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MHA: Next generation of heroes: "Yu can do it!": Yu can do it! Part 3: The Enlightened Fool

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 MHA: Next generation of Heroes OC Yu Wu's backstory.
As they went off to school that day ,and their father Yakumo was reviewing a case he was going over involving two gang members. Yakumo was the lawyer they wanted to have these people thrown away behind bars. Yakumo was a little hesitant as he hadn't thrown gang members in jail before. He pondered what sort of retaliation might happen should some of the other gang members decide to get revenge against the people responsible or worse. If they decided to come after their families. Yakumo had a lot of his mind that morning.

That day at school Yu had felt awkward for having low grades compared to his two brilliant siblings. Between his older brother being involved in AP classes and his sister excelling in her work as well Yu felt pretty average. It didn't help the fact that even his younger sister Nia was writing full sentences compared to most of her class which were still learning to form words. Yu was pretty much the average kid in his family. That day when they got home he looked over at his older sister Maya, "Hey sis... Yu look amazing today! is that a new hairstyle? your folder looked super organi-" Yu said before being interrupted, "what do you want Yu?" Maya reluctantly asked crossing her arms, "can you tutor m-" Yu said and again being interrupted, "forget about it... your too dumb... and besides... its not my fault your too lazy to pay attention in class anyways" Maya said turning her head away, "oh come on! I need to get smarts! like you!" Yelled Yu, "Your dumb Yu... your denser than lead Yu... Your dumber than a second coat of paint" Keiyo said while walking towards te couch. Maya eventually reluctantly decided to help. Yu got confused pretty quickly ,but his brother Keiyo was nice enough to pitch in as well. He was quick to anger ,but he was also happy to see Yu wanting to further his education. Between Maya yelling in his right ear and Keiyo yelling in his left ear they barely noticed Nia sitting by the kitchen counter making a peanut butter jelly sandwich.

While The kids were at home that afternoon their father was at work in his office reviewing the evidence ,and deciding whether or not he was confident enough to go through with the case. After his boss walked in he spoke with Yakumo telling him that is was his choice whether or not he wanted to go through with the case or not as his boss was a nice guy ,and wasn't going to force him to take the case if he was too scared to do it. Yakumo looked at his family photo on the desk; (Yakumo was standing behind Keiyo and Yu while holding up bunny ears behind their heads, Leeya was standing next to Yakumo and behind Maya and Nia giggling with her hands on their shoulders. Keiyo was standing there with his arms crossed, Yu was making a goofy face while sticking his tongue out and Maya and Nia were both standing there giggling). Yakumo looked at his family photo with a smirk before getting up ,and heading to his boss's office to confirm he would take the case.

When Yakumo came home the first thing he saw were Keiyo and Maya smacking Yu with rolled up newspaper while Yu continued studying. Nia was on the couch with peanut butter and jelly on her face as well as on the counter in the kitchen. Yakumo was too tired to yell at his kids this late into the afternoon so he went into the kitchen and fixed himself a peanut butter jelly sandwich and fell on the couch next to Nia, "So... anything good on tv today?" Yakumo said face first into the couch, "Yea! watch tv with me papa!" Nia said excitedly... but its hard to watch cartoons when those poopyheads keep yelling during the show" Said Nia slightly upset, "That is not how you solve those types of equations Yu! do it the way I showed you!" Keiyo yelled, "actually the way you did it was incorrect as you left this step out." Yu said cheerfully while pointing towards the specific step, "Wow...you know Keiyo he is right you know? You forgot a step" Maya said laughing. Keiyo was visibly angry for a moment then burst into laughter, "I guess I was... The day Yu is actually right about something..." Keiyo mumbled to himself. Maya, Keiyo ,and Yu made themselves peanut butter jelly sandwiches and sat on the couch, "So... I take it were just going to eat sandwiches and watch cartoons today for dinner?" Maya said, "Pretty much..." Said Yakumo, "It's amazing!" Said Nia. So that's what they did. They sat there and watched cartoons ,and eventually took their baths and headed to bed.

The next day was Saturday and Yu headed to his tai chi class as Yu had been attending Tai Chi classes for the past 6 months. Yu enjoyed attending Tai chi as it helped improve his health, confidence as well as provide him self-defense lessons. His Tai Chi instructor was a strong stalwart man that looked to be around his mid forties with scars and bruises. His name was Li Jie Zhang but Yu was to refer to him as Sifu Zhang. Sifu Zhang was a tough martial artist ,but was also kind and cared much for his students. In his class there were makirawaras(training dummies), mirrors so the students could see themselves as well as the instructor when he wasn't facing them), various chinese weapons(from jian to kwandao to hook swords there were many weapons), and a hard stone floor. There was also a picture large picture with a simple wooden frame on the far side of the room of him as a student with his instructor and the many other students. Fun Fact: one of the students in the picture was a young prodigy student by the name of Konju). Even though he came predominantly for tai chi the instructor also taught his students bagua and xing yi(the reason being is because tai chi, bagua ,and xing yi are often taught together and are occasionally called "the three sisters"). Xing Yi was harder as it involved more jumping around and low stances. Bagua was more confusing as it involved walking in circles and various turns and techniques. Though despite the difficulty he enjoyed learning then anyways ,and the fact that his instructor was very supportive really helped a lot.

Meanwhile after a week in court the two gang members were finally given lengthy prison sentences. Yakumo has mostly relieved that they were finally being brought to justice ,and that he no longer had to worry with those two walking the streets. As Yakumo drove home he noticed two men in dark suits follow him for two blocks ,but eventually turn before Yakumo could make out their faces. Yakumo was somewhat concerned about the two people who followed him ,but he was more concerned about his family. He began speeding up as he drove for his house to his relief to find out everything was fine. Yu and Maya were studying science, Keiyo was helping Nia with basic math to help ensure she stays a couple steps ahead of her classmates. Yakumo walked in and began boiling pasta which would later be turned into spaghetti and meat balls. That night Yakumo set his alarm clock for Sunday which he just happened to have the day off.
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