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Random Stuff from the PC (Plot Character) Corner: Zazzy's Story

by Ariados twice

Ariados twice
Zazzy the Absol: So when I was born, my parents thought I'd be a normal Absol. Until the day I opened my eyes for the first time. They gave me a confused look. But they treated me like I was normal. I didn't understand why they had looked at me that way until the first time I saw my reflection. My parents eyes were red, but my reflection stared back at me with violet eyes. Of course, later in life both Team Rocket and the local bad guys went after me for this reason. I avoided and evaded them every time. Then, two years ago, a trainer got lost in my forest. I watched her curiously from a distance. There didn't appear to be anything abnormal about her, until I caught a glimpse of her reflection. Her eyes were violet, just like mine. Slowly and cautiously, I approached her. Her surprise soon turned to delight and she offered me a Mago Berry. I gave it a sniff then nibbled a bit of it. It was delicious. She got up and started to resume her trek. Away from civilization. I tugged on her pants and gestured in the correct direction. I led her out of the forest and we've been friends ever since!