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A Forest Clearing Battle ('Cause Battling P_M is Cool These Days)

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by Cody, Jul 8, 2011.

  1. (apologies for the super descriptive title :p But this is a private battle between myself and P_M, in case you didn't get the idea...)

    "Well," Cody said, sitting with his back against a tree, "Brian said to meet here...I think."

    The clearing was more oblong than circular, with trees tracing the edge of nearly the whole thing; here and there would be a path that had been formed from the journeys of many a lost Trainer. The sun was still in the east, not quite to the top of it's arc across the sky. The ground was soft, the winter freeze having long been thawed.

    Cody's Aipom, Silver, was swinging from limb to limb in the tree above his Trainer. As a cloud moved to partially block the sun's light, Cody allowed himself to drift to sleep while he waited for his old friend to appear.
  2. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: Lovely title, though I've always been cool ;)


    Brian rushed through the forest to the spot he had told his long time friend Cody to meet up with him. Stupid nice weather making sleep come so easy.

    "How could you let me fall asleep like that?" Brian complained to his Infernape, Axel.

    "Please, I was out before you." defended the gold furred monkey. Brian only shook his head in disappointment at getting so easily distracted. Hopefully he wasn't too late for his match with Cody. They had been meaning to have a friendly battle for a while now, but scheduling conflicts and bad timing had killed all of their past plans.

    When the Trainer and his partner arrived in the clearing that was to be their battle ground, he spotted his friend taking a snooze under a tree. He couldn't help but smile that he wasn't the only one who thought a mid morning nap was a good idea. Brian noticed an Aipom in the tree above Cody, most definitely Silver. Brian put his finger to his mouth indicating he wanted the monkey to keep quiet for a moment. The trainer got on his hands and knees, crept as close to Cody as he could.

    "Wake up Cody." he said gently. Brian couldn't wait to see Cody's face when he woke up with Brian's face so close.
  3. (I was busy yesterday. Sorry >< )

    "M...mom?" Cody yawned as he opened his eyes. Upon seeing the face of Brian, however, he fell quickly to the side with a soft scream.

    "Sweet Arceus you scared me," he said, standing up, "Jerk." Cody laughed, dusted his shorts off, and began walking across the clearing. Silver leaped down from the tree, stood on his tail, and waved to Brian and Axel. After the quick greeting, he ran across the clearing to catch up with Cody, who was pulling a Timer Ball from his pocket.

    "We can catch up after the battle," he said, enlarging the Timer Ball, "Are ya ready?"

    (Short post is short...)
  4. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: Don't worry about it. I'm pretty much busy all week! |D

    "Mom? That's a new one." Brian teased as he laughed at Cody's amusing reaction. He and Axel then took their place at the opposite end of the clearing from Cody and Silver to get the battle underway.

    "We can catch up after the battle. Are ya ready?" asked Cody grabbing a Timer Ball.

    "Cody, Cody, Cody. I'm always ready for a battle!" said Brian with a smile. He reached for his waist and grabbed a Pokeball of his own. "Take center stage Metang!" called the trainer summoning a metallic blue disc with long clawed arms to the field. Metang surveyed the area with its hollow red eyes awaiting the appearance of its opponent.
  5. (aggggh sorry. Also. The name...so juvenile. But I was young when I named her D:)

    "Well...this'll be fun," Cody grinned as he spoke. The Timer Ball flew out of his hands and hit the ground. As it opened, the lights formed a pattern that resembled the quickly turning hands on a clock. The hands drew in on themselves, and formed the shape of an Espeon. She stretched, her front paws digging ever so slightly into the softened ground.

    "I guess we'll get started?" Cody asked, "something simple...Swift!"

    The jewel on Espy's forehead glowed with a golden energy, which nearly instantly took the shape of hundreds of tiny stars. The stars shot forward, and split from one "beam" in to two. The two paths arced through the sky, forming two separate golden clouds, before converging toward Metang.
  6. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    "Use Iron Defense Metang!" Brian called. Metang's body started shimmering with a fresh coat of hardened metal just before the golden stars converged on it. When the dust created by the stars' explosions disappeared, the Iron Claw Pokemon looked no worse for wear.

    "You'll have to try harder than that!" taunted Brian in a friendly tone. "Metang! Attack with Iron Head now!" he told his Pokemon. The top of Metang's head started glowing white as it charged at Espeon.
  7. "Quick Attack to dodge," Cody called. The Sun Pokemon crouched in preparation; the tips of her tail quivered as she detected the air currents to predict Metang's movement. The Espeon leaped out of the way not a moment too soon as Brian's Metang flew by her.

    "Ahw, c'mon girl," Cody said, laughing a bit, "you're taking yourself too seriously! Anyway, use Shadow Ball!"

    The orb on her head flew a sinister purple, so dark it was almost black. Espy swung her neck around, so that she was facing Metang. As she did, the attack, around the size of a basketball, flew off her forehead and cut through the sky toward Brian's Metang.
  8. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Espy dodged Metang at the last second causing the latter to continue a few extra feet than intended from momentum. When the Sun Pokemon regrouped, she launched a Shadow Ball from her forehead at Metang.

    "Disperse Shadow Ball with Gyro Ball and then attack with Bullet Punch!" Brian commanded. The Iron Claw Pokemon rapidly spun around becoming an almost elliptical blue ring. On impact, the Shadow Ball exploded dealing only minor damage compared to what a head on collision would have done. When Metang stopped spinning, it quickly bolted at Espy with its clawed fist extended.
  9. (Oh my God I'm so sorry. I was called in to work the past few days and effff.)

    Espeon were generally a quick species, but not quick enough to completely avoid a Bullet Punch. Espy attempted to leap out of the way, and the punch only landed on her rear legs. The two-tailed Pokemon was knocked back through the air, thrown off balance from the punch.

    "Use Psychic to land!" As she heard the command, the jewel on Espy's forehead shone a light pink, and the Sun Pokemon landed smoothly on the forest floor.

    "Okay," Cody called out, "Grass Knot!" This time, it was the Espeon's front paws that glowed with the pink psychic energy, which appeared to seep in to the ground. Moments later, tendrils of grass, enlarged and strengthened by Espy's attack, shot from the ground in a circle around Metang.
  10. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    OOC: Like I said Cody, no need to apologize. We're all busy from time to time :)

    Under Espy's control, the grass grew longer and began tieing itself around Metang's arms to limit its movement and to pull it to the ground. The Iron Claw Pokemon struggled against the enlarged foliage, but there was just too much to resist.

    "Try cutting free with Metal Claw!" Brian suggested assertively. Metang's claws turned silver as it began slashing away at the entangling grass. Even destroying most of it, Metang was still thrown to the ground but got back up ready for more.

    "Alright! Now attack Espy with Meteor Mash!" the trainer followed up. Metang charged up its attack causing its fist to glow white. As the Iron Claw Pokemon sped towards Espy, the movement of the glow looked like a meteor speeding towards the Espeon.
  11. Meteor Mash was a fast attack, no doubt, but Espy was still prepared. The Sun Pokemon was able to detect Metang's movements long before the two Pokemon were anywhere near each other. She launched herself out of the way, enhanced by Psychic, slowly landing on the ground.

    "Let's go defensive for awhile," Cody called out to his Pokemon, "use Psychic to create a dome around yourself!"

    Rather than just creating a dome of Psychic energy around herself, however, Espy dug her paws ever so slightly in to the ground, and her attack shot through her paws, the grass, and then deep underground. A moment later, the earth around the Espeon formed a perfect dome around her, composed of pure bedrock, at least four inches thick.

    "I'd like to see Metang get through that..."Cody thought.
  12. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Not only did Espy succeed in dodging Metang's attack, she then created a barrier of solid rock around herself. Brian put his hand to his chin and stared at the Sun Pokemon's location indicating he was going deep in thought to devise a strategy.

    "Metang! Test out that barrier's defense with Metal Claw!" suggested the trainer. Metang floated over to the encased Espeon guardedly in case she attacked without warning. It then slashed at the shield leaving only faint claw marks in the stone.

    "Well that didn't work." Brian sighed realizing just how strong the barrier was. "Well I guess there's no way around it. You leave me no choice Cody! Remain at close range and blast those rocks with Hyper Beam Metang!" he commanded. The Iron Claw Pokemon tilted its body back as a brilliant yellow energy gathered at its beak. In one rapid motion, Metang threw its "face" forward launching a powerful ray of energy that exploded on contact with Espy's dome.

    Brian covered his eyes with his arm to block the light and flying debris. When it was safe to look again, he patiently waited for the smoke from the attack to clear. If Hyper Beam didn't break through, nothing would.
  13. "That's exactly what I hoped for!" Cody laughed to himself. As Metang began charging up the Hyper Beam, Espy used Dig to escape the dome.

    From behind the dome, Cody could see just how powerful the blast was. The rocks began to splinter almost instantaneously, throwing small bits of rock and lots of dust in to the air. The explosion made it near impossible for the Trainer to see Brian's Metang.

    As the smoke cleared, the only traces of the dome that could be seen were a few rocks scattered on the field; including some that had been thrown as far as the edges of the forest.

    "Now!" Cody called, hoping Brian hadn't had the time to notice the entry-hole. And, even if he had, Brian's Metang would have to be incredibly powerful -- which Cody had no doubt it was -- to attack again so soon after unleashing a Hyper Beam.

    At her Trainer's command, the Sun Pokemon burst from the ground directly below Metang. She was encased in the same bedrock that had been used to form the dome. Her "shell" however, would fall away after the attack.
  14. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    The dome had been completely destroyed, but the Sun Pokemon was nowhere to be seen. By the time Brian realized Cody's plan, Espy was already jumping out of the ground at the vulnerable Metang.

    "Metang! Hurry! Use Magnet Rise!" Brian called desperately. The disc shaped Pokemon only turned to its trainer apologetically as it was still too worn out from Hyper Beam to move yet. As a result, Espy was able to knock Metang out of the air with Dig causing the Iron Claw Pokemon to fall to the ground. However Metang wasn't out yet. It had just gotten its second wind and was in the air ready for more.

    "Cody you jerk." said Brian playfully with a smile. "That was a brilliant move. I commend you, but I have a few moves of my own! Metang! Slow Espy down with Scary Face and then attack with Flash Cannon!" he commanded. Metang gave the Espeon a frightening glare hoping the fear would dull her reaction time. It then charged a white light at its beak before firing the metallic blast at Espy.
  15. "Clever..." Cody muttered, impressed. As much as Cody approved of Brian's choice, there was nothing he could do. Slowing down Espy made it impossible for her to dodge the attack; the metallic disk hit her head on.

    The Sun Pokemon was knocked up in the air by the impact. As she soared up, the disk dissipated. Espy arced through the air.

    "Land on your feet!" Cody called. As Espy heard the command she twisted herself in the air, and, with not more than a second to spare, got her feet down. The landing was less-than-graceful, but it prevented Espy from sustaining any further damage from landing on her back or head.

    "Okay," Cody said, "use Agility and then Shadow Ball!" Espy's knees bent, and, enhanced by her Psychic abilities, she took off, running full speed around the clearing. She completed two full circles before leaping into the air, directed at Metang's face.

    Once again, Espy's jewel took on a dark hue of purple. As she landed on the grass about six feet from Metang, the shadowy orb flew from her forehead and towards her opponent.
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  16. Psycho Monkey

    Psycho Monkey Member of the Literary Elite Four

    Espy took the Flash Cannon getting knock in the air, but still had the stamina to continue. Upon landing, she returned her speed to normal with Agility and then launched a sphere of darkness at Metang.

    "Dodge with your own Agility Metang!" Brian countered. The Iron Claw Pokemon relaxed its body, then with its boosted speed, shot up to the sky to avoid the Shadow Ball.

    "Good work! Now, attack with Pursuit!" the trainer followed up. Dark colored steam began emanating from Metang's claws as it charged its attack. The duel-type then flew at the Sun Pokemon with its fist pulled back. No matter where Espy tried dodging, Metang would continue to follow her until landing a hit.

    (OOC: This post was better the first time I wrote it, but due to some technical error it got deleted ^^; )
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