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MHA: Next generation of heroes: "Yu can do it!": Yu can do it! Part 2: From Shenzhen to Musutafu

by ThAtGuY101

ThAtGuY101 MHA: Next generation of Heroes OC Yu Wu's backstory.
After Yu had decided to become more like his brother he went to sleep that night ,and his older brother Keiyo continued working on his extra credit school projects for two hours longer before heading to sleep himself. The next morning was a regular Friday school day. When Yu came home he began jotting down ideas ,but most of it was simply poorly written scribbles and poorly drawn pictures of squirrels and lizards he had previously saw while walking home that day, "Whatcha drawin loser..." scoffed Keiyo as walked by. Keiyo then jumped on the couch propping his feet on the table and turned on the television to watch the news, "Keiyo your so lame... watching the news trying to act like dad ,but your an even bigger goofball than I am. Also the worst part is you know it too which is why you act so defensive" Yu said as he continued drawing his misshapen squirrel. At this point Keiyo was visibly angry with his eyes glaring focused on Yu, "atleast I can spell news loser... and who do you think you are anyways?! I can't even read that chicken scratch! your handwriting is worse than Nia's and shes still learning her alphabet!" Yelled Keiyo with a smug look as he looked back at the news. Yu continued writing for five minutes before looking back at his brother, "none of that changes the fact that I'm still right..." Yu said calmly before continuing.

Afterwards the two got into a heated argument which ended in an enraged father busting out of his home office grabbing both of them ,and taking them outside to find chores for them to do. They were outside doing chores around the yard for three hours before they were done. After they ate dinner that afternoon Yu bugged his sister to help him with his handwriting for ten minutes before she reluctantly agreed. While Maya was helping Yu improve his handwriting, *RING! RING! RIIIING!* went the phone. After a minute their father Yakumo's face turned cold as he was called about an attack that happened near the greenhouse his wife/their mother(Leeya) worked and they believe she may have gotten caught up in the attack. Yakumo felt a weight hit him when they confirmed the terrible news. He sat at the table for a few minutes looking out the window and at his four kids then eventually decided to tell them. the youngest child Nia took the news the hardest. Two weeks later they had the funeral ceremony in China ,and the body was sent to Japan so her parents so they could give her a proper traditional Japanese style funeral. at the Ceremony in China Yakumo looked over at the kids at told them about his wifes wish's to one day move back to her home country Japan as the two had been talking about it for a while ,but Yakumo was never serious about it ,and had always intended in staying in his home country of China. Keiyo and Maya were indifferent to the idea, while Yu hated the idea ,and Nia was still for the most part in denial.

One week after the incident had passed Yakumo had became more serious about her wish to move back to Japan ,but he needed time and he needed plans. Yakumo had spoken with Leeya's family about coming to Japan. They continued to live in china for another year. Leeya's parents were willing to help them with financial needs until they got on their feet. Yakumo had spent the most part of the year planning their move to Japan as well as getting some assistance from his former employer to help him find a suitable law firm in Japan that he could work at.

A year after the family had moved to Japan they were now living in Musutafu Japan. The family still had their same old family photos from two years ago ,but none of them liked talking much of it. For the most part they settled in nicely ,and despite the tragedy that had occurred two years ago things were finally looking up. Yakumo was rising in the law firm he worked at becoming well known by many as a well respected lawyer, Keiyo was near the top of his class, Maya had taken a great interest in journalism, Yu's handwriting had become so good that even Keiyo was activly praising it ,and Nia was Finally in school and making new friends. Leeya's parents still helped them from time to time even if they needed it or not. Things would never be the same ,but things were looking up for them.

*BEEP! BEEEP! BEEP! BEEEP!* Went Yu's alarm clock. Yu got up and pressed the alarm ready to get dressed and start another day at school. He put on his student uniform while his brother was still fast asleep from overdoing his studies again the night prior. Yu turned off the light before heading out. Even though part of Yu hated his brother for all the countless fights they got into he still cared enough for him to turn out the lights and give him a few extra minutes of sleep. Yu went down and joined his two sisters in eating breakfast. It was toast and scrambled eggs with orange juice. Yu was disappointed his father didn't get the grapefruit juice that he had specifically asked for throughout the past two weeks. After they had halfway finished eating Keiyo had finally got up and had heavy eye bags. All three of Keiyo's siblings had spit out their orange juice when they saw Keiyo walking downstairs with the goofiest looking expression. Even Yakumo had to turn his head to not choke on his toast, "Boy you need to get to bed sooner. You got plenty hours in the day to get stuff done" Yakumo said looking over at him, "Getting the proper amount of sleep is good for a proper healthy boy!" cheered Maya as she grinned. Keiyo walked over and ate his breakfast slowly. As the others began grabbing their bags Keiyo had already wolfed down his breakfast, snatched his bag up ,and was already heading outside, "Just another day at school!" Said Keiyo as he opened the door with a smirk.
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