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demigirl?, from nyc

Poison Fairy
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    hi everyone!
    i write for a living and for fun. i've been rping for literal decades and i really miss it - so here i am!

    here's my main character's bio :up:
    Name: Clarice "Charlie" Connolly (oh god, don't call her Clarice!)
    Gender: A big nonbinary whatever (she/he/they)
    Hometown: Postwick
    Age: 18
    Height: 5'0" (actually 4'12")
    Weight: 130 lbs
    Hair: Dark brown, but keeps it dyed a deep mulberry color. She chopped it all off shortly after leaving home and maintains it as a pixie cut with straight-across bangs.
    Eyes: Green
    Clothing: Motorcycle jacket over a ratty old black graphic shirt. Overpriced frayed denim shorts and scuffed striped thigh socks. Extremely well-loved black hiking boots. Green plaid gloves. Though her appearance has changed drastically from the time she left home, she never removes her mother's bag and is rarely seen without her green beret.
    Identifying Marks: Scars on her legs from her first encounter with her Weavile (a Sneasel back then).
    Musculature: Scrawny! Has a bit of a belly, and is shy about it.
    [ Visual reference! ]
    Deeply sensitive, but covers it up with swaggering bravado and borderline villainous theatrics that belie her rather small stature. Very curious - about people, situations, food, etc. - but terrified of failure. She's not great at showing or understanding her emotions, so she can be a bit of a crybaby when she gets especially worked up. Despite her lack of finesse and knowledge, she wants to be strong...but hates hurting other people. She's just a complicated, rugged little punk with a secret heart of gold.
    Skills: Getting involved in stupid situations.
    Past: Formerly a rather shy teenager, Charlie had a passive interest in Pokemon until her childhood friend pressured her to join the Galar Gym Challenge, thrusting her begrudgingly into an unfamiliar world she never thought she'd enter. Deeply insecure about her ignorance and "simple" background, she became obsessed with strength...until she beat her old friend in battle. Seeing how crushed he was, Charlie had a crisis of conscience and dropped out of the Gym Challenge right before facing Raihan. It was her biggest regret. She wanted to be strong, but felt like a villain - so she played the part. Too ashamed to go home, she now lives on the road, taking odd jobs with the help of her brawny team of Pokemon. She enjoys the freedom from responsibility...
    Family: Raised by a single dad, a bike mechanic. Her mother left when she was about 4, and moved to Unova - they write letters occasionally.
    Love Relationships?: None yet! She's had flings in her travels, but tends to distance herself emotionally.
    Species: Weavile
    Nickname: Snow Boy
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Pressure
    History/Personality: Gentle - Strong willed! Snow Boy was Charlie's very first Pokemon. She lured him with food and gained his trust over the course of a week, and received plenty of scratches for her trouble. It seems Snow Boy felt bad for its treatment of Charlie, and, impressed by her determination, joined her... The two are inseparable.

    Species: Inteleon
    Nickname: Pearl
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Torrent
    History/Personality: Timid - Likes to run! Pearl was given to Charlie by her childhood friend. He's quite protective of her, and despite his timid personality can be competitive. He likes to show off for his trainer, and is good friends with Snow Boy.

    Species: Toxtricity
    Nickname: Baby Spice
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Punk Rock
    History/Personality: Sassy - Mischievous! Charlie raised Baby from...a baby. Having to carefully watch over Baby Spice's growth gave Charlie a unique experience and a deeper love of Pokemon - even if Baby acts like a rebellious teen most of the time. The two have a strong bond.

    Species: Noivern
    Nickname: Noi
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Infiltrator
    History/Personality: Impish - Loves to eat! Rowdy Noi helps Charlie get out of sticky situations. Like Baby Spice, Charlie found Noi a bit precarious to raise from a Noibat, and is very proud of his growth. While camping, she likes to nuzzle into his fur - he enjoys his status as the only decently fuzzy member of the otherwise intimidating team.

    Species: Salazzle
    Nickname: Sasha
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Corrosion
    History/Personality: Calm - Likes to run! Fast friends with Pearl, and incredibly fond of Charlie, Sasha is the level-headed powerhouse of the team. Despite her INCREDIBLY toxic poison (her ability lets her poison Steel, Poison types, AND her own trainer), Sasha is almost disconcertingly friendly, and helps keep Charlie warm through the cold Galar winters.

    Species: Rhydon
    Nickname: Betty
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Rock Head
    History/Personality: Modest - Likes to thrash about! Ever-reliable Betty is the tanky team mom. Charlie caught her in a Dynamax raid, but Betty doesn't have a mean bone in her body. However, when she gets excited, it's wise to clear the area.

    i also seriously love the galarian gym leaders and might play Nessa, Gordie, and/or Piers in the future :)
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    1. sneazel
      yoooooo i wanna rp gordie so bad ; u ; he's such a perfect nerd. i love the cool guy schtick coupled with massive inferiority complex
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    2. sneazel
      sorry for the delay y'all! busy busy busy with friends, fam, and holiday stuff
    3. sneazel
      how do you do, fellow kids?
      1. Kasumi~chan
        Very well! Welcome to Pokecharms!
        Dec 16, 2019
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      2. sneazel
        aw shucks, thanks for the warm welcome! :)
        Dec 16, 2019
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