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Ask to Join A Coming of Age Story - Volume One

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play Discussion' started by Semper Iuvenis, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. There comes a time where innocence departs and where the naiveness of protected youth loses it's touch. A moment when hearts are shattered and dreams are crushed. What you do after that moment though, is what truely defines you.

    A year after the Grand Kalos Festival and his first kiss with his only crush, Zephious now faces his greatest challenge yet in the form of the Kalos League.

    Seemingly alone for the first time of his life, Zeph continues to struggle dealing with overcoming a first love and finding who he really is in the world around him.


    Hey, so I'm continuing my character from the Kalos Grand Festival by creating a Kalos League Roleplay. New faces and familiar faces are all welcome, especially if you were apart of the Kalos Grand Festival RP.


    (Curt I stole your list of rules on the old RP, hope you don't mind)
    >Please write two paragraphs MINIMUM when making a post. Half the fun of an RP is interacting with other people and writing a story, the more detail you put in the better. Don’t JUST write about yourself or your Pokemon, describe the scenery, have you character make note of an observationbetween two other characters. It’s an RP, be creative!

    >Please use proper spelling, grammar, and punctuation. A mistake here and there is fine, but no one wants to decipher a jumbled mess of words just to figure out what you said.

    >Please pay attention to other RP’ers posts and be aware of the continuity. If someone attacked you in a previous post and you suddenly have a snack and act like the attack was just non-existent, you’re going to confuse and upset people.

    > Legendary Pokémon are (usually) not allowed. Legendries are considered to be unbelievably rare and unfathomably powerful Pokemon, both in the games and in the Pokemon Lore. As such, usage of such Pokemon are forbidden from use in this RP (Please check the RP rules if you want a detailed list).

    >Mega Evolutions are limited. Due to in most cases a Mega Evolved Pokemon is around the same power as a Legendary Pokemon, you must have earned a Stone and Bracelet from a previous, moderator approved RP (as per Pokecharms, rules). If you have, please message me with a link to the RP in which you earned your Mega Evolution so I can confirm it.

    > This one is important! If you are battling another RP’er, it is up to the person being attacked to determine whether or not they got hit. I don’t care if you used Swift, it is still up to the person being attacked to determine if they got hit. I don’t want to see anything like “Then Squirtle hit Charmander with Water Gun and then he fainted”, this is godmoding, and most people (me included) have VERY LITTLEpatience for that.

    >That being said, please be reasonable people, don’t have your Pokemon make it through every single attack unscathed.We’re not working strictly on game logic here, a Pokémon can take a few hits before going down. If I see your Aggron avoid every attack like an Arceus damn ninja, it will be counted as godmoding and you will be dealt with accordingly.

    > As a follow up to the previous rule, if you get continually hit and your Pokemon never faints, you're godmoding. Even a Snorlax can't take a Focus Punch, two Flare Blitzes, and a Close Combat.

    >Also, be aware of who and what you’re up against. If you’re a new trainer sending out a recently caught Pidgey against an experienced trainer with a Garchomp, you’re going to lose, very quickly.

    >Lastly, though not strictly a “rule”, it’s generally seen as common courtesy to let the better Role-Player win the battle. If you’re fighting someone who is posting detailed, well-written paragraphs that illustrate the battle perfectly while you’re barely putting together two paragraphs per post with several spelling and grammar mistakes, then please swallow your pride and take the loss. Everyone here will respect you more for it. If you and your opponent(s) can’t decide who the winner should be, I as the “RP Master” will choose a winner based on the Role Player’s Skill, how comparable the characters are in terms of strength, and a few other outlining factor’s.

    >As far as Pokemon move set’s go, you are not restricted to just 4 moves. Instead a Pokemon 4 “Primary” moves serve as the ones they use most often and have the most skill using. Your Pokemon can use most moves that they’d learn normally by leveling up or TM (albeit a bit less powerful), but please be fair.


    Form Example:
    Name: Zephious Everard
    Hometown: Lumiose City, Kalos
    Height: 6'3"
    Weight:165 pounds
    Eyes:Ocean Blue
    Clothing: I'd fail at writing this so I'm attaching the files that he now looks like. First image is his formal attire and the second is his casual (no I didn't draw them) He changed his attire since the festival FYI.
    Identifying Marks: Has a birthmark on the shoulder, vaguely looks like a hawk
    Musculature: Lean, decent strength and endurance
    Personality: Zephious is a rich teenage noble from Kalos. He is a gentleman and likes to do things a little old fashioned but is open to new things. He is open, friendly, and patient, but if you tick him off constantly or hurt people he cares about then he won't cease in his hatred.
    Skills: Flirting/Gentlemen- A definite ladies man, he has a 'gentleman mode' where he immediately comes to the service of a young woman
    Wit- Since he is rather rich he had a fine education at a young age, giving him a stunning intellect
    Telepathy- Can communicate telepathically with his Gallade
    Past: Zephious is a single child born into nobility. He was raised in style, not having anything worth mentioning till he turned ten and got his Ralts and Froakie. For eight years he traveled around Kalos training and battling gyms with little interference from Team Flare while going on family business and working. He eventually won his final badge and decided to enter the League that year.
    Family: Zepharious Everard, Xavier Regium, Charlotte Everard
    Love Relationships: Overcoming a close relationship with his first crush named Bailey.
    Pokemon Team: (just list them)
    Gallade, Sharpedo, Greninja, Kabutops, Bisharp, Dragonair
    • Pictures of Zeph
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  2. This sound like it is well thought out and I'd like to be a part of it. If you want me to that is, of course. I will start to fill out the sheet whilst I wait for your response.

    I finished the before-mentioned character sheet, I'll leave it here for you to read.

    Name: Emil Anderson
    Gender: Male
    Hometown: Ecruteak City, Johto
    Age: 20
    Height: 5’8”
    Weight: 115 pounds
    Hair: Caramel brown
    Eyes: Light brown
    Clothing: Emil prefers loose-fitting attire, none of that (up)tight nonsense. His personal favorite shirt is a lime green T-shirt with the faded image of a stylized Snubbull printed on the fabric. Emil nearly always pairs this shirt with a light red, hooded jacket and prefers to keep the sleeves rolled up to his elbows.

    For pants he wears a pair of grey-blue denim jeans which are just too long and cover up most of his shoes, often only the noses of his footwear remain visible. The ends of the pant legs are worn due to them dragging over the ground when he walks. Emil’s footwear consists of sneakers. There’s really nothing remarkable about them. The shoes are somewhat worn, dark gray in color and have white noses.

    Other than that Emil wears an old, gray sweatband on his right wrist, a silver necklace with an old, rusty ring hanging from it, and a silver earring in his right earlobe.
    Identifying Marks: Scar on his left calf
    Musculature: Skinny, a somewhat scrawny physique, below-average strength and decent endurance

    Personality: Emil is a bit of a lone wolf, preferring to spend his time alone with his Pokémon instead of travelling in groups. He’s quiet and withdrawn, showing little to no interest in anything that doesn’t involve Pokémon, and even then he still doesn’t talk much. His uninterested expression and monotone voice make him sound like the most boring and distant person on the planet, but this isn’t really how he is. Emil mostly acts cold and distant because he doesn’t like to talk, because he stutters and is somewhat ashamed of it.

    In fact, if you do get to know him, he’s quite the pleasant individual with a passion for writing, traveling and Pokémon. Even though it isn’t always noticeable due to the natural tone of his voice. He also has an affinity for sarcasm and an ‘obsession’ with puns, something not everyone can appreciate.

    Thick skinned – If Emil was a Pokémon-Type his immunities would be criticism and insults. He doesn’t care about whatever someone else thinks of him and trying to provoke or ‘impress’ him with unfounded name-calling will do absolutely nothing.

    Resourceful – Emil is used to travelling alone, and back when he didn’t have a full roster of Pokémon to help him out he had to resort to his own cleverness to overcome difficulties. A skill that has honed itself over the course of his journey.

    Tactician – Due to his ‘brain-over-brawn’ mentality, Emil prefers to rely on teamwork and strategy instead of brute strength, which in turn made him very aware of the capabilities and limits of his Pokémon.

    Past: Emil is the eldest child of Peter and Jeannette Anderson. He was raised together with his younger brother, Boyd Anderson, in Ecruteak City, Johto. With his parents being fearful towards Pokémon, Emil didn’t come in contact with the creatures until he was thirteen (13) years old. Outside of town he met a Snubbull which would soon become his first Pokémon and his reason for setting out on a journey. Emil wanted to know more about these curious creatures and tried to convince his parents to let him go, which they wouldn’t.

    With no other choice left, Emil ran away from home to pursue his dream, leaving his family in the dark as to where he’d gone and if he’d ever return to his hometown. It’s been seven (7) years now since he left home and while he did collect some badges and Pokémon from different regions down the road, he never competed in any league. As of recently he’s found himself in the Kalos Region and with the needed badges in his possession the idea of competing in a league has grown on him. This time he might actually give it a shot, or not. Who knows what the future holds?

    Peter Anderson (father)
    Jeannette Anderson (mother)
    Boyd Anderson (younger brother)

    Love Relationships: None

    Pokemon Team:
    Granbull (‘starter’)
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  3. Accepted, we will start when we get a few more people ;)
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  4. Sounds good to me, I'll keep an eye out for it
  5. I'd love to join this if possible! Here's my sheet, if there's anything I need to change, please let me know. Thank you!

    Name: Sherry Walker
    Gender: Female
    Hometown: Striaton City, Unova
    Age: 18
    Height: 5’4”
    Weight: 122 pounds
    Hair: Copper blond
    Eyes: Dark brown
    Clothing: Sherry's wardrobe consists mainly of light clothes and the occasional patterned top. She rarely wears dark colors, preferring to stick with pastels. Her go-to outfit is a white blouse and polka-dotted pink skirt. She has a variety of bracelets that she wears with her usual clothes, but her typical one is gold with a pale pink trim around the edges.

    Being a Pokémon trainer, Sherry (regretfully) must stick to a pair of white tennis shoes with blue accents, rather than ruin a fancy pair of shoes while on the road. When going to important events, she likes to wear pink dresses with numerous accessories such as cardigans and necklaces. For colder months she owns several pairs of jeans and a beige winter coat-- complete with a faux fur trim.

    Identifying Marks: Freckles. She got her ears pierced when she was sixteen, but she didn't maintain the piercing and all that's left are two scars.
    Musculature: Average build, slightly stronger than she looks due to her Pokémon training experience. Still probably couldn't take someone on in a fight, though.

    Personality: Sherry is an exceptionally friendly person, accurately described as "bubbly". She loves talking to new people wherever she goes, and more often than not will jump at an opportunity to become friends with someone. Her personality can sometimes come across as overbearing due to her tendency to shout when excited at the slightest provocation. Despite this, she has good intentions for just about everyone she meets, and will do everything in her power to cheer up those around her.

    She enjoys setting up Pokémon play-dates, scrapbooking, and going shopping; above all else, though, Sherry's favorite thing to do is visit new places. Travelling as much as she does may seem tedious and exhausting, but to her, seeing the world is the most delightful thing possible.

    Most pet peeves that drive people up the wall she can ignore with ease, and it's very hard to truly annoy her. One of the very few things that makes Sherry genuinely angry is Pokémon abuse. She can put up with even the rudest, most derisive of people, but if she sees you kick that Lillipup? Sherry will not hesitate to shout loud enough to wake a village, regardless of who/what/when/where.

    Willpower– Giving up is for chumps! When Sherry decides to do something, nothing short of being struck by lightning can get in her way. This applies to all sorts of events, from climbing that particularly scenic yet treacherous mountain to walking her Pokemon at 3AM just because they're bored.
    Caring– When faced with someone in need, Sherry will immediately put forth effort into making sure they're alright. Whether someone just got dumped or they're going into surgery, she'll feel the need to cheer them up.
    Veterinarian– Raised by parents who owned a Daycare, Sherry knows a great deal more about how to take care of Pokémon than the average trainer. As a result, she generally knows how to get along with most Pokémon species, and has an easy time befriending them. (Her own team is somewhat spoiled as a result, but don't tell them that!)

    Past: Sherry was born in Striaton and spent all of her childhood and early teens there, much to her annoyance. Her parents, Thomas and Sarah Walker, owned a Daycare just south of the town where they raised Pokémon for beginning trainers to use. Unfortunately for Sherry, they refused to actually allow her to begin her journey until she was 16, even if she got plenty of experience handling all sorts of Pokémon. She convinced her parents to enroll her in the Trainer's School in Striaton when she was old enough, helping assure them that she would be ready for her journey.

    Beginning her journey with her Daycare-bred Munna, Sherry gathered some badges in Unova and visited other regions (albeit more for the sightseeing than the Gyms), but it wasn't until recently that she decided to try seriously taking on a League. At her friends' and parents' insistence, she updated her passport and flew to Kalos. After a good deal of training Sherry has managed to get her team and badge count up to speed, and plans on trying her luck against the other competitors. Above all else, though, her priority is to see some new landmarks, meet some new Kalos Pokémon, and make some new friends.

    Thomas & Sarah Walker (Owners of a small Daycare)
    Natalie Simon (Kalosian cousin)

    Love Relationships: Ex-boyfriend in Unova, Sherry doesn't talk about him.

    Pokemon Team:
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  6. Accepted! We'll wait for one or two more people.
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  7. Hey, I'll swoop in and become that person!
    (Is Emil based off Chuggaaconroy?)
    I kinda hate listing my character's traits, so I'll make a small bio that tells you everything you need to know.
    If you want me to make a sheet, go ahead.
    Andromeda is only 17, but is already free from her parents. After working and saving money for 2 years as a dishwasher at a seafood joint in Dewford Town and taking art classes on the side, she's free! Relatively. Andromeda is trying to survive the world as a Pokemon Training Card artist, and is trying to go to university.
    She's average looking with a stocky build and light brown hair usually pulled into a loose ponytail. Her eyes are hazel, and her skin a dark, latina color because, surprise surprise, she's latina! Andromeda usually wears a lot of light blue "denim flannel", usually with paint smears, along with white, black, gray, or navy blue leggings and dark blue vans.
    On special events, she'll break out a dark blue dress, curled hair, and boots. She cannot walk in heels.
    For casual things at home, an oversized sweater is all she needs.
    Her hands always have ink, paint, or smudges on them, primarily her right hand, and red glasses that frame her face.

    As for her personality, Andromeda is simply just awkward. She's not shy, the words just-she just-um, well, she c-can't talk without-without st-stumbling over her-sorry, um- her...words. She swears a lot, but only in private, because-um-well, you know....
    When she can make friends (very rarely) she's still quiet, afraid everytime she opens her mouth, it'll be embarrassing, swear-filled, and irrelavent (I...I...I fucking-fucking love mushrooms! They're-They're um, rad as..rad as shit!).
    Andromeda tries to go out in confidence, but doesn't succeed most of the time. She dreams of being able to talk to others besides close friends and family.

    Andromeda is very artistic and loves drawing. She can impress most with her skills, but she's hard on herself to push her to do greater.
    Andromeda is terrible at battling Pokemon, but can climb almost anything: the thinnest trees, the thickest vines, even onto the school at one point! Practice from hiding from bullies in trees to practice drawing gave her the upper. Much like she stumbles over her words, she also stumbles easily, and is quite clumsy. When she climbs, more often than not, she falls.

    Andromeda has lived in a small village known as Dewford. Her family moved in before she was born, so they weren't natives.
    She picked up the habit of drawing after admiring a handsigned Pokemon Card from a famous Pokemon trading card artist.
    Andromeda lived a quiet life. Her parents weren't poor, nor rich, so she usually had a nice supply of art supplies.
    She loved growing up by the beach and loved collecting seashells and building sandcastles. However, she feared the ocean after falling off a cruise ship at age 8, and always avoided it. The only time she went near it was to collect water for her sandcastles.
    She didn't have too many friends, but didn't mind, as she just drew and played with her Pokedolls at a young age.

    That is until she was 10, and recieved her first Pokemon: A small Chinchou, clumsy and cute like her. Andromeda didn't let her evolve, as if it did it would no longer be able to walk on land. The two did everything together. She finally had a friend.

    Because of Chinchou, she made a new friend: a boy named Tav. The three of them played together for years, and Andromeda was pleased to have a friend. At least until Tav's parents forced him to stop being friends with Andromeda when they were 13 because "She was a girl".
    They attempted to try and be secretive about their friendship, but Tav eventually moved away.

    Saddened, she caught a Wingull and named him Tav. Her team grew, leaving her with many more Pokemon.
    Andromeda made one more friend: A girl one year younger named Rana.

    Andromeda began dreaming of traveling the world to see art museums, make friends, and meet famous artists and get her career on her feet.
    She worked as a dishwasher at a seafood place for 2 years to gather the funds, and was ready for an adventure!

    Andromeda has her Mom, her Dad, and a cousin that ran away from home to live with them. Andromeda hates her, because her Mom and Dad think her cousin is better, due to being better than Andromeda in every way possible.
    She's never dated anyone; heck, she's only had 2 friends!

    Her team:
    -Wingull named Tav
    -Chinchou named Shimmery
    -Sandslash imported from Kanto; named Katey
    -Kadabra named Jilly

    Andromeda is happy to visit Kalos, region of art and the Lourvedisc, home to the Mona Lina!
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  8. @Azuru Given that I had to look up Chuggaaconroy on google, no, but I do see where you get it from. Given the name and love for bad puns stated on the Wikipedia page.
  9. Oh, just a coincidence. I assumed so.
  10. Big fan of your character @Azuru I've never come across a Trading Card Artist before, very cool. Also, big fan of the reasoning behind not evolving the starter for the sake of practicality and, given her fear of the ocean, a very smart move. I like the amount of thought put into it, and I just had to comment on it.
  11. Thanks.
    It's partly inspired by Pokemon Art Academy though, so It's not exactly original.
  12. Nowadays everything is based on everything. No matter what you make there is someone who'll link it to something else. So, originality is dead anyway, regardless, it's a cool character. 'Original' or not.
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  13. Fair point. There's only so many combinations of ideas.
  14. Alright, it's really late and I just now saw Azuru sign up, so I'll put up the RP tomorrow.

    Azuru your accepted! :)
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  15. Just a heads up, I'll be off to bed so I won't be able to write for about 8-9 hours. Should the RP start during that time, don't worry, I'll catch up (hopefully)
  16. I hope the creator of this thread starts it soon, but I'll be patient.
  17. I would like to join if it is still possible.
  18. Probably.
    The creator hasn't been on for a few days though.
  19. I haven't seen any indication that it is, sadly.
  20. Disappointing. I was kinda looking forward to this.

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