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XRepetition: Zeder Designs

by R Envoide

Zeder Designs.jpg
R Envoide LOL, was Scanning this drawing in our printer,
and we were gonna like put our comments here and stuff
but Bro's actually fallen asleep XD
so, yaaaaaa~ I ain't gonna be mean,
so like-- whateverrr-- Byeeeee ^^

  1. R Envoide
    R Envoide
    RE: SS-I Never :3
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    Well, Scientists are people who continuously pursue knowledge and truth.
    While Doctors can be scientists in their own personal way~
    With the general fact that the career's primary focus is treating people with
    the knowledge they already have, the vast majority of doctors don't necessarily
    pursue further knowledge to the extent that a Scientist typically should.

    ~WWoooooooo Bro's nerding outtt againnnn!! ^^
    Just saying, any professional can be a scientist as long as further knowledge is their higher priority =___=
    lolol Bro is SUCH a nerrrrrd XDD
    ~Says the girl with all the academic awards.
    haha Whoa, OMG #NERDTWINS4EVER!!
    ~ugh, Don't be fooled, Orida's a psychological demon.
    !!!omg, I have no idea what ur talking about... =w=
    =___= ofc
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    May 7, 2018
  2. SS-I Never
    SS-I Never
    I will gladly partake in the little chibi's noodles, and for the record Zeder, being a doctor is someone who is partaking in the acts of medical science, so a doctor still technically counts as a scientist.

    But, may I say, Zeder is pretty hot, but that's just because he's my type.
    May 7, 2018
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