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    Hey! Welcome to my profile. I'm DefyTheLimes77, but you can just call me Lime. Or Lemon, I suppose. I live in Canada on the planet Earth, and I identify as a wtfsexual female.

    I do art stuff and post super inconsistently because I procrastinate too much i'm sorry please don't hurt me

    Obviously enough, I enjoy playing Pokemon -- my first game was Pokemon HeartGold, which I got when I was about 7 years old, and I've been hooked ever since. In particular, I like wasting hours of my life looking for rare-coloured pixels. It's a very riveting pastime.

    I like snacks, coffee, rainy days, sleeping (if I can), and fluffy things, including my dog. Music is my life force but I'm failing music class because I suck at theory

    My hobbies mainly include drawing, singing, and occasionally playing the piano. Haha but no, honestly I just sit at my computer all day and look at memes or watch youtube

    I'm most comfortable working in pencil and coloured pencil. Still haven't quite gotten the hang of digital art, although I'm getting better. Kind of.
    I use Prismacolor Scholar as well as Faber Castell Polychromos (well, six of them) for my coloured pencil art, and Clip Studio Paint for my digital art.

    I'm happy to take art requests (if for whatever reason you want a trash artist like me to draw stuff for you??) so just pop me a PM if you're interested! I'll try my best to get it done within a reasonable amount of time, but no guarantees because school is stress

    Constructive criticism is and always will be welcome. If you see anything I could improve on in my art, don't hesitate to point it out. Thank you!
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    Oct 13, 2019 at 5:29 AM
    Sep 20, 2017
    Sep 6, 2004
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    • As Autumn Falls...

      Sep 22, 2017 17 Likes
    • noibat

      Jun 28, 2019 17 Likes
    • Not Pokémon: Birb feathers are fun

      Aug 19, 2019 2 Likes
    • But is it Freedom?

      So I have decided to start a series based on a real-life event: Agent B, the Bidoof. I will admit to using him as a sacrifice in a Cagelocke I'm doing with a friend. I'm sorry, Agent B. Please accept this as a tribute to you. XD

      Sep 22, 2017 903 words 3 Likes

    Trainer Cards

    1. DefyTheLimes77
      If life gives you lemons, eat them. It's the limes you should be afraid of.
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      3. Tyrin
        I'm... Actually not sure about that. But knowing pineapple pizza exists, it wouldn't surprise me if limeade were a thing.
        Nov 19, 2017
      4. Riverrunner
        Yes, limeade is indeed a thing.
        Coming from someone who can drink straight lemon juice without much of a problem, I can confirm that lime juice is worse; it's incredibly bitter, at least to me. So if life gives you lemons, consume them and appreciate that they weren't limes. Or make lemonade and find someone else who's life gave vodka. Then throw a party.
        Nov 19, 2017
      5. DefyTheLimes77
        Ha, yup, that sounds about right.
        Nov 19, 2017
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    2. DefyTheLimes77
      After 19,006 soft resets, I finally caught my beautiful shiny Cresselia!! I'm so excited right now, oh my cod
      1. Hollow Omega
        Hollow Omega
        That is some serious dedication, you've earned it!
        Oct 9, 2017
        DefyTheLimes77 likes this.
    3. Baxter and Oliver
      Baxter and Oliver
      Your name is defy the limes and u placed a picture of a lemon for your profile.you know life and that lime are just lemons,i like your style.i give a slow clap to you and good day.
      1. Ariados twice and DefyTheLimes77 like this.
      2. DefyTheLimes77
        Lol, thank you. XD
        Oct 8, 2017
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    4. DefyTheLimes77
      Sorry for being inactive lately; I've been meaning to post stuff, but I'm tired cuz I've had lots of projects. I'll try to post more soon!
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    5. Baxter and Oliver
      Baxter and Oliver
      Welcome to pokecharms land of the hamburgers and home of the pokemans
      1. DefyTheLimes77 and Hollow Omega like this.
      2. DefyTheLimes77
        Thank you! I definitely like it here so far :D I will enjoy le hamburgers and pokemans
        Sep 22, 2017
        JayBird Joe likes this.
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