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Wow it’s been a long time [art dump]

by Riverrunner

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Riverrunner Uhhh hello! It’s been a Really Long Time. By a long time I mean nearly a year. Whoops.
Anyway, I’m not NEARLY as active as I was here before, needless to say, but I’ll try to check in every now and again. I miss this community a lot sometimes.

Uhhhh having said that! If you’d like to see more art from me that isn’t Extremely Old, follow me on Instagram @crowcourts !! I would really appreciate it :> It only has one post right now (it’s A Hat in Time because I have Not been able to think about Anything Else) but I hope to add onto that in the future :>
Anyway thanks for listening! I’ll try to check back in to ‘Charms more often; I’ve been really slacking lately

(In order the art is: A Wingull OC of mine, some headcanons about the mareep line, a 30 min palette speedpaint, and a 30 min kenku I did while testing out new brushes)