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Open A fearful extinction (discussion/sign ups)

Discussion in 'General Role Play Discussion' started by Starry Phantump, Jul 16, 2018.

  1. Here is a rp idea I've had for a while and wanted to see how it would go...also I am very tired right now so if this intro isn't that good...you know why..

    The human world, a place filled with many types of people, most tend to stick to the rules of life, however, there are those who try to defy these rules and play by their own...

    This was the case for a number of researchers that hoped to create humans that we're capable of breaking physics, and hoped to use them as war soldiers. They used the body's of ill children, they ran tests and experimented with hundreds, most of them were unable to pass their "tests" and died, those who survived ended up becoming ghoulish like creatures similar to zombies, but had the soul and personality of a child, along with abilities that were unachievable via the laws of physics. But a select few passed the tests exceptionly well, and were treated with unique experiments, this made their bodies change uniquely, some changed drastically, as if they were never once human, but in special ways, their abilities were different, and on a different scale of power from the others, these few had a different level of sentience then the others, they were able to feel complex emotions, think for theirselves, and act on their own without a control...

    Among these few was a boy who looked like a normal human except covered in red material and was gifted with a strange power, he revolted and liberated these experiments, though dying in the process, many escaped to the vast world, and now a world order has been ordered, to hunt down every last one of them and make these creatures "extinct"

    ~you are one of the select few who exceeded the tests, you have all been given a code that the government identifies you as

    ~somwhat literate RPers only, thought I usually don't mind people who are new to RP but I'm trying something new

    ~romance is allowed (nothing excessive,)

    ~no Mary Sue characters

    ~no autoing another person's OC

    ~respect the global rules

    Age: 12-18
    Code: ( ie. Code: 043 [Spring]
    Appearance: (the appearance should be monsterish or creature like, and huminoid is acceptable as well
    Personality: (nothing detailed since personality is constantly changing when a character develops, just a few basic character traits
    Ability: ( you may have multiple abilities, as long as they aren't too different from your character)
    Other: (any additional info you want to share)

    Here is mine

    Name:Wispereth "Wispy"
    Age: 13
    Gender: F
    Code: -001-[Wraith]
    Appearance: she has an average young girl look, along with light purple skin, she wears a black torn dress with sleeves that conciel her hands, she has violet eyes and a short grey ponytail. She is barefeet and her mouth is sewd shut, however she can still talk.
    Personality: She is very insecure and acts like a scaredy cat when threathened, but she is determined and wants to help anyway she can, she does know how to fight but had little experience
    Abilities: her two main abilities are being able to act like a ghost and phase through things, her other ability allows her create portals and teleport, though this puts heavy strain on her body, she is new to her powers so she doesn't know her full potential, and may have other powers she doesn't know of yet
    Other: Wispy's Code: 001 is because she was one of the original test subjects for the experiments, and her
    Codename: Wraith is due to her ghost like appearance and powers

    I really hope you will enjoy the RP
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  3. Name: Joshua
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Code: 034
    Appearance: Joshua still looks majorly human and is covered in a mix of golden and orange scales. His hair is blonde and his eyes are brown. His canines are abnormally sharp. He wears a black short sleeved shirt over a red leather jacket, jeans that have slightly tattered bottoms, and gray sneakers that are slightly worn.
    Personality: He is smart and easygoing.
    Abilities: Fire breathing and fire manipulation, though there may be more powers he doesn't know about.
    Codename: Draco
    Other: N/A
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  4. Yay! I'm not alone! *Mental dance party*

    @Excalibur Queen nice, and accepted!
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  5. Name: Levi
    Age: 14
    Gender: Male
    Code: 013 [Diamond]
    Appearance: He still looks human with pale skin and a jet black buzzcut, the only difference being his forearms and legs appear to be more 'crystalized' in black crystals. He wears a white tank top underneath a long tattered trench coat, he wears blue tattered jeans and walks barefoot, showing his 'crystal feet.' His eyes are also completely black, but not crystalized.
    Personality: He is friendly despite hot-headed and morbid.
    Ability: He can materialize black crystals and manipulate them for several means like projectiles and small platforms. He can crystalize his entire body at will to protect from attacks and can create blade like crystals on his arms which is his main choice of fighting.
    Other: He can change how hard the crystals are on his body, even to skin like softness. His coat actually belonged to his late older brother. His attire may change a bit as the story progresses.
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  6. (This is actually interesting so I'll give it a go)

    Name: JC
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female
    Code: 004 [ Mask]
    Appearance: She mostly has the parts of the wolf including the ears, tail, paws, even eyes and also canines all white with light blue eyes. She has dark brown hair pass the shoulder with a bang covering her right eye which seems to be blind. She wears glasses upon her face but also a wolf mask on her face and black hooded cape to cover herself.
    Personality: Quite distant, Gentle(rarely seen now because of what she has been through but she does shown it if your lucky), Stubborn, Cold, a bit aggressive
    Ability: She can shapeshift into a wolf at bay, She can read minds with her telepathy
    Other: She was separated from her brother when she was hand picked as this hurt her. She can looked anthropomorphic by using the wolf mask she wears.

    (She just feels comfortable wearing a mask lol)
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  7. Also, this is gonna be the first RP I do that isn't Pokémon lol.
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  8. @LunarSilvally I'm glad this interests you. And I like your bio, but before I can accept it could you perhaps limit her abilities more, having paralysis, Ice, Poison, Telepathy, and shapeshift at the same time seems a bit OP, try and stick with just two powers right now, and later in the RP she could learn more, if you could fix that then I will be glad to accept you :)

    And how exactly does she wear glasses and her wolf mask, but this part is mostly out of curiosity so it's not a big deal.
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  9. I'll wait for maybe two more people to join before I make the rp
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  11. Awesome, @LunarSilvally accepted, also the [insert word] is your codename, just thought I would mention
  12. oh alright thanks for letting me know ^-^
  13. Bio
    Name: Joan Jo
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Code: 006-Life
    Appearance: Unnatural Golden blond hair tied in a pony tail. She wears a blue jacket over a withe blouse, wears a black skirt, black shoes with red stripes on the sides and black knee socks. Has withe curved markings similar to the letter J coming down from the eyes on both sides
    Personality: Carefree and kindhearted, loyal to those she trust. Has a scary side when people make her angry.
    Ability: Life creation
    Other: None
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