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Wolf's Whereabouts: Wolf's Whereabouts: Chapter 2

by Blxckwolf

"Eli, again. Razor Leaf!" Wolf shouted, pointing at the target he had set up against a tree. Turtwig readied itself, shaking the twig on its head. Multiple razor sharp leaves fired at the target, with most of them completely missing the target, others bouncing off on impact. The only two leaves that stuck in the target fell on the ground right after. Turtwig looked up at Wolf who sighed in disappointment.

"You're focussing too much on power, little brother." Alyssa critiqued in the middle of her own training. Lake Verity was their favourite place the train ever since they were young. With their parents' Pokémon they would battle almost every day to see who was the better trainer. Alyssa came out on top without opposition.

She was currently training with her Lopunny, their sparring sessions proving to be an effective form of training her Pokémon. Alyssa and Wolf both trained Martial Arts at Maylene's Fighting Dojo. To study her new moves and combos, Alyssa loved coming to the lake and training with Lopunny.

"Focus on the target, not on the strength. I'm sure that'd be better." She advised, winking at Turtwig.

"Mh, fine." Wolf gruntled before taking a deep breath. "Eli, you can do this. Razor Leaf, again." Wolf commanded, again pointing at the target. Before shaking its twig, Turtwig stood its ground, launching multiple leaves at the target for one last time. Not a single leaf missed, and practically all of them stuck in the board, with three leaves exactly in the middle.


Wolf stood in front of the imposing building, an inexplicable sweat breaking out on his forehead. "This is it Eli, this is what we've been training for." He commented, Turtwig seemingly just as nervous as Wolf was. "Tur-Twig!" It nodded, determined.

With one more step the automatic doors to the Oreburgh Gym slid open, revealing a huge battlefield with rocks and boulders scattered all over. "Ah! A challenger, welcome to my gym." A voice from the other side of the building could be heard. On his command, two spotlights shone right on him.

"My name is Roark, and I am Oreburgh City's Gym Leader. It is my duty to test your potential as a trainer. I will enjoy watching you and your Pokémon's toughness. Lets see what you got!" He finished, sending out his first Pokémon; a Geodude.

"Alright Eli, we can do this." Wolf said, sending Turtwig out onto the battlefield.

"The battle for the Coal Badge can now BEGIN!" The announcer cried.