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Before: Zezanna: Ch 9

by obey_jaidon

Luna was talking to Obsidian, in front of the Grand Table. The Grand Table was held for meetings with guards, to make reinforcements. This table used to be held in the two sister's hideout, a small ruin that stood as a castle, where their parents originally ruled. But after the "War Age", it got destroyed, along with Equestria's areas. The "War Age" was a time in history that lasted more than a hundred years, before Celestia and Luna were born. Their parents, King Lunar, and Queen Solar, were rulers of Equestria. Unfortunately, they had conflict with the Griffon King, King Weathermore, about who's land is who's, and other things. The griffons were always more aggressive, and declared war among The Bridge, a stretch of land between Equestria and the griffon's land. Hesitation, grew among the couple. To protect their children, and their subjects from harm, they accepted. Unicorns practiced strong spells, such as force fields, healing, and more. Pegasi, practiced flight, going through obstacles, and danger. Earth ponies, practiced moving heavy obstacles, that could help in battle. Once the battle started, it lasted for a log time, as it seemed forever. King Lunar couldn't bear to see his soldiers perish in front of him, so, he harnessed the most greatest magic of all time, but he couldn't do it alone, so Queen Solar joined him. The spell was never practiced before, because it seemed impossible. The couple stood on the ground in front of the griffons, and blasted them so far, the two collapsed after the spell was done. No one knew were they landed, but somewhere they will live in peace, and not bother again. Once the doctor ponies came to the two, there're hearts were beating slower and slower by the second. It is said that the couples' last words were "Take care of the kingdom, my children." Eventually, word spread that the couple had sacrificed themselves for the sake of their loved ones.

Luna turned back. "Zezze! Come here!" "Zezze? Is that my new nickname?" Zezanna grinned, walking towards them.
"You don't mind me calling you that, right?"
"No, not at all."
''Oh, ok. Remember Obsidian?'' Luna smiled, and moved Zezanna's shoulder with her's, grinning.
"Yes, Obsidian, how are you?" Zezanna questioned, while looking at his deep red eyes.
"Very well, and you?"
"Great. Thanks for asking!''
Luna started, "This intruder-" Zezanna interrupted, "Sapphire Spell, proceed."
"Yes, uh, Sapphire Spell, and my sister, Celestia, will be holding a magic duel at the beginning of the late afternoon. Celestia, believes this mare won't barge in again, unexpectedly. The one who knows this intruder, I mean, Sapphire Spell, well enough is Zezanna over here. So, what do you think we're going up against, or, my sister is going up against?"
"Sapphire won't give up until she falls, completely."
"Then, we're gonna need backup. I'll have seven guards placed around the arena, your highness." Obsidian declared, in a brave way.
"I'll be there, too. So she doesn't recognize me, I'll wear a hood." Zezanna stated.
"It's dangerous." Obsidian said.
"Well, clearly, you haven't met me yet." and Zezanna started walking towards the guards chamber, where all the weapons are placed.
"Well then. See you there, your highness." and Obsidian caught up with Zezanna.

She saw him next to her, and remembered he had to inform the guards. He looked so handsome when serious, and started to think this will bring a relationship between them.

"So, Obsidian. Where did you come from?" Zezanna asked, to bring up something to stop the silence.
"I'm from Yanhoover. You?"
"So, the intruder is your sister. I have a feeling you two never got along."
"What makes you say that, though you are true."
"Well, by how you looked when you were talking about her."
And the two talked about their early life until they got to the guard chamber. ~