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Pokémon Kalos journeys: Welcome to the new season of.. X and Bryce.. Blah blah

by BryceTehTrainer

BryceTehTrainer New season!!! Now what's Bryce gonna do about that?! Well what's new? New theme song new Bryce rivals well how about NEW COMEDY AND JOKES!? Stay tuned for more!
Kalos! The wonderful 8)great region with 1 problem.. A crazy stealing,lazy,mean and happy 11 year old named Bryce he's a nerd and he's a boy but he is getting bored not adventuring in so long until his mom 8)moved to Kalos and boom! That's how it happened 8)now let's continue the crazy adventures in Kalos now! "Shalour city! The most boring city ever made.. 3rd badge here we come!" Bryce sees the group/Serena8),Shuana,Teirno and Trevor! "Why are you going to that giant cast-" Bryce was interrupted by Shuana "Tower of mastery time!" The group ran away to the tower of mastery "uh" (I'm back!!!!8)8)8)8)8)8) Whoops I dropped my dudes!) "text8) box!"
Bryce yelled at the text box then punching it enough for it to break but don't worry he'll be back soon after the gym battle with Korrina8) now this was a tiny8) bit of what's to come of the new season8)
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