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Ask to Join A New Journey in Hoenn

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by chesnaught-z☆, Jul 2, 2017.

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    Young Isaac, at 12 years old, lived in the Hoenn region in the city of Lilycove. Long before he became a trainer, this was where he lived with his family. Him and his father made their way to the Pokémon Day Care on Route 117, connecting Verdanturf Town and Mauville City. When they arrived here, Isaac was put in charge of taking care of three eggs. Two of them were Togepi eggs, and one was one he had never seen before. It was brown with a cream zigzag stripe.
  2. Alexandra groaned as she felt Budew jump on her back with a light thud. She had been staying with the brother in Dewford Town and was leaving to go to Littleroot Town today, to get a Hoenn starter. She already had Budew, she joined her on her journey in Sinnoh. She found him among the flowers in her hometown of Floaroma. Floaroma was known for its beautiful flowers and its sweet honey and she'd be lying if she said she didn't miss it every day. She also had Milotic, which was given to her by her grandmother, who was a very talented pokemon coordinator. Alexandra wasn't the best trainer, and she preferred not to battle, but she loved pokemon contests. She was excited to see some while she was here in Hoenn. She quickly got dressed, putting on a white sundress with daisies on it and white shoes to match. She brushed her long, brown hair, and brushed her teeth. She grabbed her navy backpack, which had Budew's pokeball, and Milotic's pokeball, as well as her money and extra pokeballs she had for capturing pokemon she found on her journey. Budew jumped into her arms and she held him tightly. She said goodbye to her brother and ran to catch Mr.Briney's boat to the route he lived on. She boarded the boat and breathed in the salty air from the sea. Peeko, Mr. Briney's wingull, was flapping alongside the boat. When they reached his little cottage by the sure, she yelled thanks to him and ran straight to Littleroot town. When she arrived, her lungs were burning and she was out of breath. She entered the pokemon lab and managed to say a raspy hello to Professor Birch. "Why, Hello Alexandra!" The large professor said as he stroked his beard. "As you know, I invited you and many others to Hoenn to receive a pokemon for your journey. You may choose between Mudkip, Treecko, and Torchic." Alexandra pondered for a moment, Budew still tightly in her arms. "I'll take Torchic." She said, after weighing her options. He handed her the pokeball containing the fire chick and she thanked him and swiftly left his lab.
  3. ((Yeah that's nice and all but I'm in the daycare, remember? Just putting that out there))

    Isaac took great interest in this strange egg. He wondered what Pokémon would hatch from it. Although he had seen Togepi hatch from their eggs, whatever was in this brown one was a mystery. One of the Togepi, surprisingly enough, was ready to hatch, and it's stubby hands and little feet poked out from the shell. The five spikes on its head quickly opened and closed again, and bits of the egg were scattered all over the floor. It slowly opened them once more, and got a glimpse of Isaac, then swiftly shut them tight.
  4. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Jason left Mauville City and decided to check out Verdanturf Town. As he was walking down Route 117 he saw a Budew. "All right, go Charmander!" Jason called out his Pokemon. "Char!" Charmander cried full of energy and ready to battle. Charmander got into a fighting stance. "Charmander use Ember!" The wild Budew had no idea what was happening. A second later and it was burned and confused. "Go Pokeball!" Jason said. One...two...three...ting! "Yes, we caught a budew!" Jason cheered. He returned his Charmander and bumped into somebody. "Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going," Jason apologized.
  5. "Now, Thunderbolt!" The loud crackling sound of electricity could have been heard throughout the woods, and a Politoad fell to the ground, knocked out and sizzling. A red beam of light recalled the fainted Pokemon, and its trainer approached the opponent and his Mareep. The little electric sheep was already grazing on a nearby tuft of grass, as if she hadn't just won a battle in less than a minute, and her trainer was shaking hands with the one who had lost.

    "You did pretty well, but just try not to be so worked up next time. Battles should be fun, not stressful," Ken told the other kid, who with a sigh and a nod, bid farewell and walked back towards Mauville City. Running a hand through his dark brown locks, the blue-eyed male called Mareep to his side and headed out onto the route from the clearing in the woods he had battled in. Up ahead was the Pokemon Day Care Center, and curiosity spurred him forward... at least until someone bumped into him. He stumbled but caught himself, and Mareep looked back at the perpetrator accusingly before he could. "It... It's fine," he shrugged, dusting himself off. "No big deal, not the end of the world."
  6. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "Thanks for not being mad. I'm Jason and I'm new around here. I flew into Mauville City and decided to check out Verdanturf Town. Anyways, would you like to battle? 2 Pokemon Each sound good?" Jason asked excited to battle.
  7. To be honest, Ken was a little taken aback by the other trainer's sudden outpour of words, and even Mareep cocked her head at him. Though she was pretty much always like that. Ken looked around, and turned back to face this Jason with a shrug and a nod. He seemed like a nice guy, all things considered, and maybe he would prove to be a bigger challenge than the last guy.

    "Sure, that's fine with me. I'm Ken, and this is Mareep. Ready for another one, girl?" He looked down at his little sheep, who just looked... bored. Damian jogged back a few paces to be sure their battle had enough room, before waving over to Jason to signal he was ready.
  8. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    Jason saw that Ken's Mareep cocked her head at Jason and suddenly he felt very awkward. He made note of the trainer's name and prepared for battle. "OK. Charmander give it your best shot," Jason said. He swung his Pokeball in the air and a red flash appeared releasing Charmander. "Char!" the Pokemon said pumped for another battle. "Let's start this off with Smokescreen!" The air around the trainers and Pokemon turned full of smoke as Charmander released the gas from his mouth.
  9. Ken's eyes followed the Pokeball high up in the air, making him squint when the sun's bright rays hit his eyes. He broke into a huge smile when he saw his opponent's Pokemon, and he almost bounced he was so excited. "You have a Charmander! That's so cool!" He practically squealed, but the shout brought him back to what he was doing.

    The field was shrouded with thick smoke, to the extent that Damian could barely see the grass beneath him, much less his Pokemon up ahead. Still, he had faith in Mareep. He knew she could handle herself. "No worries, Mareep! Send out a Cotton Spore to slow it down, then follow up with a Thunder Wave!" From the center of the field of smoke sprang a dense cloud of spores, filling the air so much that Damian had to cover his mouth with his shirt to keep from breathing them in. Without missing a beat, Mareep quickly generated a surge of electricity and released it in an outward surge, the energy radiating from her to take up nearly the entire field. Both of the attacks were area-wide status inducers, so he wasn't worried about how much damage they would do. They would complete their purpose.

    "Mareep, keep a look out for the tail! It'll be a giveaway in the smoke!"
  10. ((guess i don't exist))
  11. (Your last post literally said you were inside the DayCare Center. Our characters are outside.)
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  12. What's all that noise about? Isaac thought. He took a glance out of the window of the day care, and saw two trainers battling. This was one of the first few battles he had actually seen in real life! He watched them on TV all the time, sure, but seeing Pokémon and trainers give it their all on the field was something he never took for granted. He didn't have any Pokémon of his own, but he knew enough about them to know that a flaming tail meant there was a Charmander nearby.

    ((also by the way, the cotton spore/smokescreen is technically not allowed, you have to wait for the other person to make a move before doing another one. you can tell your pokemon to follow up with a move but you cant just do it before letting them move too))
  13. SageNeb

    SageNeb Previously 5DigitNeb

    "Thanks, Mareep is an awesome Pokemon, too!" Jason said. "Charmander go to the edge of the smoke and use ember on cotton spore and Mareep!" Charmander nodded and went to the end of the smoke. He released a tiny fireball setting fire to the rest of the cotton spore and then released another fireball at Mareep.

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