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A Legend as been fortold

Discussion in 'General Video Game Discussion' started by Alex Bock, Apr 9, 2005.

  1. Tales of legendia will be released in japan in spring. Clips of info have been released and I will tell you what fortunes lay ahead. In this game there are only four people to choose from. the world takes place on a large vessle that has been around for hundreds of years. besides monsters and humans roaming around there will also be these weird creatures that sort of resemble racoons but three of these creatures become your friend and help you through out your journy. there will also be a new animater instead of Kosuke Fujishima drawing the characters. well I'm to lazy right now to tell you more but next time i'll tell you guys about the mysterious claw skills, the characters backrounds and the storyline.
  2. The story for tales of legendia revolves around an ancient vessle that measures over 100 km in length. The people of the world have come to inhabite the vessle and have started building cities and towns by using the technology from from a long dead civilazation called the melnes. The melnes were a civilazation of priest warriors who were known to be different then your average day humans. They were masters of a bizzare fighting style called claw skills. However the melnes have ceased to exist and no one has since seen them. somehow the little sister of the games main character is connected to the lost melnes people and ends up on the wrong end of a massive man hunt by an unamed party thus begins tales of legendia.

    though not much is known about the battle system the special skills that will be used in tales of legendia are called claw skills.The characters will use these claws to perform special techniques. Each claw will be grouped into different catogories each with its own unique ffect. Breath claws allow the character to use magic effects art claws are for physicall attack effects and ghast claws are for creating illusions.
    Senel is a 17 year old boy who is the main character of the story.He works as a marine police which is a type of seaside police or monster hunte.He's very stubborn but also very quiet. His weapon is his own knuckles and is a user of art claws.
    Will raynard is the person senel first meets. He is a unofficial sheriff of the light house town and is a historian at heart.He is the eldest of the cast at 28 years old.His weapon is a hammmer and is a user of breath claws.
    Chloe valens is a gifted swordsman and is desended from the noble valens family known throughout the kingdoms for turning out to be elite knights. Her weapon is a sword and is a user of art claws.
    Norma biatty is a cheerful free spirited girl who loves to tease her companions. She enjoys giving people cute nicknames that only she calls them by. Her weapon is a staff I think and is a user of breath claws.
  3. Oh, good. Another Tales fan. :-D

    I have been keeping up with the story, and it sounds intersting so far. The pictures looked weird though. So that's why...the animator changed.

    What I am mildly worried about is whether or not it will come out in US for GCN because I don't have a PS2 and if it did come out on GCN the graphics and loading times would be better, because GCN has better hardware. However a family-friend recently aquired a PS2...wonder if they'll let me borrow it in case the US release is PS2 only?

    The change that is greatest in style since ToS, I think, would be that characters are now rendered in polygons instead of cel-shaded sprites.

    However, Namco Tales Studio Ltd. has promised more anime cutscenes than ever, which was what I missed most in ToS, and would probably make up for the style change, which I can guarantee will be a "love-hate" thing for die-hard Tales fans and even newbies to the series like me.

    Keep those fingers crossed, that rabbit foot in you hand, um....whatever else you do for luck...and hope that they make ToL better than ever! (Of course ToS will probably remain a classic forever, like FVII to the Final Fantasy Series. Probably.)
  4. I'm a newbie too I got into the serise when I bought TOS :wink: and I'm stilll not done it yet. I know how you feel I don't own a PS2 either but just like you I have a relative who has one who i'll force him to let me burrow it but who knows maybe they'll make it for the GCN aswell because I heard there bringing TOS to the PS2 and if you want another tales game to pass the time until legendia comes TOP will be coming out on the GBA :wink:
  5. Linkachu

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    Heh... Looks like we're all newbies to the series. While I own Tales of Destiny II, I couldn't get into it like I could Tales of Symphonia. Now I really want to try ToD II again and play all the new Tales game. ToS just rocked so much :D

    I have a PS2, so whenever/if this one comes out I'll definitely be buying it. The story sounds pretty good so far, including this ancient civilization (cliche, but can't get enough of 'em).

    Just a comment...
    Don't you mean FFVI? :p :wink:
  6. Not personal opinion, just what most people consider.

    The only one I own is FFVIII which I got for free...
  7. So Katie do you own may I quote this Tales of Eternia (the Tales of Destiny II released in America) or Tales of Destiny II the Japanese version. Namely ToD2 from Japan was an excellent game. Also I can't wait for the release of ToP remake for GBA to be released here. ToP in my oppinion might of been the ebst of the series storywise.

    Also Tales of Legendia is for PS2 and may or may not see a US release date.

    Symphonia atleast by the fans of the series has dubbed it to be the Prequel to Tales of Phantasia. IT does fit perfectly to. I mean the two moons in aselia are sylvarant and tethetalla. The land masses look very similar.

    Also the only two games Kosuke Fujishima did the animation for were ToS and ToP which is the other reason people belive ToS and ToP are related in stories.

    Well and of course Tales of Destiny 2 (Jp) is the sequel to Tales of Destiny not to be mistaken with Tales of Eternioa(Tales of Destiny II US).

    That's a mouthful.

    Also it's doubtful if Tales of Rebirth will ever see the light of day in the US (the game released for PS2 after ToS was made for GCN).
  8. Linkachu

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    It's an english translated game, so I assume it's the American release version. Man, it's FFII/III (aka. FFIV and VI) all over again o.o

    What makes the Japanese titled game so good?
  9. It's been officially announced. Check out the tales.namco.com forums.

    Er, ToL that is.
  10. what makes them so good well for me its the anime plus they always (usually)come up with great storylines
  11. Linkachu

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    Um... I meant more, "why is ToD II in Japan so good?" but oh well... ^^;

    ToL has officially been announced for release here? That's great to hear! Another RPG for the pile that I'll never play for two years :wink:
  12. Official release date as of April 21, 2005 is "Quarter 1 2006" for North America. PS2 realease is also confirmed.

    official product page: http://www.namco.com/games/talesoflegendia
    no official site yet, at http://tales.namco.com/ you may click on "Forums" and find the "Announcements" page.
  13. ToD2 was good because it's the only tales game thats a real sequel I mean people debate that ToS and ToP are related but there's no proof. Also if I remember ToD2 had a revamped battle system but really I've only played it a few times so I can't quite remember. Also ToD2 was the first next gen tales game. I still give ToS the edge in the battle system mechanics but ToD2 was a masterpiece. IT probably ahd the best story (I ahd no clue what was going on but my friend that reads and speaks japanese fluently told me all about the story as I played) lol so it was all good.

    I consider myself somewhat knowledgable on the Tales series but I'm not an expert.

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