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Female, 18, from Sleeping

Dark Fairy
  • About

    Current Profile Picture is NOT Mine!!

    [​IMG] [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    Made by me using MS Paint and "BeFunky" Online Photo Editing Software
    Anime: Blend S

    Music: "Hikaru Nara" by Goose House
    Mood: I Don't Know
    How to Recruit
    Contact me, just don't... You know... Be creepy.
    Starting Class Animal
    I ish a fox/bunny thing.
    Birthday - First Appearance Art Upload
    May 30th - April 1st 2017
    Available Classes
    Artist, Roleplayer, Writer, Animator [Trainee], Programmer [Trainee], Gamer [ADVANCED], GEEK ["Ahem... Rude."]

    Chiliarch is a user named after a Video Game class from the Korean Game "Elsword." She's been on the site circa March 2017. Chiliarch isn't THAT original, hence why she's using a FIRE EMBLEM FORMATTING ["HEY!"]. Ahem, continuing.
    She is an ambivert that doesn't like social/loud areas ["True dat."]. Most likely, if you ever meet her she'll be huddled in the corner of parties ["...Accurate."]. She has difficulty choosing what names to settle on, with her original name being "Ninja_Myuu" [PokeHeroes] and now being called "Kagabi" [Varies] on multiple sites

    Her persona "Kagabi" is a fox-bunny hybrid that occasionally goes by Nile or Night.

    "Seriously regret asking that computer to introduce me..."
    "Hey. Hey... HEY!"
    "SHUT UP!"

    • Resume Comics (I have just made a written work for the world's lore)
    • School... Fun
    • Reorganize Signature/Profile

    Stats - Base Stat - Growth Rate %
    Starting Level 1
    HP - 25 - 65
    Str - 18 - 40
    Mag - 13 - 30
    Skl - 23 - 60
    Spd - 30 - 70
    Lck - 26 - 80
    Def - 8 - 35
    Res - 10 - 40
    Mov - 6 +1
    Weapons: Pencils, Books
    Skills: "Creativity Is Expressive", "Squirming like little worms~"
    Starting Items: Pencils, Nintendo Encyclopedia, Paper

    {"Nee? Where are you so cute?~"
    "Neehehehehehe. Nee hee. Nee nee nee nee, nee nee... Nee nee... Nee!"
    "I will translate that... 'I'm cute because I was born out of a plant butt!'" ~Kyubey, Nee, and Fan @Kawaii Kon 2015}
    {"Tuxedo mask use to date Sailor Mars. How do you feel about that?"
    "Grr... WAHAHAHAHAH!!!"
    "Dude! Too soon!"
    "I totally understand where you're coming from... Let it out girl..."
    *Whole panel starts 'crying'... Except for Kyubey.*
    "WOW! There's really a lot of emotion going on here right now! Think I could really do a lot with you guys! Who wants to make a contract? Right now!? It'll make you feel better!"
    "SHUT UP! Pew pew pew pew pew pew!"
    "God damn it..." ~Fan, Sailor Moon, Moritaka, Leafa, Kyubey, and Orihime @AWA 2015 Ask an Anime Character}
    {"Beloved, so missed, beloved, so missed, betrayed, so sad, so sad, sosadsosadsosad,

    so hateful sohatefulsohatefulsohatefulhatehate
    -- so I burned him to death." ~Kiyohime's Biography, Fate Grand Order}

    I can be seen in games such as Line PLAY, GaiaOnline, Elsword, the Steam Client, LoE (Legends of Equestria), VoidEls, MapleStory, or Closers.

    PM me for my IGNs if you're interested.

    Great, you finished it. Click this for a free dancing robot:

    Click to expand......
    Trainer Cards
    Likes Received
    Trophy Points
    Mar 26, 2017
    May 30, 2002
    Favourite Pokémon
    Absol, Purrloin, Ralts, Zorua, Popplio, Giratina, Marshadow
    Favourite Pokémon Move
    Razor Wind, Moonblast, Phantom Force, Spectral Thief
    Often scatters things


    Trainer Cards

    1. ClockWork Breezy
      ClockWork Breezy
      Hello! Your profile picture is pretty cool!
      1. Ariados twice likes this.
      2. View previous comments...
      3. ClockWork Breezy
        ClockWork Breezy
        Eh, well. Some bad things happened a little while ago, but I am over it. I feel....happier, you know? Lol, sorry. I must sound so weird XD
        Nov 1, 2017
      4. Absol_Chiliarch
        It doesn't sound weird, really XD
        Nov 1, 2017
      5. ClockWork Breezy
        ClockWork Breezy
        Ah, thanks. I have been really tired too. T-T
        Nov 1, 2017
    2. Absol_Chiliarch
      I'm a bit more active now, though I may not be on as often as earlier in the summer.
      1. Ariados twice and TooBlue12 like this.
    3. Absol_Chiliarch
      Is it weird that I can't stop humming that song by "Off the Hook" from Splatoon 2?
      1. MimikyutheTrickster likes this.
      2. Fraseandchico
        Hey, you know what they say,
        Don't get cooked....
        Stay off the hook!
        Jul 18, 2017
        Absol_Chiliarch likes this.
      3. Ali_The_Raichu
        Jul 22, 2017
    4. Absol_Chiliarch
      I didn't do anything for July 4th... Well, erm... Happy 4th of July? Yeah, that'll work.
      1. Ariados twice and TooBlue12 like this.
      2. Absol_Chiliarch
        By anything, I meant drawing. Even though I did just stay home, the real celebration for today is tomorrow in my case. ^^
        Jul 5, 2017
        Ariados twice and TooBlue12 like this.
    5. Absol_Chiliarch
      Just uploaded a new comic (Cheating Alpha), and I'm going to take a break since it took me a whole morning to draw.
    6. Absol_Chiliarch
      Using digital art to find a new art style, mainly because I don't have paper and a pencil :D I'm *SOOO* professional.
    7. Absol_Chiliarch
      I just realized. I still have Pokemon Moon and I'm not done with the story yet XD
      1. HydreigonBorn37 likes this.
      2. Ali_The_Raichu
        Haha... I'm on le Elite 4 and failing XD
        Jul 22, 2017
    8. Absol_Chiliarch
      Might start series of short comics for the summer, so I don't get bored to death. Times where I wish I was more social.
      1. View previous comments...
      2. Absol_Chiliarch
        @Azurea You have a really good art style, I'm certain you can make some good comics too.
        Jun 2, 2017
        Azurea likes this.
      3. Azurea
        I have! I tried making one on spice's backstory but I don't like it! It's really messy and the colours art terrible
        Jun 2, 2017
      4. Absol_Chiliarch
        @Azurea Like most things, it'll take practice. As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect."
        Jun 2, 2017
        Azurea likes this.
    9. Absol_Chiliarch
      I'm officially out for the summer. :D
      1. HydreigonBorn37 likes this.
      2. Coliboom
        Nice! I've still got like 12 days or something at school
        May 31, 2017
      3. Absol_Chiliarch
        I wish you luck, Coliboom
        May 31, 2017
    10. Absol_Chiliarch
      Out of school tomorrow. Yes!!! FREEDOM!!!~
      1. TooBlue12 likes this.
    11. Absol_Chiliarch
      This month's comic "Buggy Logic" is now up. I'll fix the image later.
    12. Absol_Chiliarch
      I finally finished the comic "Buggy Logic", not much background due to school but it'll be uploaded tomorrow (I think... I'm busy).
    13. Malgai
      Thanks for following me. :)
    14. Absol_Chiliarch
      Wow. I was going through old artwork and found some fusions I did! I might do that again due to "Procrastination" on comics... Heh, sorry.
      1. Absol_Chiliarch
        One of them, in my folder, is pretty awful. Then again, I was learning still. It's decent--Might just draw it by hand based off it.
        May 4, 2017
    15. Absol_Chiliarch
      The title of the May 2017 Comic Page is "Buggy Situation". Release Date of Comic Page: Unknown due to 'School'.
      1. Azurea likes this.
    16. Absol_Chiliarch
      I won't say that I WILL do my comic this coming month, mainly because when I say I will--I don't.
      1. Azurea likes this.
      2. Absol_Chiliarch
        I definitely will ATTEMPT to work on it, there I didn't jynx it.
        Apr 24, 2017
        Azurea likes this.
    17. Absol_Chiliarch
      Might just make my artwork a monthly thing, seeing I have an issue of procrastinating... (I planned to upload an Easter comic, but didn't.)
    18. Absol_Chiliarch
      Blue Exorcist Season 2 Theme is stuck in my head now. What I get for loving the UVERworld soundtrack....
    19. Absol_Chiliarch
      Comic "An April Fool's Ambush" is now up, sorry it took awhile. I had a difficult time trying to reconfigure my printer.
      1. TooBlue12 likes this.
    20. Absol_Chiliarch
      I'll be uploading an April Fool's Comic tomorrow. It's my first one that's traditional, and I didn't have a script so--Don't expect much. :3
      1. Azurea and TooBlue12 like this.
    21. Midnight Heart
      Midnight Heart
      Welcome to Pokecharms!
      1. Azurea likes this.
      2. Absol_Chiliarch
        Mar 27, 2017
        Midnight Heart likes this.
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