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Private/Closed 1 v. 1 Beginner Battle

Discussion in 'Pokémon Role Play' started by The Quiet Zubat, Jun 10, 2017.

  1. @montymike

    "I guess we're about halfway there," said a new trainer to his Pokémon. They had just taken a moment to rest under a tree.

    "Char! Chimchar!" The little fire monkey was delighted to finally be out on an adventure.

    "I wonder if we'll run into another trainer soon, I'm itching for my first battle!" The trainer glanced up and down the road, hoping to see another trainer.
  2. Name: Sam
    Age: 14
    Partner: Leafeon
    Nervous around girls his age, same goes for his Leafeon around fire-types.

    Sam desperately searched for a place in the shade on this flesh-melting day. Then, he saw a tree with a trainer and his Chimchar under it. Without hesitation, he ran to the tree before Leafeon would become a red-healter. Panting, he still didn't notice the trainer next to him.
  3. A Trainer who was wearing Boxing Gear walked along the path. He was eager to battle people, and win battles. How hard could it be? As he walked down the road, until he saw a trainer. "Hey!" He yelled across the path. "Can I battle you?"

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