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Terrater Canon: Watch Me Burn - Chapter One

by Dwayna DragonFire

Dwayna DragonFire A story of a human girl who had a very dark past, and suddenly has her life turned upside down when a visitor from another world invites her to escape her personal hell. WARNING: Mentions of violence, abuse, and other dark themes. Viewer discretion advised.
A girl's mother was beaten to death and no one batted an eye. The blonde girl in question was taught from a young age that females were meant to be slaves to the males. She was abused in every way possible because he had the right to treat her like a toy, a puppet, a plaything. The only reason he ever brought her to the hospital was that she could be patched up to look nice for him again, so that if he did ever feel guilt for tearing at her with a broken wine bottle or his own two hands, the evidence would be out of sight and out of mind.

Having to endure such throughout most of ones life would break anyone's mind, and Elizabeth was no different. Some people had it better than she did, but her independent spirit died underneath his gaze and became the obedient slave. When she was 'good' for the man that called himself her father, he would be a little less rough with her. One time he even asked what she wanted for once, and because she knew she couldn't ask for salvation, she merely asked for violin lessons. The music was the only escape she had from the hell that was her regular life.

One day, something happened, something significant to gather a good portion of the population of her city. A woman of ethereal beauty stood before them with short blonde hair, pointed ears, and armor that made her look powerful. The elven woman introduced herself as Merenwen Falassion, and she spoke of heretical things like women being in power. She offered salvation to the battered and beaten women of their world, but also to the men who felt in their hearts that what was happening was wrong. Murmurs siphoned through the crowd, but Elizabeth couldn't take her eyes off of the other woman; it was like she heard the music of her violin playing a sad reverie. Whatever possessed her in that moment to move she never quite put her finger on, but silence came over the crowd as she stepped towards the strange woman.

At first, the man that called himself her father didn't believe his eyes. Then the anger of the abuser came back in him, and he moved to stop her, putting his hands at her throat to put her down like he had her mother. But just as soon as it had began, the hands went limp and the man slumped over; the elven woman with the commanding presence had thrown her sword, and it was piercing his throat in turn. Elizabeth watched as her 'Master' choked and bled to death, something in that moment again possessing her to make sure that she saw the light die in his eyes, doing nothing to stop it.

The girl stepped towards Merenwen again, and no one moved to stop her. Other women left their abusers and masters, and more were almost stopped to no avail. The elven woman had more than just physical power; the sword disappeared from the corpses and re-appeared in her hand to be thrown again if a man tried to forcibly stop their woman. Even some of the men stepped forwards, begging for forgiveness and saying they wished to change their ways. It was a monumental occasion, one that would surely change the face of the planet as women finally fought for their rights as human beings.

But they were not going to stay on Earth; the elven woman had spoke of a planet outside this realm full of magic and with a draconic woman as their queen. The portal to the other realm was evidence of her honesty, and she showed that it was safe to travel. But she carried a warning: they would obtain some of this magic, for the very air of the planet they were going to was filled with it. Merenwen said they could choose what they wanted to become, what power they wished to have, but how much it would mean would depend on the Goddess of the planet. Elizabeth was entranced and enthralled, as were most of the other people understandably. They had never heard of such things before, so with bated breath, they all walked through one by one.

When it was Elizabeth's turn, everything around her went black. Out of the darkness appeared the most beautiful woman she had ever seen; covered in a dress made of animal leathers, with long green hair and eyes that were entirely made of a white glow. Strings of light seemed to bend and weave through the air around the woman, as if she had a plethora of arcane power behind her, which was probably very true if this was the Goddess the elven woman had spoken of.

“Hello, child of Earth,” greeted the Goddess. “Many call me the Great Mother, but my true name is Terrater. I am a part of this very planet, and I help to keep it alive. My magic is too much for those who were born without it, so to help you survive I must give unto you a power. It can be something simple or something complex, but it it u to you to find out if what you asked for is either a gift or a curse. Please choose wisely, young Elizabeth Aelo.” The fact that the being knew her name just furthered to prove that the woman was a Goddess. But what to choose? Elizabeth finally had salvation, but his voice still tormented her mind and soul, not to mention the physical scars left on her body...

“I wish to see everything,” Elizabeth replied, tears streaming down her face despite herself. “To know things beforehand so I never have to be hurt again.” How long had she wanted such a thing? She had lost track of her independence when she was ten years old, and it had been eight years since then... Eighteen years of that hell, she thought bitterly, glad that she could finally be rid of it at last. The Goddess Terrater turned a sympathetic gaze to the human girl, and finally nodded.

“Barring the few who have blocked themselves from such things, you shall have your wish,” Terrater replied, though her face looked a bit grim. “This sort of power ids not for the light of heart... as such, I shall make you immortal of age as well. With more time to spend in this world, you shall eventually become used to the chaos of Fate. Now... forgive me this pain I must bestow upon you.” With that said, the Goddess seemed to reach towards Elizabeth, the fingers that touched the human's face seeming to feel a bit charged...

Suddenly, the white tendrils of light shot out from behind Terrater into the human girl's eyes, making her experience an indescribable sort of pain as her way of seeing was forever changed... Elizabeth's eyes turned from blue to silver, the irises seeming to turn with the seconds of time. Her blonde hair bled to pink to mark her further, and she suddenly felt the overwhelming sense of several minds pressed into her own amongst the chaos of the past, present and future... Everything faded to black again, as Elizabeth understandably passed out from it all.

The girl's unconscious mind floated into the glowing abyss that was Time itself. So many events happening so fast that it was enough to draw any normal person mad. The stunning part was when Elizabeth felt herself asking for it to stop, and the onslaught of events slowed in her mind, to a point where she could see each event like shards of a crystal penetrating her mind. So I can control it to an extent, at least, she mused, thinking about what to do with that knowledge. Memories of her own past flooded into her head, and she felt herself curling up in fear. Please... she thought, trying to address the entity that was now inside her head. Show me safety... someone who will take care of me...

One of the shards of crystal shot out from the others towards her, stopping just short of her body. She looked upon it curiously, unsure of what to do. It seemed to be beckoning her in some way, calling out to her... Elizabeth reached out to touch it, ans suddenly felt herself falling into it. The image of a rose with black petals appeared in her vision, which bloomed into a woman with dark hair and stunning blue eyes. “Countess Nerezza, we need you to look at these plans for the banquet...” said an unseen voice, before Elizabeth fell back out of the shard suddenly.

“... It's amazing how much the girl has endured,” said a stern but feminine voice. Elizabeth opened her heavy eyes to see that she was in a strange hospital room... Her eyes flicked over to the strange voice, and that was when fear shocked through her system again. What met her eyes looked humanoid in appearance, but the being's skin was covered in white scales and the face looked vaguely like a mix between some sort of lizard and crocodile with a large, purple gem at its throat.

“She'll always have the scars,” said the strange, scaled woman. “But I patched her up as best as my abilities allow.” It was at that point when Elizabeth realized that she no longer felt the sting of laying on her back every night... She felt truly healthy for the first time in a long time, ans it was enough to make her almost cry again. This strange creature had been kind enough to heal her, it seemed... The fact that she knew that struck her again. Magic is real, she reminded herself, remembering not only the elf but the fact that she could now see much around her.

Another woman approached her, this one looking far more human in appearance. Her brown hair and emerald green eyes looked like they suited her nicely, but there was something more... Elizabeth felt another crash of information hitting her: This was the queen of the planet, and she was not as completely human as she seemed. Still, the woman that was the queen gave her a small, comforting smile, as if the reassure her that no harm was going to come to her.

“Hello,” she greeted, bowing her head a bit. “My name is Dwayna. Welcome to Terrater. I am told by Arcaniss here that you have the abilities of what one would call a seer.” Elizabeth looked to the scaled woman again, who merely folded her arms. /Arcaniss.../ she mused, memorizing it in case it was going to be important. She turned back to Dwayna and gave the woman a nod in response.

“Then you already know who I am, I assume?” Elizabeth gave another nod and Dwayna continued. “Well, then there's no sense in hiding it... I am a half-dragon. If it is your desire to stay here, then I will be your queen.” The human girl's eyes widened a bit at that. Dragons are real too? She thought, but then her eyes flicked back to Arcaniss. A vision of the woman as a fully grown white-dragon flashed before her eyes, and it was all clearly true.

“If there's anything I can do for you, let me know,” said Dwayna, which put Elizabeth into thought. Did she trust this woman? Did she want to stay here? She really didn't want to go back, and she didn't know of anywhere else to go... the notion that there were multiple worlds outside her own existing slammed into her full force. There were almost twenty billion souls on this planet, and a good portion of them weren't human. The dizzying thought made Elizabeth shut her eyes a bit forcibly before opening them again... The woman, she reminded herself. Ask about the woman.

“Is there a... Countess Nerezza here?” Elizabeth asked, finally finding her voice. Dwayna looked surprised, but nodded all the same. “Then...” the human girl hesitated, but decided to be a little bit forward. “I do wish to stay... But I also wish to serve her.” The dragon queen raised her eyebrows at this, seeming to mull it over a bit. Dwayna pulled out a small device and started typing into it, and Elizabeth was given the notion that she was contacting the woman she had asked for. More information came to her, and she soon realized that the Countess wasn't human either. It wasn't that much of a surprise at this point that if dragons were real, vampires could be too.

“She says that she will accept you into her home,” replied Dwayna, giving her another smile. “Rest here a while, and she should be along to collect you.” The dragon queen looked to Arcaniss again. “When the Countess arrives, direct her to this girl, if you please.” Arcaniss bowed her head and the queen left. Elizabeth felt that she was surely in for an adventure of a lifetime.
  1. The Voltagonist
    The Voltagonist
    Very nice, very nice. I shall eagerly await more. ^_^
    Apr 28, 2015
  2. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    Yay! Another Terrater fic! When you introduced Elizabeth I knew I remembered the name and then when she got her powers I was like "Yup!" I look forward to seeing how her story unfolds. ^_^
    Apr 24, 2015
  3. Azur
    I have absolutely no words for how wonderful this was. You are an amazing writer, and this concept is glorious! I will certainly be watching for more. ♥
    Apr 24, 2015