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XRepetition: XRepetition designs (1k Likes!! wooo ^3^)//

by R Envoide

Hara_T.jpg Giselle.jpg Nich.jpg Alex.jpg Merce.jpg Hara.jpg
R Envoide Thanks for the thousand likes everyone!!

Pretty Awesome Christmas Gift >///<
Pretty busy Christmas even -___-
IKR xD Holidays studded with school projects :V
They're mostly yours
yours are harder you know, plus I have you to help me :3
and- Yea!
just to get this out there, these are characters for a comic we're planning on making ^^

Still planning with how the whole thing's gonna go tho
-___-)... btw, we aren't putting up a list of people who've given us likes anymore
I really wanna thooo
Seriously, it shouldn't really matter that much --
-3-)... BUT YEA!! Thanks again to all the Peeps that Like us!!

~~Orida should really lay it off on the coffee
well bro, YOU need to start drinking more coffee
...meh //boop
xD boop//

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