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Ask to Join A Mysterious School

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Markers, Nov 29, 2018.

  1. This is the Mysterious School main RP thread. To sign up, please go to https://pokecharms.com/threads/a-mysterious-school-interest-sign-up-discussion.20261/

    The sign-up thread has most of the details. I might edit it later due to big chunks of text everywhere, though.

    Note: Any participant may control NPCs. I'll do my best to keep moving everything forward, but don't be afraid to do stuff. Just don't destroy the concept. I'll point it out if you're getting a little carried away.

    You are all allowed to evolve Pokemon and all that junk. Just don't do it too early and all at once. If you don't know if it's time, you can ask another person participating for advice or just wait a little longer. Eventually, you'll be able to catch more Pokemon as part of some test/experiment/whatever. The Pokemon you catch are up to you, just don't catch Arceus or anything against the rules of the site.

    I'll start.
    "Braixeeeennn." The purple Braixen named Hestia was shaking her trainer awake gently. Aris was typically dead asleep if she wasn't out and about.
    "Lu, lu. Riolu." Cobalt grumbled at Hestia. Cobalt was like Aris when it came to sleeping. He was curled up on the edge of the bed, one eye open.
    "Evi!!" Soul was basically running in circles in panic. Hestia and Soul were the only ones who really noticed that this wasn't home or a Pokemon center.
    "BRAIXEN!!" Hestia pulled out her stick wand and put the lit end dangerously close to Aris's face.
    "Gah! What, Hestia?" Aris knew better than to move. This had happened before.
    "Eevee." Soul jumped up near Aris's face after Hestia removed the wand. He gestured to the room with a paw.
    "Sheesh, you're right. This doesn't look familiar at all.." Aris sat up and looked around at the weirdly white room that was pretty much empty save the bed, a light, and a small fridge.

    @Forethoughts @Dratingonair @Shadow_Pup @DarkHydraT - tagging you guys in this just so you know this is here. :)
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  2. Charles awoke with a headache, trying to stand up before getting struck with immense pain. He quickly sat down on the ground and looked around the room, head pouding. "Where on earth am I? Doesn't look like where I was before, didn't look as jail-like as this." He grumbled and used the wall to make his way towards the fridge, hoping to find something to relieve his headache. "A bottle of water, great." Charles drank some water and held the cold bottle against his head to get some relief.

    With his headache somewhat gone, Charles began to think. He was walking around a rugged area when someone hit him in the back of his head and knocked him out. He assumed that his attacker brought him here and not to care for him. He'd need to escape soon, thankfully his Pokémon were still with him and that window had bars in front of it. Perhaps he could climb out when he got rid of them? The moment he got up to try escaping, his head felt like it would burst and he fell to the ground, clenching his head in pain as he let out anguished cries of pain.
  3. Morgan was having a wonderful dream about being a Pokémon professor before Spoons, his prized Metapod, fell on him. Leading to the boy falling from the bed onto a cold floo, of course he'd be confused now. He gave the room a scan from his floor position, "Not the room I paid for. Do I get a refund if I got kidnapped from a hotel?"

    His Metapod wiggled out of Morgan's arms and hopped over to a box. A faint Eevee cry can be heard within the container, "Est!" The child yelled as his poor Eevee was in cardboard. Thinking the box was locked he had Spoons tackle it open, it wasn't locked. Morgan seeing the actual reason Est was crying was because her head had a sock on it, blank expressions on both Morgan and Spoons faces.

    Feeling a headache form he decided to sit on the bed and think. "I don't seem to be in danger here yet I don't feel safe at all. Maybe it's a dream? I could be called professor Fir here, maybe get an assistant. If I'm dreaming then I'm in charge." A Zubat bites Morgan's hand as it usually does when he goes off on some fantasy. "OWW ALUCARD!" Morgan screams before hiding under the bed. "So I've been stolen by villains for the purpose of crime."
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  4. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    Ethan woke up with a surprise, with Spark on top of him. "What the heck, Spark! But... where are we?" He viewed the room he was in. It was quite small, with Drake and Dune wandering around the room, surveying the new area. "Well, wherever we are, we need to get outta here!" Ethan said, getting up. He looked around once more, then saw a panel. "Spark, use Spark!" Ethan said, not realizing what he just said. The Luxio slammed into it, as it said:
    "DOOR LOCK "ETHAN" "ARIS" AND "MORGAN" UNLOCKED." the screen read. "They must be here as well, I should probably find them. Who knows what'll happen here..." He said as he returned everyone except Spark, who was being stubborn as always and stayed outside. Standing in front of a door labeled "SPECIMEN #256 "ARIS" which has unlocked, Ethan stood in front. "So I'm guessing you're trapped here too?" He asked.
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  5. Tony laid asleep on his bed just as his Pokemon slept on the floor, Lycanroc was the first to wake up and realize the situation they were in, he quickly gestured for Noibat and Gastly to wake up. Noibat woke up instantly, ready to start their adventure... before he too realized they were trapped in a strange white room. Gastly took a bit of convincing... and a few light slaps on the cheek, but managed to get up relatively easily whilst Lycanroc poked Tony a few times, not too hard, but defiantly noticeable for Tony to slowly wake up.

    "Ugh... what time is i... what...? WHAT THE HELL?!" Tony woke up as he realized he was in a white room and not at his campsite on the beautiful meadows of Alola. "What did I do to deserve being put in a prison cell?!" He asked rhetorically, Lycanroc shrugged at the question whilst Noibat and Gastly flew around the room in hopes of finding small gaps to squeeze through and help Tony escape... but to no avail. Tony looked around his room with his hands in his coat pockets until he stumbled upon a little fridge and opened it, annoyed at what he found.

    "And the idiots don't even know how to give good service; all they gave us is boring water... well, everyone needs hydration, but they could at least've given us something sweeter, like soda or lemonade." He said as he grabbed himself a water bottle and handed a few to his Pokemon. "Well... drink up guys... we may unfortunately be here a while. Unless the idiots that captured us show their faces... so we can tear them off if they don't free us." Tony said in a somewhat sinister tone as he leaned against the wall with one foot on it, one hand in his pocket and the other one holding the water bottle he drank from.
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  6. Aris heard a voice. She looked at her Pokemon, and she saw where they were looking. Huh, there was a door. She hadn't seen that before. Then she realized what the voice said. She strode to the door, and opened it just a hair. When she saw the trainer about her age standing beyond it, she opened it fully.
    "Yeah, I'm here too. I'm guessing you don't have the slightest clue where we are, seeing as you look about my age."
    Then she noticed Spark, the Luxio. "Oh! Hello there, Luxio." She looked back at the trainer. "I like your Luxio. I'm honestly a bit jealous." She glanced over her shoulder at her Pokemon. "These are my Pokemon. Hestia is the Braixen. She has an unusual coloring, but she's my partner. The Eevee is Soul. This Riolu is named Cobalt." She then facepalmed. "OH! I forgot to tell you my name. I'm Aris, and you are?"
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  7. Charles finally got his headache under control and released his Pokémon. "Alright Komainu, use Ember on those bars. Kratos, I want you to use Bubble to cool it down and Basilisk, I want you to slash at the bars when they're weakened!" He ordered, his Pokémon following his order without any hesitation. After Basilisk finished slashing at the bars though, there wasn't a scratch on it. He grumbled and grabbed the bars, pulling on them. The bars were still stuck, although he was not giving up yet. "Kratos, come here. You too Basilisk." The Krabby and Seviper came closer and Kratos got picked up and held at the bars. "Cut loose." With that simple order, both Pokémon knew what to do and began to slash and cut at the bars. To his joy, he saw that the bars were being damaged.
  8. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "I'm Ethan, nice to meet you! Honestly, he's pretty strong, just can't control him yet..." He nervously chuckled. "We should probably get out of here though. Wonder who that Morgan guy is though." Ethan said. Spark grunted before walking off. "See what I mean?" He huffed before ambling over to his Pokemon. "What the-" Ethan tried to say before hearing slashes.
    "Lux!" Spark cried before he rushed to the noise.
  9. Aris smiled. "Nice to meet you, too. I'm sure he'll warm up to you eventually." When she heard the slashing, her expression darkened a bit. "I really don't like the sound of that.." She looked at her three Pokemon, who stood alert. She quickly walked over to where Ethan and his Luxio were. "There's a button here. It's kind of inside the wall.. and it's really small. Maybe it'll show us the source of the slashing." She pointed out the semi-hidden button. "Wait, I have an idea. Hestia, try poking that button with your stick. I don't think anyone else will be able to press that."
    The Braixen obeyed, using the non-lit end of her stick wand. She tucked the stick back into her tail as a door began to open.
  10. Once Tony and everyone were done with their water, they all tossed their now empty bottles into a nearby trash can within their room. "I wonder..." Tony muttered as he checked his pockets to see if he still had everything on him and not just the Poke balls hat held his dear companions, he sighed in slight relief knowing he still had his phone and wallet. He waited until later to check his phone, as right now, he just wanted to leave wherever he was and it was clear that his Pokemon all felt the same.

    As Tony checked to see if his door would open... and surprisingly it did. "Well, that was easy." Tony said as he walked out of the room with all of his Pokemon following close behind, Lycanroc followed on Tony's right while Gastly floated after them on his left, Noibat on the other hand decided to rest on Tony's shoulder. Tony stopped and looked curiously at the other cells, knowing he may not be the only 'prisoner' here. He noticed one of the doors open and curiously walked up to lean on the wall opposite to it, only to see an unusual colored Braixen malong with a Riolu and Luxio which were likely owned by the blonde girl within the cell. "Sup." He said with a nod whilst his Pokemon all stood around him as if standing guard, each one with a look of slight cautiousness.
  11. Gold The Dragonite

    Gold The Dragonite Previously Dratingonair

    "Spark, wait up!" He chased after him. Seeing a Seviper and Krabby destroying bars, Ethan said "Uh... You alright there dude?" commanding Spark to use Thunder Fang. However, the Pokemon loafed around, not paying attention. "Sorry about this... Dune, Bite!" Ethan apologized, sending out his Trapinch to help. "Gee, there's a lot of us."
  12. Shadow_Pup

    Shadow_Pup Previously LeBarrel42

    Bellamy had woken toohe sounds of talking, he noticed he was somewhere other than his home but before he started to freak out, he decided to calm himself,
    "This is gospel for the fallen ones
    Locked away in permanent slumber
    Assembling their philosophies
    From pieces of broken memories"

    Bellamy started to sing his voice soothed soothed both him and his Pokémon, he decided to continue to sing, he would figure out where he was when he was ready.
  13. Morgan figured if this was some kind of evil facility then he'd better go along with it. "I hope its something cool like Team Rocket," he imagined himself as a grunt. He thought he'd look scary in uniform, "Yes that'd be cool." As his mind went on and on about blending in he failed to realize that his Pokémon were staring at him. Fed up with him the three decide to beat him up.

    After his punishment he was tied up by a string shot from his metapod and dragged from the room by Est the Eevee. Only issue was the door which the zubat picked the lock of. "Guys I'll put in a good word!" He yells in a desperate bid to bribe his Pokémon into freeing him from string shot. Doesn't work.
  14. (Sorry about not being around- I won't be around until Monday in my timezone after a few hours. You guys are welcome to continue without me for those days. When I return, I think I'll just kinda jump back in as if Aris was there all along.)

    "Hm? Oh, hi." Aris turned to the newcomer. "Cobalt, Soul, Hestia, go help out the others with the bars. Soul, I want you to use Swift. Cobalt, use Force Palm. Hestia, use your Psybeam. Many of the others are using physical attacks, and I don't want you to get caught up in there with Flame Charge."
    "So, I assume you're stuck here too?" She took a quick glance at her Pokemon, making sure they were safe. "There's quite a few of us.."
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  15. Tony shrugged. "Unfortunately... What say we help break the others out of their cages? Guards must've been idiotic and forgot to lock mine." Tony suggested as he went over to Ethan's cage and merely snapped his fingers, after the snap was heard, his Pokemon began to try and help break the bars. The Midnight Lycanroc used Bite on the bars, Noibat used Air cutter whilst Gastly merely watched as his moves weren't the type that would effectively break stuff... not that he was weak.
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  16. Greg awoke in a startled manner, shooting upright from sleep like a launched firecracker. He rubbed his eyes in a futile attempt to correct his blurry vision. He reached for his eyeglasses, which someone had placed on the small wooden nightstand next to the bed. There was also a lamp, which illuminated the room in a sort of ugly, pee-colored glow. He examined his surroundings as his eyes adjusted. The walls were made of cinderblock and were a drab, chalk white color. There was a single window that filtered in rectangular beams of gold sunlight through the metal bars that covered it. The only other furniture in the room was a small refrigerator.

    Greg swung his legs over the side of the bed, his feet, on which his socks and sneakers still remained, hitting the linoleum floor. He spotted his Teddiursa, Kuruk, his Phanpy, Draper, and his Eevee, Lucy, sleeping in front of him. He knelt down in front of them, opening the refrigerator to grab the lone water bottle that was inside.

    "Hey, guys, wake up," he said softly. "We have to figure out where we are."

    The Pokémon opened their eyes slowly before becoming aware of the scene around them. Greg opened the water bottle and placed it in front of the trio.

    "Drink this if you're thirsty. Don't worry, we're going to find a way out of here," he said, trying to quell the Pokémon's nerves before they began to panic.

    Greg check his PokéGear. "No reception," he grumbled, putting the device back in his pocket.

    "Draper, try using Rollout on the door!" Greg called to the small blue elephant Pokémon.

    Draper paused from sipping from the water bottle, which Kuruk was helping tilt into his mouth, due to being the only bipedal Pokémon out of the three. He curled his head down to meet his hind legs and rolled forward swiftly, denting the metal door in the process.

    "Again!" Greg said, as Draper dashed forward, rolling into a ball and slamming into the door, which bulged outwards from the room from the impact.

    "Now, Lucy and Draper, use Tackle! Kuruk, use Scratch!"

    All three Pokemon's collided with the door and it flew of it hinges into the corridor outside. "Great job," Greg said, surprisingly composed. Lucy and Kuruk each leapt up onto the trainer's shoulders and Draper strolled beside him. Greg noticed a group of trainers gathering in the corridor and approached them.
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  17. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    “Veni!!!!!” Nia cried out as loud as she could. This woke up Otis, and she fell on the ground beneath her. “Ugh, where are we?” She curiously looked around, this place already gave her the creeps. Nia nudged two more pokeballs to Otis, gesturing that she should open them. “Your right Nia, our friends could help us in this situation.” She grabbed the two small pokeballs, and tapped the button on them. Out came Spirit, who was a Servine, and a Mareep, who’s name was Mary.

    Otis smiled, and looked at all of her Pokemon, “Okay guys, do y’all have an idea on how to get out of this room?” Nia started to look around, while Spirit and Mary climbed onto the bed, to see around the room better. Otis sighed, then noticed something written on the cell door.

    ‘Tap the door to the beat of a song.’ Otis sat down next to the door, thinking about a song. She then proceeded to tap the door. Tap...tap tap tap... tap... The door didn’t open. Otis sighed, and thought of a new song to tap the beat to. She came up with another song, and tapped the door again. Tap tap tap tap tap tap tap... tap tap tap tap... tap tap tap tap tap tap..... tap. Then Otis heard a quiet click, and she pushed on the door. Nia, Spirit, and Mary looked over to their trainer, and all of them bolted out the door. “Guys! Wait for me!” Otis called out as her Pokemon went a bit ahead of her. She noticed that she was in a hallway, and Otis heard other people.

    She hesitated for a second, before walking up to them. Nia crawled up onto Otis’ shoulder, resting a bit on there. Spirit and Mary were standing next to her, gazing curiously at the other people. “Um.. Hello... What are you guys doing... Um... Here...” The phrase came out more of a question, and Otis couldn’t find the right words to say. This made her a bit nervous, these people could be the ones who put her here, or worse.
  18. “Urgh... where in the world am I? This doesn’t look like home, hell... this looks like some sort of movie! Please tell me that I’m dreaming- Ow! Dammit! It’s real alright, damn real!” Frost thought after he pinched his chin, as he pounded the wall in a fit of rage!

    “E- eh? What’s going on there Frost?” Diana inquired, before her eyes suddenly adjusted to the mysterious room she found herself in.

    “C- Cub! Cub!” Frost cried, as he clutched his trainer’s left arm.

    “Okay, no need to panic... we just need to figure a way out,” Diana replied while she patted the Cubchoo with her twitching right hand.

    Meanwhile, the baby Lapras was at the door, as he closely inspected the strange symbols on the keypad. A note could be seen lying on the floor. The young Pokémon picked up the note, as it read:

    Hello there,

    I have noticed that one of you in this room is an expert on things that go boomy boom, another that can read weird shapes and lastly, the other that can put science back in its place.

    Above you is the way out of this dump, but we can’t just let you waltz on out right? I’ll at least let you on that pressing that big, green button will be the first way out of here.

    Also, I’d suggest for you all, to keep talking. Talk like it’s the last day of the year... talk like there’s no tomorrow, or whatever it’s like for ya’ll! You surely don’t wanna know what happens when that clock reaches zero do you?

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  19. Aris nodded to Tony, and out of the corner of her eye, she saw two more trainers had arrived in the hallway.
    "Okay, this is getting a little packed.. and those bars don't seem to be going anywhere." Aris sighed. "Guys, you can stop now. I don't think those bars are coming down." She told her Pokemon. Aris scanned the walls with a certain precision, and a second later she pointed. "There's a camera. From the outside look, I think they can hear us." Aris stalked up to the camera, crossed her arms, and glared directly into the lens. "I'll have you know, whoever you are, I'm- No, all of us. We're getting out of here, and you're going to have at least one black eye courtesy of me!" She drove a fist into the lens, which cracked, but was still mostly intact. A crackling she hadn't heard before sounded overhead. A loudspeaker had just turned on.
    "Specimen number #256, Aris. This is to you, from one of the higher-ups here. We may not have explained the rules yet, but it is forbidden to partake in violent acts toward lab property. Therefore, we are now sending someone to retrieve you and calm you down." The voice was so crackly that it was impossible to tell whether the speaker was feminine or masculine.
    Aris's temper had definitely gotten worse from just that announcement. "Hestia, Soul, Cobalt. I want you all over here. This might not be a clean fight." The Pokemon, who were definitely riled up, surrounded Aris protectively on all sides.
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  20. Tony turned his head to the newcomers and nodded at them with a light wave. "Sup, name's Tony." He said briefly as he whistled his Pokemon back after he realized how annoyingly futile his attempts to free the others was, when he spotted a video camera nearby, he instantly gave whoever was watching the middle finger along with an extremely annoyed look. "I don't know who you are, I don't care what rules you have. But you're going to let us all go and I am not having no for an answer. We all have lives back on our home regions and I demand and expect you all to return us to them!" He angrily demanded whilst his Pokemon all returned and looked at the camera with angry looks, his midnight Lycanroc gave whoever was watching a furious growl.
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  21. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Otis listened to the speaker as it spoke it’s words. Spirit seemed a bit confused, but Mary completely understood, and so did Nia. “Well, I’m Otis...” She broke off when Tony started to speak. After listening, she nodded, Ah, so these people were trapped here like me . . . Otis sighed, and looked at the small group of people. Nia scuttled off her shoulder, noticing the other Pokemon were guarding their trainers. Are me and my trainer going to be attacked as well? The question stayed in Nia’s mind, and she decided to remain close to Otis, in case of a real attack. Spirit took note of what Nia did, and she did the same, and so did Mary. The young Mareep’s wool sparked with electricity, and she kept watch for attackers.
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  22. "I'm Greg," the boy said, flashing a lazy smile and almost appearing scornful, thought he did not intend to. He sensed a touch of neurotic energy emanating from the girl who had also just arrived. He gave a warm smile in an attempt to ease her nerves. He listened to the voice come over the loudspeaker.

    "I think you two should relax," he said to Aris and Tony. "If we're trapped here, then our situation will only get worse if we try to fight." He shrugged, not wanting to seem confrontational, but still electing to share his logic with the group.

    Greg couldn't help to feel slightly anxious, despite his outward appearance. He didn't know who his captors were or what exactly they might be capable of.

    "Be ready," he whispered to Lucy on his left shoulder.

    Kuruk, the baby of the group, began to cry. Greg removed the Teddiursa from his right shoulder and cradled him in his arms.
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  23. The baby Lapras emitted a cry of shock once he carefully read the note. Diana got off of her bed with Frost in her arms and quietly walked towards the door. She said to the young Pokémon, “What’s up Nessie? Something scare ya there?”

    The baby Lapras rolls his eyes for a brief moment and held up the note. After a short glimpse at the paper, Diana said, “Okay, before we do anything, maybe we should like prepare first. I’m quite thirsty here.”

    “Huh... that camera over there in the corner isn’t moving at all, and there’s an exposed wire that appears to look quite out of shape. It’s quite hard to tell from a distance, but at least I know I don’t have anyone else trying to watch me for now,” Frost thought, as he was gently placed onto the cold, gloomy white floor.

    Diana approached the fridge, opened it and grabbed several water bottles that appeared to be somewhat cold to the touch.

    “Okay, well I guess they’re not all that mean, but still...” Diana thought, as she closed the fridge soon after.

    “Alright, we should drink up before getting outta here. I guess now I have another excuse since I forgot my bag at home again, but my coat still has the stuff inside oddly enough,” She stated before she opened the two bottles and gave them to each Pokémon.

    Frost took off his gas mask and quaffed down his drink. Nessie slowly sipped on the bottle of clear liquid. Diana drank the bottle at a modest pace, as she gathered up the empty bottles a brief moment later. She tossed them in the nearby bin, as she said, “Okay, let’s go. They said to press this button first.”

    A quick tap was given towards the button a split second later. The button slowly unfolded itself and revealed a panel with a flashing arrow that pointed towards the bed’s location. Diana slowly walked towards the bed and looked around, though there was no object in sight. She took a brief glimpse under the bed, as she caught the sight of a gray, prismatic-shaped object. She took the mysterious container and placed it in front of Frost and Nessie.

    “H- huh? I swear this thing looks familiar... like the one I used several months ago. I got a bad feeling something’s coming back,” Frost thought, as he rubbed on his ears and wore on his gas mask.

    The displayed arrow on the panel soon shifted into the shape of the bomb, as Frost gulped.

    “W- what is this thing? Is this like some sort of device or like package?” Diana asked, as Frost noted the display on the container booting on.

    “A- ahh! It’s a bomb! W- we gotta turn that thing off now!” Diana shrieked, as the displayed started counting down from the number five!

    The bomb gave off a beep every couple of seconds, as Frost pointed towards the screws on the top, metallic panel.

    “Oh, I don’t have a screwdriver, but I think this box cutter should do... since they look like it should fit,” Diana quickly said to Frost, before she handed him the box cutter.

    The small blade was placed on the holed slot, and turned as quickly as possible in a counterclockwise direction. The same was done to the other eight screws. A series of independent modules were uncovered the moment the panel was removed.

    “W- wow... this looks exactly like same one that almost blew that port... b- but I don’t have that book or anything! I- I’ll have to think carefully,” Frost thought, as he picked up on a highly pitched beep a split second later.

    “Dear Arceus... it’s also got that other thing, oh great! Guess I’ll have to play two games at once then!” Frost thought, as he turned towards the module with two displays. The top, smaller display counted down from the number thirty, while the somewhat bigger, bottom display had a series of symbols the Cubchoo could not comprehend.

    “H- hey! You should check this out! I- I might need a bit of help with this!” Frost shouted to Nessie, as the baby Lapras nodded and waddled over to the Cubchoo. The symbols appeared to resemble a series of strangely shaped letters upon closer inspection. Below the panels lied a red knob pointed up, where an above, etched X also was on.

    After a couple of seconds, the baby Lapras tapped Frost. Nessie spun around his right flipper once, then pointed towards the right side of the room after that.

    “A- are you sure pal? This thing’s already almost at twenty!” Frost cried, as Nessie gave a confident nod.

    “A- alright... but if you’re wrong, just promise me that you won’t disturb me up there,” Frost softly added before a tear fell from his eye. The Cubchoo quickly turned the knob completely around clockwise, then turned it again towards the right. A yellow light flashed, as Frost decided to shift his attention to another module that had an array of colorful wires.

    “Alright... let’s see what we got here. Green, white, yellow, red, red and blue. This bomb has more than one of the same color, so if I remember correctly, there’s probably one or two wires to cut. There’s also one of every color except black, so that means that the top wire has to be ruled out,” Frost contemplated, as he took in and out a series of noticeably louder breaths.

    “Okay, the display is at four and almost like ten... just try to ignore that other thing yeah? So the top’s dead, which leaves the other five. There’s only one green, red and blue, which tells me that the white wire would also have to be ruled out. That would only leave blue then, because two of the same wire would result in one being in the opposite.. so long as there are not more than two of the original that is. Well... h- here g- go- goes n- nothing then,” Frost heavily added in his stream of thoughts, as he violently slashed the blue wire!

    “Alright, that one’s finished! Now onto whatever that weird box thing with some buttons!” Frost thought once he took swift notice of a brief, loud beep that came soon after.
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  24. A door to Aris's left opened, and instantly her Pokemon had re-positioned themselves in front of her. A white-clothed woman stepped out of the doorway. "I wouldn't be so sure relaxation is an option now." Aris stared down the woman. The only part of her not covered was her eyes, and they were so bright green it was scary. In her hands, she held a syringe filled with yellow liquid, along with four wristbands that seemed to be adjustable. Aris's eyes locked on to the syringe. She had a bit of a needle phobia. "No, no, no!" Aris's eyes widened. Hestia grabbed Aris's arm in reassurance, while the other two Pokemon looked a bit confused. Hestia pulled out her wand with her free hand, and held it out in front of Aris as a form of protection.
    The woman didn't seem to be fazed at all. A few seconds passed, and suddenly the needle had jabbed Aris in one of her veins. Aris looked down at the spot in shock. She hadn't even seen the woman move. All she could remember before things started to fade was a great blast of fire, the enraged cry of a Braixen, and the shocked cries of a Riolu and an Eevee.
    (What happened, just so no one is confused)
    ~The woman has some weird speed thingy going on, just saying. I mean, there's a reason these trainers are in the lab. Something's different about all of them that sets them apart from a normal trainer.~
    Hestia had seen the woman move. Well, kind of. Braixen's speed stat is good, but not super good. So she kind of saw a flash, and she reacted by using Flame Charge. The woman dodged, and she put the wristbands (tracking devices) on Cobalt and Soul. Again, since Hestia wasn't as fast as the woman, she also managed to put a wristband on Hestia. After that, the woman revealed a stretcher that wasn't really seen before due to it being behind the door. She put them all on it, and now they're gone. For now.

    (Note: I also did this because I may not really be around for 2-3 days. I can just kinda jump back in when I get back.)
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  25. Sera groaned slightly as the hard concrete below her suddenly fell cold as she lay awake. The female jolted to attention, sitting upright and blinking awkwardly. Where was she? It should have been the first question, but Sera really was wondering how she hadn't awoken sooner on the uncomfortable floor. She could see her pokemon, the smaller of the three both piled on top of Numel who snored away. "What's going on?" Sera muttered and pushed herslef off the ground and into a standing position, she wasn't scared but rather curious about her current situation. The girl could hear voices behind her large metal door, but when she pulled at the locked barrier, it didn't budge at all. "Oh..." Sera muttered before looking around the empty room.
    "Hey, Mimi!" Sera whispered into her Pokemon's ear as she keeled beside the pile of sleepy creatures. Her Emolga simply turned onto it's side and ignored Sera who stuck out her lip in dismay. "Mimi, I need your help." Sera huffed, soon enough she had awoken the whole group- though they were all too confused to help Sera. She never had great control over her pokemon, just didn't have the heart to command them around like most trainers did. "Guys!" Sera huffed, eventually the Lombre stopped to look at his trainer. Ernesto's lazy face blinked at Sera before repeated it's name as pokemon did to speak and causing the other two to stop. It was quite the scene, with Enresto's carefree attitude, Pancake's lost cries, Mimi hectically flying around, and Sera in the middle of it all. As the girl took in a deep breath, she nodded her gratitude towards her Lombre before smiling at Mimi. "How about we try spark on the door handle. I think we'll be able to create enough energy to loosen the lock on this door." Sera pointed to the locked door. Mimi let out an excited squeak before nodded and glided to the door, she easily held her body against the knob and her whole body lit into electricity causing the door to jiggle.
    As Mimi finished, flying back onto Sera's shoulder with a proud smile, the door suddenly popped open and the voices became clear. Sera poked her out out of the door way before revealing herslef and walking out, followed by Numel and Lombre. "Oh... something tells me you can't give me any answers here." Sera giggled. She was unaware of the scene that had just happened with Aris, but everyone looked just as Shock as she did when she first woke up.
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  26. Charles bashed against the bars as he, Kratos and Basilisk alternated their attacks. "I don't need your-help!" He scowled as he finally destroyed the bar. As he heard a crackling voice notify them that they should not damage lab property, he spat upon the ground and recalled his Pokémon. "Move!" Charles shouted as he climbed through the window and ran away, eventually hiding in a closet. Where even am I?
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  27. Morgan now had his Pokémon under control and was freed from imprisonment for the time being. Finding himself wondering the halls and dodging cameras, least he thought he was. The hallway kept going and going, he felt like he wasn't making progress. "Is this a trick?" He quietly asked himself as he turned around to see his door, he hasn't moved an inch.

    Defeated and alone the boy was about to cry until he saw a loose cable in the wall. He jimmied it back in place which caused the wall to reveal a compartment that contained an empty journal and a camera. "What's this stuff for? I'm probably not supposed to have this." He decided to take them, if only to annoy those in charge.

    He still needed to find the actual room exit, could be anywhere. Morgan drew the room in the journal and found the only logical answer, the vent. Using his Zubat's strange knowledge of lockpicking he opened a vent in the wall. He crawled through it silently and found himself looking into the hallway where most of the other children were. He stayed quiet and wrote their names next to quick sketches he made of them. Hoping none of them see him so he can continue sneaking around the facility, maybe escape. He wonders if he should give them a choice to be in the vents with him.

    They'll probably get him caught though. Maybe the little one can fit, he decides not to help them yet. Watching is all thats safe to do. He heard the announcement from the vent, his eyes got wide as he's destroyed a room and stole items already. Also that he saw someone get taken.
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  28. Tony watched as a female scientist of some kind approached Aris. "You touch her, you die!" Tony shouted as he was about to send his Pokemon to attack... only to watch said woman manage to make her way to Aris and inject her in the blink of an eye. Tony was surprised at the display just as Gastly and Noibat were, Lycanroc on the other hand barked aggressively at the woman and a few times at Tony because he wanted to attack and destroy the people who had abducted them. He watched Aris and her Pokemon get taken away, Tony attempted to follow only for the door to close between him and the girl's captor, he kicked the door a few times. "I swear to god, I'm gonna break you all in half!" He shouted as he soon stopped bashing the door, leaned against the wall, looked at the video camera and gave the watcher the middle finger once more.
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  29. BoredSnowglobe

    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Otis stood still as she was frozen with fear. She closed her eyes, waiting for the people to go away. After awhile, she opened her eyes to see that Tony was banging a door, and Aris was gone. “W-W-What happened?” Servine and Nia stood close to Otis, they were shaking with fear. Mary however walked over to the door Tony was hitting, and used Firepunch on it. It only did a very small dent, and Mary’s hand ached with pain from the impact of the attack.
  30. Greg watched as the lab attendant swiftly injected Aris with the syringe and whisked her away to an undisclosed location. Immediately, his cool exterior melted away and signs of anxiety began to show.

    "What was that?!" he shouted to no one in particular and more as a reaction.

    He watched as many of the other Trainers attempted to have their Pokémon break down the door that the scientist had disappeared into, to no avail.

    "It worked with the door in the other room, so why not try it on this one? Draper, Rollout!" Greg said.

    The Phanpy curled himself into a ball and rolled forcefully towards the door, simply bouncing off of the material without even making a dent. Greg comforted Draper in an attempt to remedy his hurt confidence. Calmness oozed back onto the young man's face.

    "Maybe we should have a look around?" he suggested the group.
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    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Otis watched as Greg’s Phanpy tried to use Rollout on the door, only for it to not make a dent. “Maybe we should use Fire type moves, it may melt the metal. Or we could have a look around like Greg suggested.” Otis tried to sound as calm as she could. Mary looked up at Otis and nodded, her hand felt better. Nia crawled back up on Otis’ shoulder, looking for another way to follow the lady that took Aris. Servine’s vines extended from her body, and they lashed at the door. It only made a few scratches, and Servine sighed.
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  32. Morgan watched them struggle against the metal door for a bit before losing interest. He found the idea of open rebellion against the kidnapper to be a bad idea. He did however admire their determination, a trait he felt he lacked. Against all judgement he wrote a note and slipped it through the vent.

    It read.

    "Dear Trainers, I know you're frightened at your current imprisonment and wish to leave. I too am trying to escape, I can't reveal too much about myself. I don't actually trust any of you but I'm asking for your trust when I need it. I'll be watching, don't say anything about me and hide or destroy this note. Later."

    He hopes they read it as he continued his vent journey.
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  33. Charles got out of the closet and decided to have a look around as a sound caught his attention. He made his way towards it and looked around the corner, seeing a scientist drag away a prisoner. "Hey, stop right there! Basilisk, Poison Tail!" Charles shouted as he released his Seviper, who launched itself towards the scientist with its poisonous tail ready to strike.
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    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Otis smiled at Servine, “You tried your best.” Servine sighed once more before looking up at her trainer. Mary grew furious and bashed the door two times with a Firepunch. She made two more small dents, but both her hands hurt even more than before. Otis and Servine walked towards Mary, and Otis picked her up. “It’s okay, take it easy Mary.” The small Mareep felt at ease. Nia spotted a vent, and hopped off Otis’ shoulder, scuttling towards the small vent. The vent was opened a bit, a Nia luckily fit inside the hole. She saw a note, and read it. Watching? Why don’t they just show themselves? Whatever . . . Nia hid the note in her sky blue bandana that was around her neck.
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  35. The vastness of the vents was breathtaking, quite literally as Morgan had difficulty breathing. He hates it but he'd hate being a prisoner more and the kids didn't look like he'd enjoy their company. He thought about turning back to join the group a great deal as he explored but ultimately didn't, too early to tell if that was a good decision. He found his way to a crossroad in the vents, paths lead left, right or up. "I can go up a floor or stay on this one." Something compelled him to stay relatively close to the others so he goes left in the vents.

    "I'm an idiot for not going up, why do I want to stay close to trainers? Maybe I want their undying appreciation and praise. I can hear it now, oh Morgan you're so cool and heroic. Morgan you're very handsome and smart, marry me." He laughs as he's saying this, "That's not likely the reason." The kid goes silent as he feels a sudden pulse in his head followed by a massive headache. He needed rest, "Of course I get sick at a crucial point." He looked into the room the current vent belonged to, pitch black. Figuring it was safe he allowed himself a nap. He dreamt of running a lab in Kanto.

    The dream was innocent enough until the end, it all came crashing down.

    "My useless assistants are reporting me for treating them poorly? Fine then, take my license, take my lab. I have nothing and nobody to rely on." In the dream Morgan became a bitter old man living in his old rundown lab that throws rocks at trainers that pass him.
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    BoredSnowglobe Previously OtisRolePlays

    Nia looked ahead of her, the vent was surprisingly well lit. She scuttled forward, her small feet tapping the floor of the vent lightly. Nia wanted to find who wrote the note, and why they just didn’t show themselves. “Veni, Venipede... (They must be pretty small to fit in this vent...)” She just sighed, continuing the path the vent laied out for her.
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  37. Tony eventually stopped hitting the door and looked at Greg with a somewhat annoyed look. "Not like we have much choice, perhaps we'll run into one of those science freaks and break them into telling us where they took that girl and how to get us out of here." Tony said as he put his hands in is pockets after he beckoned for his Pokemon to follow him.
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