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888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery ☼UPDATED! I do requests!☼

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by 888Warrior888, Jan 8, 2011.

  1. Hai thar! :3

    It's me, 888Warrior888. Call me Double 888 if you'd like ^.^
    I will occasionally update this thread with my awesome Wolf drawings so please check on this thread to see for changes!
    Oh! And I make these images on MS Paint just so you know. I hope you like my images.

    Here is my first one...(Note that this image is MINE. Please refrain from stealing it, okay?


    What do you think of it? This image has a simple name: Brown Wolf.


    Here's another one. It's called: Scorching Fire.
    It's just a sad wolf who is witnessing his home being demolished by a fire.


    Here's another one. It's called: Night of the Blood Wolf.
    I hope you like this one, because I think I surely did an awesome job on it. ^.^


    Okay, here's one I just posted Today (Jan 9th 2011). I simply named it: Wolf Love.
    It's obvious why. x3


    This photo is called: "Her." It's called Her because it's about a lone he-wolf who finally realizes he wants a mate and meets a she-wolf. But the she-wolf keeps telling him "no" and rejects him multiple times. Everyday the Lone he-wolf finds her and asks her. But she says no. And in this photo, is him walking away after being rejected for the "umteenth" time. XD
    I think I did great on this on!


    Hey! This was a request for Flutter Shy. It's a wolf in a bunny costume. :3
    And yes, I will be taking requests for artwork now, as longs as it's not too extreme.

    Request Application
    What do you want the picture to look like?:

    Requests RULES
    1. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not complain about your picture when I show it to you! I worked hard on it, so don't turn around and call me the bad guy.
    2. PLEASE don't request anything hard. Don't do this...
    "I want you to draw nine wolves fighting each other and wrestling with blood everywhere at midnight with the moon shining a pond in the corner."
    I won't do something like that, it's way too hard.
    Here's something I can do: "Two Wolves growling at each other, about to fight each other"
    3. I won't do a picture with loads of gore and blood. "Night of The Blood Wolf" has blood in it, but I didn't get carried away.
    4. Please don't come to my thread, screaming at me telling me how "horrible" I draw. It's the way I draw and I suggest that if you can't do WAY better, don't say anything please. Post your opinion maturely.
  2. Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery (Please come see!)

    Warrior, I find your ideas interesting, but your portrayal a bit...well, for lack of a better word, disproportional. I understand that Microsoft Paint can be a bit odd with the drawing bit, but the 2007 and 2010 versions have better brushes to use for mouse drawings. With 'Brown Wolf,' I find the lack of shading makes everything appear squashed. I can't tell which mountain is supposed to 'pop' out further. I also find the lines a bit too thick for the nature of the wolf, as fur makes the lines (if there are any at all) appear thinner and more 'frayed.' These comments also apply to the 'Scorching Fire' picture, with the exception of a comment about the fire. I can tell the intended meaning from the colors, but the lining and lack of shading make it appear like a solid figure.

    On a more positive note, I do enjoy wolves. They make my Chihuahua a bit better, as he is supposed to be descended from them. :p
  3. Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery (Please come see!)

    T_T Okay. That's fine. Thanks for your opinion. You will see another photo shortly. T_T
  4. Ked


    Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery (Please come see!)

    Secad said most of my comments.

    One thing I don't like is that the backgrounds are the same color as the wolf in each picture, making it a bit hard to tell the wolf from the background. Like on "Scorching Fire", I can't tell if the wolf has a giant mouth or if that's just the fire.

    Also, do you save in .png? The colors look a little bit distorted around the edges in some places.

    Now, onto the praise~ These are actually pretty good for a beginning artist, if you are one. I find that wolves are one of the hardest animals to draw with a mouse, and if you are using a laptop's touchpad thinger then they are even harder. I like the concept of your ideas, some practice might help you make them look a little better.

    Just keep drawing, it's the best way to improve. While you are drawing, you might want to try looking back and forth at some pictures of wolves to make sure you get the proportions right and make the poses look more natural.
  5. Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery (Please come see!)

    The one in Scorching Fire is supposed to look like a flame. That was purposely done :3
    And what's png and how do you save it in png?
  6. Dwayna DragonFire

    Dwayna DragonFire 2014 Little Cup Champion

    Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery (Please come see!)

    I am also in agreeance with Secad and Ked. Here's some information for you.

    PNG (Portable Network Graphics) is an image format much like JPG, but can help to improve a lot of the clearness that the image has, reducing general unsightly marks in your pictures. When saving the picture in Paint, the screen will pop up with a directory where you want to save the picture to. Below that there should be a box that has 'JPEG', 'JPG', or something similar that should have the option of a drop down menu. Click on that to bring up the drop down menu and there should be an option titled 'PNG', which is the preferred type of file to save it as due to the reasons as stated before.

    I hope this helps you to improve. If you still don't understand, consult Google.
  7. Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery ☼UPDATED! Please come see!☼

    Okay, I understand what you're talking about now! Thankies! Anyways, I've added more photos!
  8. Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery ☼UPDATED! Come Please! Great pics here!☼

    wonderful drawings! could you make one with a wolf in a bunny suit?

    ~flutter shy~
    #8 flutter shy, Jan 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Sep 19, 2013
  9. Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery ☼UPDATED! Come Please! Great pics here!☼

    I've noticed, flutter shy, that your so-called comments, aren't at all constructive (heck, they're barely complimentary) and that you've been going around asking people to draw things even when they're threads clearly do not allow requests. I'm going to warn you for SPAM and failure to aide by the art thread's rules. I suggest you shape up and work on actually commenting on the pieces here in the art thread.
  10. Re: 888Warrior888's Wolf Artwork Gallery ☼UPDATED! Come Please! Great pics here!☼

    Um, I don't mind doing requests for others, as long as it's not too extreme. But thanks, Flutter Shy! I'll get started on the Wolfy in a Bunny Suit!
    I will edit this post when I put it up there, so keep checking this thread!


    EDIT Hey I made the wolf in the bunny suit, Flutter Shy! =)

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