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White Noise

by NightRaven

NightRaven A young cat has faced much when she was young and hopes for a better life, but would that life turn out to be sprayed with the blood of her enemies...and allies?
Rain struck the ground lightly as it had been for hours. Yowls split the air, and shrieks of pain tore at her ears. Blood spattered the ground before her as clumps of fur were flung by hungry claws. She tried to run, but she seemed to be surrounded by glaring eyes, and blood soaked muzzles. Mama! Help! The kit wanted to wail.
Pain seared her side as claws tore at her. She tried to flee, but every time she got up, she was knocked down. A small black-and-white tom with amber eyes stared at her, not even moving, but just sitting there; sitting there doing nothing but staring as she was torn apart. She managed to scramble away and rushed through the trees.
"Mother!" She wailed in fear. Paws were rushing, by the sound of it, towards her. She returned back to the clearing where she was about to die, and no one was there, then a familiar silver tabby lay in view...
"Mother!" The kit yowled happily, rushing to her. But her mother didn't move. "Mother?" She asked nervously. No response. The kit's tiny heart shattered like thin ice. "Mother!" The kit wailed, clenching her mother's tail that she used to play with...
"Please...come back..."

Many moons had passed since the kit, known as Moon, had faced the death of her mother. She deeply seeked revenge, and she promised her mother that she would avenge her death. She padded on through the open moorland, the tall grass reaching up her sides. She'd been alert for all this time.
Suddenly, the black-and-white cat she saw that night appeared. He was crouching down and seeming to hunt a rabbit. Moon pinned her ears back. The cat suddenly bounded towards the rabbit, striking it down. He wipped around and saw Moon trying to hide.
The cat narrowed his eyes, but dragged the rabbit away in the endless moorland. Moon stared after him and sighed. The tom suddenly appeared, a small mouse in his jaws. He headed straight towards Moon, before dropping the mouse at her paws.
Moon parted her jaws to thank him and question him, but he was gone. She shrugged and ate quickly. She felt energy surge through her and bounded through the moorland. She was accidentally following the tom.
The tom suddenly leapt and vanished. Moon skidded to a halt, and noticed that there was a deep scar in the earth where it ended in a river, countless fox-lengths below. She also noticed there was a hill on the other side that was lower than where she stood.
He must've leapt to the other side. She thought. She lowered herself to leap across the thin scar, gathered power in her legs, and leapt...
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  1. NightRaven
    Here; have an update xD
    Oct 26, 2016
  2. Andrewski
    I love it! Can't wait to see the rest!
    Oct 26, 2016
  3. NightRaven
    This is all I could get for now!
    Oct 5, 2016