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Why did I spend SO MUCH MONEY ON THIS?!?!?!

by PokeStorm

20190723_095745.jpg 20190723_100020.jpg
PokeStorm So I've been playing Magic the Gathering for about 3 years now and I've collect a few cards. The box on the right and the top are all sorted by color and type of card such as Instant, Sorcery, Creature, Enchantment, and Multicolor and Lands. The box in the middle had my built decks, but they kinda suck cuz I haven't really focused on it recently. But all the other pictures are my Pokemon Card collection. Honestly I haven't really been into Pokemon cards since I was about 6 or 7 years old, which was around the time Diamond amd Pearl came out. Platinum, Heartgold, and Soulsilver were still under development, which goes to show how much the Pokemon community has changed over about 11 years.

We have gotten so many main series and other Pokemon games like the Mystery Dungeon series. Even I don't have my binders upon binders full of cards anymore, my friend SmallKirbyz recently got into it again for an unknown reason and bought me a bunch of booster packs, which included the other cards in the pictures I could not include like the Shiny Rayquaza EX, which by the way is a $40 card in US Currency. You do the math for your country, but know its a lot of effing money. Im having trouble posting stuff because as I'm typing this there is exactly 15 people on the same WiFi, so you can guess how sucky it is. But heres some relationship advice: When you meet someone you really like, sit them in front of a computer with really slow WiFi and a terrible Graphics Card and see who they really are. Just kidding. Haha, I think...

Anyways, getting back into the game I've noted how much the Trading Card game has changed. Now we have Mega Evolution, Break Cards, and a few other things I'm not entirely used to yet. But my friend and I made a deal that because he got me into Pokemon Cards, I will introduce him to MTG, which I am much more familiar with even though honestly it seems more complicated. But he's a smart guy. Take me for example. I am known to have an IQ less than a rock, but before you say anything else, know that rocks have feelings and they can probably read. Maybe. Hmmmmmm...

Anyways, just wanted to show off my collection. Also want to point out that I have exactly 1000 cards not in the first picture because they are in the shed at the area I work at the Scout Camp I'm staffing at in case you were unaware or didn't read my last 2 posts.

Thanks for reading and spending your time, and have a good day/night. Also be sure to follow me in Instagram. My username is @poke_storm. I will be posting mostly different stuff on them. This post however is on both, but the info you just read is only on the post on Pokecharms.