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you like me right?

by Shiny mew 247

Shiny mew 247 For some reason this Shaymin Love's fire Nobody is really sure why But scientist Think it was because she was born with fire type Other sink That it's just her nature Butt I'll tell you the real story Once Upon a Time There was A Pokemon named Shaymin And she was born as an egg with red stripes One day when her parents and her or else he was still an egg by the way She got Fired on because because of A Charmander Burping near her When she got fired up she always loved fire And When she was born her mother and father told her to never to go near fire Pokemon But of course she never listened And She saw a Charmander And fell madly in love Ever since She always ask the same exact question And this is it I love fire, grass-type you still like me right? And that's my story The End

This piece was written and drawn by Mika girl 102

  1. Shiny mew 247
    Shiny mew 247
    Sorry i ment I love fire but in a grass tipe you still like me right? And i ment the perents and shaymen went to the park
    May 13, 2016