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by raccoonchan12

Pokemon - Wonima.png
raccoonchan12 Yonima The Rawed Pokemon
Type: Ghost/Fire
Height: 2"05
Weight: 2.25 lbs
Ability: Poison Touch/Mummy/Immunity
Descriptions: This Pokemon was Once a Pokemon Egg,but would never hatched.So,this egg was experimented by Team Despair as a test Subject.Even regular Pokemon Eggs were subjected by them.These eggs were cross-hybrid with different DNA's of Different Ghost Type Pokemon.Soon afterwords,Several eggs began to mutated,and began to form of what is now called, Yonima.It was a success to Team Despair,when they created a Pokemon of Despair,but most of the Yonima escaped from the Abandoned Despair Lab and scurried to different areas filled with pain and despair.They can be found at the Abandoned Despair Lab,and the Tower of Souls. The moves for these Pokemon are on the picture,and more.