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Wrath of the element lords: Wrath of the element lords chapter 2:heart of fire

by RedGyrados

RedGyrados The second chapter in wrath of the element lords! This one is set in Ransei from Pokemon Conquest. Constructive criticism appreciated!
It had happened so fast that Hiyedoshi couldn't remember half of it. Those pretenders led by Mitsaruni had struck Ignis and taken it over. His soldiers had been enlisted in the pretender army. Him and his Infernape were tossed in the dungeon. And they threw away the key. "That is their final straw!!" Said Hiyedoshi "When I get my hands on them I'll throw them halfway across Ransei, but right now I need to get out of here." "remember what we've been practicing, Infernape." His Infernape nodded and smashed the biggest possible Flare Blitz into the dungeon bars. When the soldiers saw him walking in, they immediately re-pledged loyalty to him, and they marched to Mitsaruni, who was sitting on his throne with his Toxicroak. "It's endgame for you pretender!" He snarled. He decided to battle for his kingdom.

Infernape used Flare Blitz!

Toxicroak fainted!

Mitsaruni and his troops retreated, and the battle was won. For now...