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Wew Me as Team Skull

by Silver-Solis

Silver-Solis So I'm going as a Team Skull grunt, kinda like as I did for a convention I went too. Sadly, I was gonna go as a hacker from something (seems how my friends are all going as various hackers. Such Aiden Pearce from Watchdogs). I was probably just gonna get an Anon mask and use that. But alas, the Spirit was sold out of them. So it looks like I'm an advocate for Team Skull Again

r u proud boss
  1. ngalili
    that mustache tho
    Nov 1, 2017
  2. GreninjaTrainer013
    Nice costume! You look really good in it!
    Nov 1, 2017
    Silver-Solis likes this.
  3. Rovenz
    Is that you Post Malone?

    Nah it can’t be. You look almost like him though. Not too much, but almost.
    Nov 1, 2017