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Without A Trace: Without A Trace Summary

by Twilight Nova

Twilight Nova A book I'm writing! My friends have already created ships XD
Years in the future, a disaster called The Destruction, where human waste overflows and turns Earth into a garbage dump, and the governments of the top countries come together and take the survivors of The Destruction to the moon. There, they create an atmosphere, and do everything else they needed to make it habitable. They took most of the plants and animals, as well. They called it New Hope, naming their government The Government Of New Hope. People are found to have special powers and supernatural abilities, but those people are sent to Earth to die.

Orphan Älskar tries to get by with his younger brother, Tyst, and his dog, Hund. All three of them are found have a special power of their own and are cast to Earth. But what they find surprises them.....
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