent put on the helmet, and sat right behind Clen, wrapping his arms around the older male's waist. Clen smiled slightly under his helmet, and drove off.

    "So, how do you like Kinsta City?" Clen yelled over the wind.
    "What?!" Vincent yelled back.
    "I said, how do you like Kinsta City?" Clen repeated.
    "It's ok, I s'pose. The people aren't that nice, though, but I'm used to that now," Vincent replied.

    They pulled up at a bar no self-respecting KK would be caught dead at.
    Every KK or Kinsta Soldier was expected to keep up a certain level of respect and presentablity. Going to a bar like this threw respect and presentablity down the drain.

    As they walked into the bar, Clen secretly wondered if Vincent would notice that there were no girls in the bar. They walked up to the bar area.
    "Usual table, thanks," Clen said.
    "Right-o!" The barman said, nodding.

    Clen lead Vincent to a table near the back of the bar, one that the barman kept available for Clen every weekend. As they sat down, Vincent spoke.

    "Clen… Where are all the girls?" He asked.
    "Well…" Clen said, frowning. "There aren't any."
    "How come?"
    "You could call this a boys-only bar."

    Vincent fell silent as Clen ordered drinks from a passing waiter. Quickly, the waiter returned with two shot-glasses and two bottles. Vincent looked at the shot-glasses suspiciously. Clen laughed.
    "Don't worry," he said. "It's just something akin to vodka, it wont hurt you."

    Vincent gave a weak smile, and downed the contents, soon finding his mouth and throat to be burning. Clen laughed as he saw Vincent's reaction.
    "Never had one before, eh?" Clen commented. "Th'beer'll soon cool it off."

    Vincent gave a slightly burned word of thanks, and took a mouthful of beer.
    "Whoa, slow down," Clen said, grinning. "You'll get drunk if you carry on like that."
    "Maybe I want to get drunk…" Vincent said quietly. "Might make me forget about the rumors…"
    "Oh yeah, you've got it pretty rough," Clen nodded. "You should hear some of the rumors… Well, enough of that. Do you want some food while we're here?"
    "Uh…" Vincent said hesitantly. "Well… I have no money…"
    "Don't worry about it, I can pay," Clen said.
    "Really? Well… ok," Vincent replied. Clen raised a hand.

    A different waiter came over, and Clen ordered something fairly small. When the waiter was gone, Vincent spoke again.
    "Was that boy wearing make-up?"
    "Well… yeah," Clen said, rubbing the back of his neck.
    "Why? I thought only girls wore make-up?"
    "Well… Some boys wear make-up to show that they like other boys," Clen said. "And to show that they're available to other boys."
    "I don't understand…" Vincent said quietly. Clen looked at Vincent, he looked so cute when he was confused. It took most of Clen's energy to restrain himself from reaching across and squeezing Vincent's knee.

    "So, Vince," Clen said, changing the subject to avoid unnecessary awkwardness. "Have you been to Wall Market yet?"
    "No, I've only ever seen the barracks and the KK Try-out area," Vincent said very quietly.
    "Vince, that's criminal!" Clen said, grinning.
    "No one ever wants to take me along," Vincent said, still very quiet.
    "That's why it's criminal," Clen said. "Tell you what, I'll make it my mission to show you the sights of Kinsta!"
    "Really?" Vincent asked, looking up hopefully. "Thanks, Clen… I really like you."
    "Well, I really like you too," Clen replied.

    • * * * *

    Over the following week, Clen took Vincent out every day after the afternoon drills. Vincent would go and get changed, and then wait outside his dormitories, waiting for Clen to pull over on his motorbike.

    One evening, he was stood, as usual, on the kerb watching the traffic go by. While he was doing so, a sleek black car pulled over, taking him by surprise. Vincent took a step back, but caught his foot on something and fell over backwards. Swearing to himself, he looked at the car and tried to stand up.

    The door opened, and a tall, thin male figure wearing a light cloak stepped out of the car.
    "Careful," he said, extending a hand. Vincent blushed deeply, and grasped the man's hand, pulling himself up, This was the last thing he wanted to happen — to make a fool of himself in front of a Kinsta official.

    "Name and rank?"
    "Vincent Li, Sian Squad, sir," Vincent replied, saluting.
    "Too good for Sian… Expect a reassignment soon, Li," the male said, pulling down his hood and revealing long blue hair.

    Vincent stared at him as he walked into a nearby building. That guy just reeked of power. He was snapped out of his daze, however, by the familiar roar of Clen's motorbike pulling up.
    "Sorry I'm late, had to stay in for another study session," Clen said. "Whoa, nice car… Latest model, isn't it?"
    "Uh… Yeah…" Vincent said, climbing on to Clen's bike, and putting his helmet on.
    "Probably belongs to some overweight official…" Clen was saying as he started the engine.
    "No it doesn't…" Vincent said very quietly, wrapping his arms around Clen's waist. Clen didn't appear to have heard him.

    Vincent was a little apprehensive of where Clen was talking him today. Last time, he had been taken to a night club. Vincent had practically begged not to be put through it, but Clen dragged him in to the bar area. After three beers, Vincent was drunk, and Clen pulled him on to the dance floor. While Clen had said he was a good dancer, Vincent didn't fully believe him. Clen had almost kissed him that night. Vincent had wondered ever since why Clen had pulled away.

    "We're here," Clen said, stopping his bike. Vincent climbed off of it shakily. He still wasn't used to riding motorbikes. That was part of the reason why he'd prefer a car over a motorbike.
    "Where are we?" Vincent asked, looking around. Clen put his hands over the younger boy's eyes.
    "You'll see," Clen said. Vincent protested. "I'm not gonna push you over the edge. Trust me." Vincent stopped struggling.
    "I do trust you," he replied.

    Clen lead Vincent very carefully, turning left here and right there. After three minutes and twenty seven seconds, Vincent and Clen came to a stop, and Clen removed his hands.

    The sight was amazing. The first thing that Vincent registered was the colour — blue and green, fading into pink and orange, flowing into black and white, and returning to blue and green, ever moving and ever changing. The colours swirled and danced in the sky, moving so freely and so naturally.

    "Clen, it's…" Vincent started, the words getting caught in his throat. "It's… amazing. What is it?"
    "The Ruco Lights," Clen replied, leaning on the wall. "Professor Jukt theorised that it's the high levels of Ruco in the north being reflected down here, only it gets distorted so you see this."
    "We never got anything like this back home…" Vincent said. "We're surrounded by mountains."
    "We're too far south to see it anyway," Clen said, turning to face Vincent. The younger male wrapped his arms around the KK, wanting to feel the security Clen's embrace gave him. Clen smiled slightly, and he held Vincent closer.

    Vincent looked up, and saw the Ruco Lights reflected in Clen's eyes. If now was ever a time to show his true feelings, it was now.
    "Clen…" He said softly. Clen looked down at Vincent. Vincent raised his head, and pushed his lips against the KK's.

    They held it for at least a minute.
    "You have no idea how long I've wanted you to do that," Clen said, eyes half-closed, his face still very close to Vincent's.
    "Ever since you saw me, right?" Vincent replied, putting on an innocent face.
    "Don't get cocky," Clen warned, grinning. "I'm the one with more experience here."
    "I remember a week ago… You wouldn't take me back to your place…" Vincent said quietly.
    "What about now?" Vincent asked. "Will you take me back there now?"
    "No," Clen said, smirking. "No, but you can come back with me."

    • * * * *

    "Li, Vincent!" Vincent's commanding officer yelled. "Li, step forward!"

    Vincent jumped when his officer shouted him. After a second where he tried to tell his heart to slow down, he stepped forward and saluted his commanding officer, who saluted back.
    "You've been reassigned," he said. "Sian Squad was proud to have you."
    "I've been what?" Vincent said, stunned. Normally, behaviour like this would get punished severely. However, because of the circumstances, it was overlooked.
    "Reassigned, Lieutenant Grena will brief you, and take you up to level 64."

    Vincent knew level 64, everyone knew level 64. It was Yoshimitsu's level. Everyone wanted to go there to see the general's base of operations. It was considered a crime not to know what it was.

    "Yessir!" Vincent said, saluting again. He turned and marched out of the room, where he was met by Lieutenant Grena.
    "Vincent Li, Ex-Sian Squad?" Grena said, saluting.
    "Yes, sir," Vincent replied, returning the salute.
    "Come with me," Grena said, leading Vincent to the nearby elevator. Vincent followed, and watches at Grena pushed the button numbered ‘64'.

    "You've been hand-picked to be a part of Yoshimitsu's elite squad," Grena said. "You were the first picked. Now, as a part of Yoshimitsu's squad, you are required to move out of the dormitories. Do you have somewhere to stay?"

    "I… uh, yes," Vincent replied, thinking of Clen.
    "Very good," Grena said. "Ah, here we are." Grena stopped walking, and gestured to a door on his right. Vincent stared for a moment. Clearing his throat and nodding, he knocked on the door.
    "Enter," Yoshimitsu's voice came. Vincent turned the handle, and pushed the door open.

    "Sir!" Vincent said, saluting. Yoshimitsu dismissed this with a wave of his hand.
    "You are in my squad now, Li, and we don't hold to such formalities," Yoshimitsu said. "You may call me Yoshimitsu."
    "Yes si- Yoshimitsu."

    "Now, Li," Yoshimitsu said. "I apologise in advance, but we already have our first mission. You, I, a First Class KK called Clen and a former member of the Zet Squad are to go to Trieb Mountains and examine a Ruco Reactor there. Our two other members have been informed already."
    "Yes sir," Vincent said.
    "Yoshimitsu," Yoshimitsu corrected him. "And we leave at 0600 hours sharp tomorrow."
    "Yes Yoshimitsu," Vincent said, saluting.

    • * * * *

    "We…" Vincent started; his words interrupted at Clen kissed him. He didn't resist at first, but after about a minute he pulled his head away.

    "We shouldn't…" Vincent said. "What if… Yoshimitsu or… Or that ex-Zet sees?"
    "Let them see," Clen said. "What are they gonna do about it?"
    "Fair point, but still," Vincent said.

    As if on cue, a truck pulled over with the Kinsta Symbol painted on the side. Vincent nodded to it as Yoshimitsu opened the side.
    "Hurry, we need to be moving now," Yoshimitsu ordered. Vincent nodded, and climbed into the truck, Clen close behind him. The inside of the truck was very roomy, and Clen wasted no time in finding a semi-private spot, where he dragged Vincent over.

    "S-sir," the Zet soldier said. "C-could we have a mission briefing, s-sir?"
    "No need to act so nervous," Yoshimitsu said. "But yes. Our mission is to investigate the Ruco Reactor at Trieb Mountains. It has been running haywire, releasing dangerous monsters. We must neutralise the monsters, and then sort out the reactor."

    "Who woulda thought," Clen said, as he and Vincent stood in the corner. "That my first mission as a KK would be with you?"
    "Luck, I guess," Vincent replied. "I'm glad it was though. Nice knowing that I'll have a familiar face to talk to."
    "And maybe more than just talk to," Clen said, leaning in close. Vincent let out a soft laugh, and kissed the older boy.

    • * * * *

    "Clen, Li, Ultima, outside now," Yoshimitsu ordered. "We've reached our destination, but our path is blocked."
    "Finally, some action!" Clen said, pulling out his buster sword. Vincent stared at the sword. He really loved Clen, right down to his choice in weapon. The buster sword wasn't as it seemed — it was actually made up of several smaller swords, and worked just as well without them. Clen ran out of the truck, and assumed a battle stance. Vincent pulled up a small sword, and stepped outside calmly, with ‘Ultima' following him, holding a hatchet.

    The thing blocking their path was a monster bred from Ruco energy. That much was obvious. It's wings spread out to either side, but they were too small to carry the bulk of the monster. Its scales were ruco-green, as were its eyes. Its sharp nails dripped with its own blood.

    "Li, Ultima, hang back," Yoshimitsu ordered. "Me and Clen shall take this one."

    Clen smirked, and raised his sword, ready for a challenge. Yoshimitsu made an impatient, disapproving noise, before raising the Osafune. Vincent glanced at the blade, sculpted perfectly, designed for optimal damage even with the lightest blows. Clen's sword, designed for someone with decent physical strength and adaptable style.

    Clen struck first, separating his sword and pulling out two smaller blades, reattaching the rest of his sword to his back. He ran at the Ruco Monster, and brought both blades sweeping round, moving them like scissors. The blades caught the side of the monster, and left a pretty shallow cut.

    Yoshimitsu struck next, running at the monster. With one swift slash, he cut one of the wings clean off. With another, he sliced off an arm. With a third, the monster's head had been separated from its body. Clen put his swords back, and glanced at Yoshimitsu, who was wiping the ruco-tainted blood off his sword. Vincent had been in awe — Yoshimitsu was far stronger in reality than any story.

    "Now that has been taken care of, I present to you, Trieb," Yoshimitsu said, gesturing.

    • * * * *

    "How did it go?" Vincent asked, lying on the bed in the local inn. He was on his back, so it looked like Clen was walking along the ceiling.
    "I… dunno," Clen said, sitting on the same bed. "Something's not quite right with Yoshimitsu. He…"
    "What's up with him?" Vincent asked, sitting up.
    "There was some info in the reactor," Clen said. "Old records of this and that. Yoshimitsu checked ‘em out, but he's been out of it since then."

    "Old… records…" Vincent said, sounding puzzled.
    "Yeah, I brought a few back. Mine, yours, Yoshimitsu's and that Ultima kid's," Clen said, pulling out four folders. Vincent reached for Yoshimitsu's, and read it.

    "He…" Vincent said quietly. "He… Isn't from this… He…"

    Vincent grabbed Clen's file, and read it.
    "No… Again, not…" Vincent said even quieter. He threw that folder to one side, and grabbed his own. "Me neither… What happened…"

    "Vincent, what is it?" Clen said, sounding very concerned.

    "We don't belong here," Vincent said. He looked at his hand, and felt a vague recollection of heat. He stood up, and his memory started to piece itself together, bit by bit.

    "Clen," Vincent said, suddenly sounding strong. "The Aer Battalion, Boss, D, Tina, Saph, Ivan, Ray."
    "You wha…" Clen started.
    "Me, Yoshimitsu. You found us, took us on board, we joined the crew," Vincent said. Clen smacked himself on the forehead.
    "That's right… Something… I remember. They put amnesiacs in the Ruco injections," Clen explained.
    "This whole place is just an extension of Yoshimitsu's mind," Vincent said. "He's going to realise, he probably already has."

    Vincent searched his brain, and realised why he felt a lot weaker.
    "We need to let him as well," Vincent said. "I need this power limiter out of my head."
    "Damn…" Clen said. He started searching his clothes briefly.
    "Something up?" Vincent asked.
    "My sword. Can't stand that KK based one," Clen said. He lifted up one trouser leg to reveal a long metal blade strapped there.
    "I'll take your KK one then," Vincent said, winking. "Let's go challenge Yoshimitsu."

    • * * * *

    "So, figured it out yet?" Vincent said, ripping down the door to the Kinsta Mansion.
    "I'm not thick, Vincent," Yoshimitsu replied. "And you have something that belongs to me."
    "Damn right I do," Vincent said, raising a small knife to his forearm. He brought the blade to his skin, and sliced a long, thin cut. Yoshimitsu raised a hand, and a small metal device shot from the wound, sending pain searing up Vincent's arm. Limiter gone, he now had free control over his powers.

    The wound sealed itself.
    "Now, what's the plan? Gonna give up now, or shall I beat you senseless first?" Vincent mocked.
    "I suggest that we take this to Kinsta City," Yoshimitsu said, vanishing.
    "Damn…" Vincent muttered.

    • * * * *

    "Time's up, Yosh," Vincent said, pulling up on a motorbike. He pushed a button, and the sides of the bike unfolded, revealing a number of swords. Vincent took two of them, and stuck them together, forming some of the Buster Sword. He took another, and made the handle. He took two more, and the sword was complete.

    "You have no idea…" Yoshimitsu said. Vincent glanced at Yoshimitsu's sword — it was longer, and looked more sturdy. Vincent raised his sword, and glared at Yoshimitsu.

    "Let me show you REAL power," Yoshimitsu said, jumping high into the air. He back-flipped, and landed smoothly on the top of a Ruco reactor. Vincent chuckled slightly, and pursued, easily jumping up to the same height. Yoshimitsu spun, and brought his sword slicing round at Vincent, who raised his sword, and put an incredible amount of force into a slash of his own, knocking Yoshimitsu's sword back. Yoshimitsu recovered quickly, using the force of Vincent's attack to bring his sword around from the other direction. Vincent swung his sword, bringing it up and catching Yoshimitsu's.

    "You've improved," Vincent commented.
    "You haven't," Yoshimitsu said back.
    "You haven't seen anything yet," Vincent replied, smirking.

    Vincent jumped back, and grabbed a slot of his blade, pulling out another sword. The buster sword's shape changed slightly, but it looked just as efficient. Vincent had taken a slightly smaller, thinner blade that he had named ‘Outcast'. Yoshimitsu had also jumped back, landing on a different reactor, and raised a hand. At least twenty energy blasts curved through the air, leaving a trail of energy.

    Vincent ran at the incoming blasts, and kicked off the edge of the reactor, going straight through the middle of the energy, where it was safe. He brought his two swords back slightly, and slashed at Yoshimitsu with the Outcast blade when he was close enough. Yoshimitsu swung his sword round, and knocked the slash attack away. Vincent stabbed with the other, but Yoshimitsu sidestepped the attack nicely. Vincent dropped and tried to kick Yoshimitsu's feet out from underneath him, but Yoshimitsu had jumped again. Vincent looked up, and a blast of energy was headed his way. Vincent flipped, and sliced through the blast easily.

    "Memories are bitter-sweet, the good times we can't repeat, those days are gone and we can't ever get them back. We're all just wishing we could stop but..." Vincent said, running over the top of the reactor and kicking off it, landing on the top of the City Plates. Yoshimitsu landed in front of him, taunting him with his sword.

    "Come on!" Vincent yelled, stabbing at Yoshimitsu with Outcast. Yoshimitsu jumped, and landed on the blade. He kicked off, and flipped over Vincent, who brought the buster sword swinging round. Yoshimitsu held his blade out to the side, blocking neatly. Vincent turned, and brought both swords down in a vertical slash. Yoshimitsu raised his sword to block, but Vincent seized his chance to strike. He abandoned his slash, stabbing the buster sword into the ground and using it to hold himself up and he kicked Yoshimitsu in the stomach.

    Yoshimitsu was thrown backwards and onto the neighbouring plate. However, he quickly recovered and jumped high into the air. Vincent put his swords back together, and held it behind his back, gripping the handle with both hands. Yoshimitsu turned his sword in his hand, holding the blade down. He closed in on Vincent, and tried to slash. Vincent brought the buster sword swinging overhead very quickly. The force of the attack threw Yoshimitsu again, and he landed two plates away.

    Yoshimitsu jumped to his feet, and held both arms out to either side. Vincent ran over to a reactor and scaled its heights, looking over the side. The land was glowing, and moving. Vincent ran back off the side, and crouched at the base of the reactor. The whole planet was moving, converging on one spot. Vincent looked at Yoshimitsu, who was glowing. Vincent knew what he was doing — he was absorbing the planet. It was, after all, just an extension of his mind. The only reason the city was left behind was because they needed somewhere to fight.

    As soon as everything stopped converging on Yoshimitsu, Vincent jumped up on to the reactor, and then jumped again, aimed for Yoshimitsu. He brought the blade in front of him, planning to cleanly slice Yoshimitsu in two before he had a chance to fuse. He was so close now…

    His sword collided with Yoshimitsu's with a metallic chinkt. Vincent looked at the glowing blade — it was extending. He turned back to face Yoshimitsu, but his appearance had changed — his hair was spiky, black and long. His clothes had changed, he was wearing blue and black. Everything about him seemed to scream power. Vincent knew this figure. It was Yisimentsu.

    "No way," Vincent said, kicking off Yisimentsu's blade. "You can't be here, you need me to be a part of you."
    "Did you forget? This whole planet is just an extension of my mind," Yisimentsu said. That voice chilled Vincent. Like two voices speaking at once, and one of them was his own. "I can be whatever I want."
    "So you choose an inhuman form, eh?" Vincent said, kicking off of Yisimentsu's Masamune.

    Yisimentsu turned his head, and extending a hand. With minimal effort, a beam of pure, concentrated energy shot through the air, ripping out a chunk of the plate he was stood on. Vincent saw now just how powerful he was — he wasn't just Yisimentsu, he was Yisimentsu with every power he had ever possessed.

    Vincent focused, and his hair flashed into golden. Then into silver, and it spiked itself up. Regardless of just how high the odds were stacked against him, he couldn't hide a smirk from his face. He had exceeded any power level he had ever been restricted by. He felt incredible.

    "Let's go," Vincent yelled, shooting diagonally upwards. Yisimentsu smirked, and mimicked the action. Vincent brought his sword in front of him, and put all his strength into holding it in place. Yisimentsu brought his blade slicing up and into Vincent's sword. Vincent held strong. However, the attack had negative effects on either side, and the pair of them fell. Vincent flipped in the air, and landed nicely. Yisimentsu crashed into the plate.

    "Ha ha, looks like we've both been grounded," Vincent said, separating his sword into the Outcast blade and the buster sword. Yisimentsu flipped to his feet, and charged at Vincent. He brought his blade sweeping overhead, but Vincent put his swords in a cross-shape, and caught Yisimentsu's weapon. Vincent seized the opportunity to launch a kick at Yisimentsu, catching him in the stomach. Yisimentsu swore, and slid back a bit before recovering and slicing round at Vincent. Vincent spun, blocking the Masamune with his Outcast blade, but continued the spin with his Buster Sword. Yisimentsu bent his knees, and just missed the heavier blade. Vincent continued to spin, bringing his Outcast blade around for another slash, but Yisimentsu had recovered sufficiently enough to block with the Masamune.

    "I woke the other day," Vincent said, blocking another slash. "And saw my world had changed. The past has gone but tomorrow's wishful thinking."

    Vincent slid backwards, blocking another stab. Yisimentsu jumped back, and then leapt into the air, his sword behind his head. Vincent put his blades back together, and gripped the handle with both hands. He focused, his sword glowing a pale green. Yisimentsu was dropping quickly, he only had one shot. With an almighty pull, he swung the blade, sending a wave of energy at Yisimentsu. Yisimentsu pulled his blade in front of him, and blocked the attack, but was sent higher into the air.

    Vincent pulled out two blades from the buster sword, the Outcast blade and a slightly smaller, thinner blade. The rest of the buster sword lay abandoned, but somewhere he could reach again later. He held both blades up, and kicked himself into the sky. Yisimentsu let out a cruel laugh, and brought the Masamune up in front of him, preparing for the inevitable block. Vincent smirked slightly, and twisted in the air, moving around the descending Yisimentsu, completely missing him. On the way past, he slashed with Outcast, and left a shallow cut in Yisimentsu's side.

    Vincent landed on the Kinsta Main Building, while Yisimentsu landed on a plate.
    "Ha ha ha…" Yisimentsu said. "You drew some blood… But that doesn't matter…" Yisimentsu raised a hand to his side, the cut sealing itself instantly. Vincent swore.

    "Alright, Yisimentsu," Vincent said. "I propose that we call this round a draw. Let's call it off for now, and we'll continue this in… say… an hour?"

    Yisimentsu considered it.


    • * * * *

    Vincent pushed open the doors of the Kinsta headquarters. It was abandoned. Of course it was. Except for the city, Yisimentsu had absorbed everything, all life, everything. Vincent walked over to the president's desk, and lifted himself onto it.

    "Knew I'd find you here," Clen said, stepping into the room. "You have some visitors."
    "What?" Vincent said, taken back.

    The doors opened again. The first person to walk in was Kazuhiko, looking around the room as if it didn't quite meet his standards. The second was Araini, who glared at Vincent and Kazuhiko reproachfully. The third, Dente, who was watching Araini very closely. For a group of pseudo-heroes, they didn't look very trusting.

    "What are you all doing here?" Vincent said, standing up.
    "Moral support," Kaz said, stepping forwards. "Yisimentsu, if he continues like this, is going to get the power to destroy the world."
    "And he's going to beat you if we don't step in," Dente hissed.
    "Yes, he can change his form at will," Araini said coldly, glaring at Dente. "He is going to use that power to grow even stronger. You wont be able to beat him alone."
    "We thought we should lend a hand," Kaz said.

    "Time's up, Vincent," Clen said. "You have to go fight him. Now."
    "You're right."

    • * * * *

    "I thought you'd run away," Yisimentsu sneered.
    "Like I'd ever be scared of you," Vincent snapped back.
    "You will be," Yisimentsu said cryptically.

    Yisimentsu closed his eyes and floated into the air, high into the air. He was surrounded by a pale glow, and that glow scared Vincent more than a thousand Yisimentsus. Vincent watched as Yisimentsu's form changed. He grew several times bigger, two huge wings sprouted from his back, and tail developed from the base of his spine, his head lengthened and moulded itself into a dragon shape. His clothes were ripped off and replaced with scales that looked more like body armour than skin. Vincent stared for a moment, but quickly recovered and drew his Buster Sword.

    "Vincent," Clen said, stepping up from behind Vincent somewhere.
    "Let us handle this," Kaz said.
    "You focus your energy," Dente hissed.
    "And strike him true," Araini said coldly.

    Vincent stared. There was something about having his… well, he couldn't call the friends… partners battle to protect him that motivated and moved him. He nodded, and ran over to the side, sitting in quiet concentration.

    "Go!" Clen shouted, drawing his sword. Araini threw his hand out, casting an agility spell on Clen, just to make sure he could keep up. Clen gave a small smirk, and ran faster than he would have been able to normally. With an almighty kick, he launched himself off the plate and landed on Bahamut-Yoshimitsu's huge head. He drew his sword back, and slammed it into the dragon head with a resounding CLANK. Bahamut Yoshimitsu gave an annoyed grunt, and shook Clen off.

    Kaz shot up, and caught Clen by the wrist, throwing him right back up. He shot after Clen, his sword glowing. With a sweep, a series of orbs shot at Bahamut-Yoshimitsu, exploding in his face. Clen shot directly up, holding the tip of his sword above his head. He shot straight past the dragon, but he caught the side of its head with his sword, leaving a scratch.

    Dente was in the air, keeping himself up magically. He gestured with one hand, and sent a wave of energy flying at Bahamut-Yoshimitsu. It caught the already-stunned dragon's chest, but it did very little damage. Araini jumped up next to Dente, and brought both hands up in front of him.

    "Shall we try…"
    "…a double team?"

    Araini placed his left hand next to Dente's right hand, standing back to back with the older mage. With a brief movement, a beam of pure, undiluted energy shot from both of their hands, moving as one attack. It shot through the air like magic missile. As soon as it his the dragon, it exploded in an impressive display. When the lights died down, it showed Bahamut Yoshimitsu looking slightly burned.

    "Guys! I'm ready!" Vincent yelled, his hair silver again, his Buster Sword held firmly in his right hand. Clen dropped down, grabbed Vincent's arm and threw him up into the sky. Kaz dropped down, and caught Vincent's foot, flinging him higher still. Dente appeared below Vincent, and kicked the young boy even higher. Araini shot below him, and blasted him up with magic.

    As soon as he gained the altitude, he swung the now-glowing buster sword at the dragon's head. It smashed the head sideways, and the dragon fell down.

    However, as soon as he hit the floor, the dragon's form had changed again. This time, it was just Yoshimitsu. Vincent knelt down in front of him, holding the Outcast blade. Yoshimitsu opened one eye.
    "V-Vincent…" He said weakly. "Wh.. What h-happened?"
    "Sssh…" Vincent said softly. "Sleep."

    • * * * *

    "They've gone again now," Clen said, closing the door quietly. "What's happened?"
    "He's too dangerous," Vincent said. "As long as Mist is inside of him, he'll always be a threat, and we can't get it out."
    "What are you going to do?"
    "Batter him senseless until he gives it up," Vincent said darkly.
    "What if he doesn't?"
    "Well, one of us is gonna die, and it sure as hell wont be me," Vincent said. "Anyway, you best make yourself scarce. When he wakes up, he's gonna remember everything, and end up fighting again. And if we carry on like this, there isn't gonna be anything to fight on."
    "Right, I'll go," Clen said, nodding. He stood up, and left the room.

    • * * * *

    "So," Yoshimitsu said, having now woken up recharged and refreshed. With a flash, his appearance changed back to Yisimentsu. "You knocked me out for a bit, and thought everything would be better?"
    "I know you better than that," Vincent said. "You're not gonna give up, so neither am I."
    "Gonna go another round," Yisimentsu sneered. "Fine."

    "Let's do this. No power ups, no special powers, just you against me," Vincent said, pulling out the buster sword and Outcast blades.
    "Prepare yourself," Yisimentsu said, drawing his Masamune.

    Vincent started walking forwards, closing the twenty foot gap between the two. Yisimentsu gave a small smirk, and assumed a fighting stance. Vincent saw this, and slid his grip up the handle of the buster sword, preparing for his defense. Yisimentsu attacked, bringing the Masamune down in a vertical slice. Vincent raised the Outcast, and blocked it, lunging at Yisimentsu with the Buster Sword. Yisimentsu turned side on, the blade missing him. Vincent spun the blade, and slashed at Yisimentsu, who threw out his hand, grabbing the blade. Vincent slid the blade out of Yisimentsu's grip very quickly, leaving a gash in his hand.

    "No powers, remember?" Vincent said, winking and backflipping. Yisimentsu swore, and wiped the blood on to his top. He ran at Vincent, hacking at the young warrior repeatedly and quickly. Vincent moved his arms fluidly, as though dancing, as he spun and stepped, blocking or dodging every strike. Yisimentsu was furious.

    "Now now, let's not get angry," Vincent mocked, putting his blade back together. Yisimentsu leapt into the air, holding the Masamune in both hands. Vincent smirked, and followed his opponent. With one solid movement, Yisimentsu had slashed at Vincent, who had tried to block. However, the force of the attack threw him down, smashing into the plate. Vincent staggered to his feet, willing his head to stop spinning.

    "Bastard…" Vincent muttered, wiping some blood from his lip. He wrenched his buster sword from the ground, and looked up. Yisimentsu was dropping at him again, but there was something about him that made Vincent worry. Vincent jumped backwards, flipped, and pushed himself into the air. Yisimentsu was below him now, glaring up in his direction. He was definitely more violent now. Time to take the battle up a notch.

    He pulled out two blades, the Outcast and a slightly wider blade, the ones that made up the bulk of the buster sword's weight. The rest of the blade dropped, and stuck in the plate. He dropped, and landed on the blade's hilt. He looked at Yisimentsu, smirked. With a swift, complex movement, he kicked off the blade, and shot at Yisimentsu, launching a slash at him. Yisimentsu blocked, but didn't expect Vincent to swing around, and launch a stab from behind. Yisimentsu had turned to keep an eye on Vincent, and hence had just dodged. Vincent pulled his sword back, and blocked another slash. He held his swords above his head, the blades crossing over each other, holding the Masamune in place. He jumped over Yisimentsu, and kicked him from behind, keeping a firm grip on the Masamune and ripping it from Yisimentsu's grip. He took the handle of the Masamune, and stabbed one of his own blades into the plate.

    "So," Vincent said. Yisimentsu flipped to his feet, and looked around. He didn't have a weapon, but behind him… Barely five meters, the buster sword. He turned and ran for it, yanking it our of the ground. However, when he turned back, the Outcast was behind held to his throat.
    "How about you drop the weapon?" Vincent said.
    "Maybe," Yisimentsu said hoarsely. "Or maybe not."

    Yisimentsu smashed the blade into Vincent's, sending him staggering back. He recovered quickly, and saw Yisimentsu stabbing at him. He ducked, and threw out the Masamune.

    Yisimentsu stopped dead. He looked down to see the Masamune stabbing through his lower chest. He looked up at Vincent, a trickle of blood leaving his mouth. Vincent pulled out the blade, blood gushing from the wound.

    It had hurt Vincent beyond words to do that. He had been forced to stab his friend, no matter how mangled his friend's mind had become. It had taken all his willpower and mental power to tell himself that Yoshimitsu was not who he had once been, but he still didn't believe it. Yoshimitsu was Yoshimitsu, no matter how he looked or what his name was.

    "Sorry," Vincent said. He wasn't looking Yisimentsu in the face. "But… You… I wouldn't let you continue like that. You've changed, Yoshimitsu."
    "No, I don't want to hear it," Vincent said. "Jesus Yoshimitsu, this is the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I never wanted to fight you like this again."
    "N-no, Vin… Vincent," Yoshimitsu tried again. He was kneeling, his hands held to his wound. "You did th-the right thing… Thank you…"

    Vincent gave a weak laugh.
    "Noble to the end, eh, Yoshimitsu?" Vincent said, tears flowing freely over his face. Yoshimitsu nodded.
    "That's right," he said weakly. Vincent crouched down in front of Yoshimitsu.
    "I never wanted this to happen…" He said, pulling Yoshimitsu into his arms, embracing his friend.
    "I know… I'm sorry…" Yoshimitsu said, his voice ever weaker. Vincent held Yoshimitsu close until he finally felt the boy's body fail. He let go of Yoshimitsu, and lay him peacefully on the plate.

    • * * * *

    Vincent walked up the centre of the church. Strapped to his back were two swords — the Buster Sword and the Masamune. The church was abandoned entirely. It was in ruins. The walls had crumbled, the bricks and stone were cracked, broken. Vincent didn't care.

    Right at the front, there was a tombstone. Vincent knelt down, and brushed the dust and dirt that had developed on it seemingly overnight. He had placed the tombstone there the day before. It read:

    Noble To The End

    He stood up and turned around, to see his friends, the crew of the Aer Battalion stood at the would-be entrance.
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