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Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by Geist, Jun 8, 2008.

  1. NOTE: This story will get very confusing if you do not read it carefully. If you do not fully understand something, feel free to ask. I won't mind explaining.

    Chapter 1: Gauze
  2. Part 2: 304号室

    Light filtered in through the Venetian blinds on the window. Ryan could smell the faint scent of pollen and cherry blossoms waft in from the outside. His head felt as if it was split open like a melon on a sidewalk and he lifted his hand to shield his eyes. His arms moved but the request was not completed. Ryan looked over, squinting, to see that his arms were chained down to the floor. Something was not right. He pulled again, and this time, the bars resisted, and he could felt the pressure on his hands.

    Pressure. The pressure signified something to Ryan. Something important. Something he had only experienced once. He thought back to what he had just experienced. It felt like mind invasion. Ryan sat to ponder it more. In fact, it was mind invasion, done by a Pokemon with subpar abilities as a Psychic, but invasion nonetheless. He had been duped by a Pokemon. Ryan would have smacked himself in the forehead if he could. He should have seen it sooner.

    Now that he knew the situation that he was in, Ryan tried to remember back to what brought him into this confinement once again. All his brain conjured was a hazy fog. All his experiences, all his memories, gone. The farthest back he could remember was the hospital. The perpetual orange glaring in from the outside as if an atom bomb had gone off in the distance and the light was frozen perpetually. The panicked faces of the people, that weird orange Pokemon, those people with the pig faces on. None of it made sense. Ryan doubted if even the great Kyo from Dir en grey could explain what he just saw. Or what he thought he saw.

    Ryan just realized that he was straining his neck and he rested it back on the floor. That was the thing with Psychic powers. Everything seemed real, but in reality everything was like gauze. It was there. It was tangible. You could see it, you could feel it, you could smell it. But when you took a step back and actually looked at it, you could see right through it. And that was what Ryan was doing now. Seeing right through it. Damn, now that he looked back on it, everything seemed rushed and disjointed. Had this been a real person
  3. Chapter Three: Dozing Green

    ~ Le:Ciel ~

    The long, matted, brown hair lay over the dead face of Ryan Dark. There appeared to be no forms of physical penetration, making it almost impossible for a human to achieve. Instead his assailants, two Pokemon, stared down back at what was left of him. The darker of the two leaned in to confirm it. It had been done.

    The lighter one, a Glaceon, jumped off of the burnt carcass. After all, that is all he was now. His hand lay outstretched, leaning for the hole in the wall. Was he planning for escape? Did he see something? Or was he just trying to convey the last moments of life that he had left in one final pose that would last him until his body rotted away?

    Sabrina was the first to notice Maakii in the corner. There was no doubt that the scent of blood brought her to the room. The Gozen busied herself with her jet black paws until she could no longer ignore Sabrina
  4. Impressed! I haven't read too many fanfics with a darker nature to them, but yours comes through like one of those movies where you don't know what is going on in the beginning but later makes sense the more you see. Nicely written and more adult themed. There are a few points in the story that get a little confusing with improper pronoun use or slight details that are inconsistent, but other than that, can't wait to see where you go from here.
  5. Chapter Four: TRICKSTəR

  6. Chapter Four: TRICKSTəR (cont'd)

    Satoru felt someone slap him upside his head. He awoke immediately due to the stimuli and rubbed his head over the spot where Kigan had apparently smacked him.
  7. Omg....This is really good. It's really dark and intense.

    I like this and I can totally say I'm hooked. I can't wait to see what comes next.
  8. Holy hell, this story is freaking awesome!

    Only mistake that I saw was - "Ruki felt stupid for suggesting what he did. He sat down in his throne and Aoi followed suit appearing quite uncomfortable at doing so" pretty sure Ruki should be Reita.
  9. Ah, thanks for that. Too many R's and all that jazz. XD

    And Part IV isn't done. Just so you know.
  10. Reita tossed the Staff to the side.
  11. ~Cohesion~

    Wind blew through the field as Maakii opened her red eyes. The bright light of dawn had stung her pupils and she felt them contract unwillingly. She closed her eyes once again to stop the pain and was serenaded by the wind before everything came to a halt once again. A few leaves had pasted themselves to the side of her coat and she flipped over irritably to try to get them off. Accidentally opening her eyes, she felt no more pain as she had adjusted to the light the first time.

    She had removed some of the leaves off of her coat and flipped over onto her belly. Ever since Deoxys and his ragtag group of followers attacked her cave, she had been aware of every minute detail. She sighed. It was just her and Night now, and as she gazed at the tree that he was under she knew that he wasn
  12. Chapter Five: Gama
  13. What's the need when I'm already here?

    The mysterious figure turned around and the area she occupied was suddenly covered by another mysterious figure. It beckoned attention.

    No! NO! How did you find me so quickly? You're not supposed to be here.

    There is no time for talk. There is only time for answers.

    Ruki tried to intervene.

    "Well, you see, we were just on our way to the Dragon's Den and-"

    What business have you there?

    "Deoxys is supposed to be there and-"

    Deoxys you say? SO, I've seen that you've already met him.

    A purplish figure stepped down into the cave and confronted the astonished Pokemon.

    "I am Mewtwo, and she....well, you all should be familiar with her from what I've heard. Who may you all be?"

    "We're all ragtag survivors of Deoxy's assault."

    The mysterious figure, which turned out to be Sabrina, stepped back into the shadows to let Mewtwo take over.

    "Why are you so interested in venturing out to the Dragon's Den?" he inquired.

    Maakii stepped forward into the flame so Mewtwo could see her.

    "Well, he's going to be there, and there is something there that he wants, so we have to go there so we can stop him. Other than that, it's the only thing we have left so we're going for it."

    "Understandable." he said "He wants the mirror."

    The Pokemon looked confused.

    "What mirror?"

    "They call it...Sekai."
  14. Final Chapter: 妄想辟なエゴイズト


    The congregation of Pokemon stood huddled together in the dark cave confused and dismayed.

    "You're telling me this guy wants a MIRROR?"

    Mewtwo looked over to Dusk, who had been rather quiet the entire time he was in the cave.

    "I guess it would be rather cliche of me to say it isn't any ordinary mirror."

    Maakii's red eyes bored right through Mewtwo. If he was taken aback, he didn't show it at all.

    "Of course this isn't an ordinary mirror. If it was, why would he go after it? That was rhetorical," she added at the last minute, noticing that Mewtwo was apt to begin on another explanation as to why he wanted it.

    "Just tell me," Ruki said, "What does this mirror DO?"

    Mewtwo sighed and leaned against the wall. He looked over to Sabrina, who just nodded and put her head back betwixt her legs. Maakii looked over to her with pure hatred in her eyes, and her backside quivered in response.

    "He wants to summon something from another dimension. I don't know if it can even be considered a Pokemon. All I know is that it can't happen. Nothing good ever happens when you mess with things."

    The other Pokemon appeared as if they were about to laugh.

    "Please tell me that that was your attempt at a joke." Maakii stated.

    "Well, not exactly another dimension-"

    "So what exactly?"

    All signs of snickering subsided as everything returned to business.

    "The best I can say is that that mirror will give him control over a power that would make him almost invincible."

    "So, like the good guys we are, we need to stop him, right? Why in the hell would you need us if you know all of this already?"

    Ayla turned her head slightly and Mewtwo looked over to her. He seemed rather surprised to see her there, but he said nothing out of the ordinary.

    "I can't do it alone." he admitted suddenly. "He is far more powerful than I."

    "So what do you plan for us to do?" one of the Pokemon chirped. "I'm not planning to die."

    "Well, that mirror is very weird." Mewtwo stated. "Things can come out of it, but things can also be pushed into it."

    "Wait, THINGS?"

    Satoru looked afraid and Ayla had a similar expression on his face.

    "You cannot be referring to THAT mirror, can you?"

    "What other mirror would I be talking about?"

    "He wants this mirror-"


    Ayla looked angered.

    "The more you all stand here the less I understand! OUT WITH IT! Where the hell did he come from and what does he want with this mirror?"

    "He can best be described as a Tsumibatsu Egoist."

    "A What?"

    "An egoist of crime and punishment. Almost a masochist if you will. He does what he does because he enjoys pain being inflicted upon him."

    "So he WANTS us to kick his ass? Why I'd be glad to roast that little orange ass-"

    "Not so quickly. I heard that he came and crashed from a far away land called Hoenn I believed. He was looking for this mirror so he could do something. I don't know what that is, but it isn't cool."

    "Enough talk!" Maakii demanded, and all of the Pokemon in the cave fell silent.

    "It is obvious that not even you know why he is after this mirror. I myself still haven't figured out why this mirror has anything to do with me, or with you, or with HER. I want out."

    "If you quit now sister, Myaku's death would have been for nothing."

    Maakii moved to pounce on Sabrina, but Ruki stepped in the way.

    "Easy there." he whispered into her ear.

    "Yes, I want out. NOW!"

    Mewtwo looked upset.

    "If that is how you truly feel, then I cannot stop you."

    Maakii motioned towards the beginning of the cave. She had almost made it to the mouth of the cave when her ear twitched. She stopped, looked to the left, then to the right. She turned around and looked at Sabrina. Her eyes showed a hint of inquisitivity.

    "Something isn't right here. I can sense it."

    Satoru looked confused.

    "What could you possibly mean? Everything matches up perfectly."

    "Why did you say that?"

    "Say what?"

    "Everything matches up perfectly."

    "I never said that."

    Ayla stepped forward and came to her side.

    "Listen my dear. You need to take a rest. You must be oh-so-tired!"

    Maakii looked at her as if she had three tails.

    "We'll take you to a bed. Follow me."

    "WHO ARE YOU?!?"

    Ayla stopped and turned around.

    "C'mon sweetie! I'll make sure you get some sleep. We can talk this over in the morning."

    "Ayla doesn't talk like that. Ayla never talked like that!"

    Ruki stepped forward to assist Ayla.

    "Let's go. You're very confused and you don't know what it are you is saying."

    Maakii backed up and ran for the door, but a mysterious black shape immediately covered the hole to the outside, effectively trapping her within. She was forced to turn around because she had no other way out.

    She heard a voice come out from behind her. It was Satoru's.

    "Maakii, don't be afraid. You're scaring Rexley."

    That confirmed the last bit of whatever it is she needed to know. A smile flashed across her face as she sat down, refusing to turn around.

    "I guess I can give up the act now. I know exactly what is going on."

    Sabrina's left ear twitched but she didn't lift her head.

    "You slipped up sister."

    He turned around to face only Sabrina. The rest of them had vanished.

    "Satoru never knew who Rexley was. He never could have."

    "I let it slip lots of times. I'm amazed it took you this long to notice. You're getting old."

    "What's this nonsense about a mirror?"

    Sabrina snickered and got up off the ground. Maakii could see that her face was no longer scarred. He was unsure if it ever was.

    "Drop the whole mirror bit." she said, and the same comfortable anger returned to her voice. "There never was one."

    "Deoxys?" He asked, tilting his head.

    "He never existed."

    "All the Pokemon that were just in this cave?"

    "Even this cave does not exist."

    "How long have you been manipulating me?"

    "Since the moment you shut your eyes to sleep, Ryan Dark."

    Trees and twigs and branches broke out of the crevasses in the wall of the cave and soon Ryan found himself standing in the middle of a wood near a shrine. He and Ayla stood not more than ten feet away from each other, and the Espeon from before was nowhere to be seen.

    Her eyes were red. Red like the jaded sun whose rays we would never see again together. Red like the blood that flowed freely through the blanket that he wrapped her in. Red like the pomegranate, her favorite food of all.

    Her eyes were naturally hazel.

    "62045" she whispered.

    "You don't need to remind me at all." Ryan muttered under his breath. "Get rid of all of this haze and this mist. Put me in the real. Put me where you are. I want-"

    "Don't you miss me at all?" she said, completely ignoring his question.

    Ryan bit his lip and looked at the ground.

    "Love was the worst emotion. Remember, you told me that? It was because everyone could see it."

    "No one was meant to see. I wanted-"

    "They knew. You gazed at me with those longing, blue eyes of yours. You would hold my hand ever so tenderly when no one was looking. You knew it, you felt it, you saw it."

    "Ayla, I never meant for harm to come to you. I just wanted-"

    "Do not call me by my name. What it is it has been and what it shall me is already done."

    These words puzzled and confused Ryan.

    "You have done what you did because you could not stand the thought of you giving yourself away to another person. I have done what I have done to make you feel the pain and suffering you left me in. I threw away everything for you; my friends, my family, even my sanity-"

    "I never asked you to do any of that. All I wanted-"

    "There you go again. Want, need, have. It's always about you. Even when I put you in a fantasy world of animals that could talk and walk, things were always about you. You wanted to be the leader. You wanted your sister, Sabrina dead. You wanted to defeat Deoxys. You wanted Myaku to love you, even though she never could. Everything revolved around you. You and your ego. I even explained this to you not too long ago, for it just went over your head. What you like is pain. You like to get hurt and to tear everything precious away from you. What you want is the world, but what you want to do is to seperate yourself from it. "

    Ryan was silent, for he knew she was right.

    "It was when you looked into her eyes that I caught you. You never questioned how she got there. You never questioned the crime, or why it was that you were in the prison. You just went along with it. May I remind you of the crime?"

    "No, I already know."

    "So shall I remind you of the punishment?"

    "...Have I seen it already?"

    "Death by electrocution. They will come for you when I let you go."

    "The date is only June 20th. It is far too early."

    "Do not switch the topic on me. I shall not hold you for much longer. Just remember: your ego caused this all to happen."

    "Tsumibatsu Egoist..."

    "Do you understand at all?"

    "Yes, I do." he fibbed, because everything had clearly lost and disoriented him.

    "Then I have only one more thing to tell you. Or rather, show you."

    Ryan shut his eyes and prayed it wasn't another trip.

    It wasn't.

    She leaned in and kissed him on the lips. Everything drained away.

    "I still love you." her voice said as it faded away into the blackness.


    "Wake up. Wake UP!"

    Ryan felt a jostle at his side. He turned over to see one of the prison guards hunched over his bedside. He wore a nametag and it glistened in the flourescent light.

    It read Satoru.

    The Asian man, tired of commanding him to move, hoisted him by the arm and almost dropped him on the floor.

    "Takamasa. Get here. Help." he muttered this with an accent through gritted teeth.

    Another Asian man, also of Japanese descent, hoisted him by his arm and propped him on his feet. They took his arms and put it behind him. A cold clack later, and Ryan was restrained from behind.

    "Make your last day alive easy on yourself." said another voice from outside.

    "Oak! Oh yes, very nice to see you sire!"

    "Yes, what do you want with prisoner."

    "Hand him over to me."

    The two guards handed him over and then went on their way.

    "Oh, before you go," he motioned, and the duo stopped, "Do you mind fetching me Sabrina?"

    "No, no, we go!" they said as they darted off down the hallway and out of sight. Ryan was hoisted onto his feet and dragged off down the hallway.


    "Seven counts of murder on top of countless acts of brutality. First act: brutality. Location: School for Talented Psychics on Main Street and 4th. You were accused of beating a student, but there was not enough sufficient evidence. Next act: murder. Location: 362 Olive Drive. Victim: an unidentifiable woman. She was restrained and then burned. Next act: murder. Location:..."

    The voice droned on and on, stating each a location, a crime, and occasionally a victim. Ryan had tried countless times to explain that he was not the murderer and that they were about to execute the wrong man. All he could say fruitlessly was that he was drunk that night because of an argument and that the murder was a complete accident. But as that was a full year ago, there was no longer any tangible proof of what he had done.

    What Ryan found particularly intriguing was the crimes. It was as if he had seen each before. Somewhere...

    He noticed what time it was. Dusk was approaching, and soon it would melt away into night. This was the very same night that Ayla passed away exactly one year ago. Things could be so ironic sometimes. Ryan had come to appreciate the smaller things in his final days.

    He lifted his head to take one final look out at the crowd. He saw his family, his friends that knew he was innocent, the doctor Sabrina that had taken such good care of him, and then he saw one other.

    The red ringlets were unmistakable.

    He just couldn't get a clear view of her face. If he could only see her eyes, see what color they were.

    His thoughts were distracted by the piercing siren of the warden, who stood by his side. The man had a pudgy face with a rather snout-shaped nose. Although he'd prefer not to look at him, he tore his eyes away for one moment to take a look at the name embroidered on his suit.

    Captain Night.

    "It's time." he proclaimed, and he walked off behind the chair to grab the helmet. Ryan heard a click and then a beep, and then iron clasps sprung out of nowhere and were fastened to his wrists and legs.

    He knew this was inevitable, so he looked out into the crowd for the ringlets once again. He spotted them without fail.

    This time he saw her eyes.

    They were hazel.

    Couldn't anyone else see her? She was sitting right there! Jesus, Ayla wasn't dead! Look at her! She was busy wiping away a blade with her white handkerchief! Did no one else see this?

    Ryan motioned as much as he could with his limited movement, but the crowd attributed this to him flipping out at the last moment.

    "Relax." came the gruff voice of another seargant. His arm came over and pushed Ryan back into the chair. He read the tattoo on his arm.

    It looked something like a man holding a cross with symbols edged in all around it. It wasn't until he pulled away that he realized what the symbols meant.


    Was he truly going insane or was this all real?

    He heard the boots of the warden crunching against the floor and he came back with a helmet. He was about to fit it over his head when Ryan looked out to the crowd one more time.

    He saw Ayla.

    She smiled, grinned, and then mouthed something.

    Fuck to me... feel to me... give to me... entrust body...
    I will gladly carry your cross for you...
    your hate and let it flow into me...
    I will gladly carry your cross for you...
    your hate and let it flow into me...

    Blindness took over

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