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00wolf's Sprite Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Archive' started by 00wolf, May 26, 2007.

  1. [​IMG]
    this one is my favorite pokemons put together ;D
    this is also my first fusion and my third sprite ever made

    Edit~ [​IMG]
    My Lotaleon avatar that blinks ^^

    Edit~My updated sprites

    [size=11pt]made in MS paint
    Transparency done in Gimp

    [size=18pt]Sorry But I Don't Take Requests[/size]​
  2. Wow! Nice Ninetales/Flareon/Loppeary fusion!
  3. thanks
    that's my first, well major sprite
  4. Hey, that's pretty cool! I love how it looks like it was made to be that way, not sloppily put together. I also like the recoloring you did to make the body parts flow together.

    Nice job, and I hope you make some more!
  5. thanks
    i guess if you've tagged it aides to spriting ;)
  6. thanks i'll post some more later
  7. sorry for the two post in a row
    but here's my new sprite

    here's another color variation

    which do you prefer?
  8. My inner girl (way inner), is squeeling at the pink version. xD
    I love it!
  9. thanks
    The second one is like a devamped color
    i tried to make it look like it was from the R/B/Y games
    the pink one was my favorite
    try and guess what pokemon it's made of
  10. Raikou's body, Luxray's Tail, and Altaria's wings and headfeathers.

    ^^ Am I right?​
  11. 00Wolf! You've been spriting....And they're good!!! Boy, I thought the Link was good... FUSIONS!! ;D
    You used Gimp for the transparency, right?
  12. spriteon correct

    Artiste yeah i did the fussion and transparency in Gimp and the recolors in Paint
    My Photoshop has stopped working :p
  13. Okay(wants to download badly... :'( ).
    Ick, Why'd it stop working? That must stink.
  14. it's because i was cleaning up my comp and deleted some important stuff and now it won't work
    so i'm going to have to reload it
  15. The fusion is good, however the Raikou/Altaria/whatever else mix is a bit odd when it comes to colorwise.
  16. You're really good at spriting! They look like they could be actual Poke'mon! I like the green one better, but only because I'm not a big fan of the color pink.
  17. Oh. I'm sorry that happened. :'( I hate it when it does! To work on something SO HARD, and then have it deleted!
    And Black_Snow is right! You ARE good at spriting, though I've said it before, I said it again.
  18. thanks I guess I'm good at pokemon
    but i need to practice trainers and spriting from scratch

    how so?
  19. Well, the pink is a bit eye-blinding, and the black seems like it's from the days when the Gameboy first came out (unless that was your intention for that one).
  20. Well yeah i did :p
  21. sorry for the double post
    when you have new sprites you've gotta post


  22. Masquerain's wings, Meganium, and some Feraligatr here and there. Interesting combo. ^^ Very creative. Other than the wings being slightly askew, it looks pretty spiffy! Keep it up!​
  23. ik the wings are tough >_<
    i had to keep switching their position
    and i can't rotate them

    but anyways thanks ^^
  24. Niiiice...you're really good! And although I love the pink...Altaria/Raikou/etcetera one, the black and green one is just too cool! ^_^ I love how the color scheme reminds me of the old games...ahh, nostalgia.

    As for the newer one, aside from the askew wing thing, it's pretty cool. I like the idea behind it - a moth-winged Meganium! Plus, it has, like, a mohawk. Pretty cool. :p

    I can't wait for more!
  25. [​IMG]


    i tried to make it kinda shady but i think i over did the wings
    this one is my least fav :(
  26. Nice!! I especially like the Pink Raikou!
    Since pink is my favorite color!!
    Keep up the good work! I love looking at all the talented Spriters here XP
    Makes me with I had the same pro skillage as you lol.
  27. That is AWSOME! I love how that one looks!
  28. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Actually, I'm quite fond of this one too.

    Just a suggestion: Try to avoid making your sprites monochrome. Add in a coupld extra colours or shades (so rather than having an entirely green sprite, throw in some blue or red to make it look more imteresting).
  29. Yeah, no offense but the original GB games didn't have the widest palette options. >_>
  30. Yoshimitsu

    Former Moderator

    Are they all meant to follow the original style colouring?
    I must have missed that. My apologies, then. :)
  31. Wow i didn't think it would be that good, thanks ;D
    and I sorta like the older pokemon games better because well idk
    i guess they came first and stayed that way in my heart
    but ya i'm going to start spriting again
    so more to come ;)
  32. Wow, you're definetly wonderful at blending pokemon and all that. I'm a fan of the old style of pokemon colors too, and you did a great job with making the sprites look really fresh and still classic at the same time. Everything I've seen so far looks great, and I can't wait to see more of your stuff! My favorite is definetly this one, just because of the smoothness and how it looks natural. Great job Wolf!

    By the way, are you going to be taking requests?

    *Note to Admins: Yes, I have read the rules, and I haven't seen any notices of Wolf saying he doesn't take requests.
  33. Here's another


    lol dark version
  34. Wow, just wow. I really Love that one, Wolf!
    I love it when ANYONE makes a Cyndiquil, or his evos, better than the originals.
  35. Thanks ^^

    here's the hitmonlee fusion in normal colors
  36. Wow there perfect fo anything.
  37. No prob! Like the normal color lee fusion! ;D
  38. Sorry, but I don't do requests
    I wish I could and someday I bet I will, but for now I can't
    sorry :-\
    In fact I better go update my thread to let people know
  39. Okay then, keep up your beastly skillz and I'll be waitin' for the day you take requests. :p

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