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Warriors The Untold Stories: Warriors The Untold Stories: Rise of the New Warrior

by NightRaven

NightRaven (Well...the iPad isn't working with the internet properly so this is the third time I had to type everything....anyways, I just wanted to get rid of this idea because it's been stuck with me for a while...and the strange Super Edition I made is either gonna be put off or taken down as it's not working as it should...Another thing; I'll be using some characters that Erin Hunter has created, but none of the events of the books they come from will be present.)

"A new warrior is on the rise...coming from a foreign land, fire shall save the forest once more..."

A mountain kit had been taken to the forest. Being known as Jaykit, fitting into Clan life seems difficult. The Clan leader remembers how the prophecy had spoken of a new warrior. Could this ember grow into a flame? Or would it die out as quickly as the others?
Tribe of the Rising Flames
Healer: Mist at Dawn (Mist)- gray she-cat with green eyes
Feather of Soaring Raven(Feather)- black tom with amber eyes
Moon of Night Sky(Moon)- silver she-cat with black paws and amber eyes
Crag Where Eagles Nest(Crag)- dark grey tom with yellow eyes
Night Of No Stars(Night)- black she-cat with green eyes
Frost At Cold Dawn(Frost)- white she-cat with icy blue eyes
Sheer Path Beside Waterfall(Sheer)- dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
Raven of Black Night(Raven)- Black she-cat with blue eyes
Cloud of Bright Sky(Cloud)- white she-cat with green eyes
Ash In Burning Flame(Ash)- Grey tom with green eyes(I'm just assuming this is how the To-Be names work...)
Sun Of Bright Dawn(Sun)- Golden she-cat with amber eyes
Fire That Burns Bright(Fire)- ginger tabby tom with amber eyes
Storm Of Dark Day(Storm)- grey tabby tom with amber eyes
Stone Of Cold Mountain(Stone)- grey tabby tom with blue eyes
Crow That Soars At Dusk(Crow)- grey she-cat with green eyes
Water Of Small Stream(Water)- blue-grey she-cat with green eyes
Sky Of Dark Dusk(Sky)- gray tom with white paws and yellow eyes
Leaf Of Fallen Tree(Leaf)- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Leader: Ravenstar- black she-cat with green eyes
Deputy: Thistlefang- white tom with yellow eyes
Medicine Cat: Ivyleaf- grey she-cat with green eyes
Rainfur- blue-grey she-cat with blue eyes
Redwing- dark ginger tom with green eyes
Firefeather-ginger tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice- Bluepaw
Nightwing- black she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice- Whitepaw
Streamrunner- silver tabby she-cat with blue eyes
Apprentice- Bramblepaw
Brackenpelt- ginger tabby tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Hawkpaw
Morningflower- golden she-cat with green eyes
Dawnfeather- ginger she-cat with yellow eyes

Leader: Silverstar- silver tabby tom with yellow eyes
Deputy: Firetail- ginger tom with green eyes
Medicine cat: Greyleaf- grey she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Silverpool
Nightmist- black she-cat with yellow eyes
Apprentice- Cloudpaw
Blackstorm- black tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Nightpaw
Sparrowwing- brown tom with yellow eyes
Tigerfur- brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Amberpaw
Stonestep- grey tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Mistpaw
Duskfur- dark grey she-cat with amber eyes
Apprentice- Featherpaw
Owlfeather- brown she-cat with yellow eyes
Hawkpelt- brown tabby she-cat with green eyes

Leader: Featherstar- silver tabby she-cat with amber eyes
Deputy: Darkfeather- dark grey she-cat with yellow eyes
Medicine cat: Blackpool- black she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Blueleaf
Oaktail- ginger tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Stonepaw
Pinefur- brown she-cat with green eyes
Runningwind- black-and-white tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice- Stormpaw
Brokentail- brown tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Redpaw
Tornfur- grey tom with yellow eyes
Apprentice- Crowpaw
Lionflame- golden tabby tom with amber eyes
Apprentice- Reedpaw
Brackenstripe- ginger she-cat with green eyes
Squirrelpelt- ginger she-cat with green eyes

Leader: Oakstar- ginger tom with blue eyes
Deputy: Swiftrunner- silver tabby she-cat with yellow eyes
Medicine cat: Featherflame- silver she-cat with amber eyes
Dovewing- silver she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Mosspaw
Thorntail- ginger tom with white paws and amber eyes
Apprentice- Icepaw
Frostwing- white she-cat with icy blue eyes
Longtail- pale grey tabby tom with green eyes
Apprentice- Dustpaw
Sandfur- pale ginger she-cat with green eyes
Apprentice- Snowpaw
Greycloud- grey she-cat with yellow eyes
Rainrunner- blue-grey she-cat with yellow eyes
Whiteleaf- white she-cat with green eyes

A black she-cat sat just inside ThunderClan territory, a grey she-cat sitting by her. "How are the warriors doing?" The black she-cat suddenly asked, breaking the silence. "Their wounds are healing quickly. As for the others, they will survive. We have been hit hard by ShadowClan, but they still cannot destroy us." The grey she-cat responded. "Have you recieved any signs from StarClan lately?" The black she-cat asked again. "I'm afraid not, Ravenstar. I will tell you when I do." The grey she-cat responded.
Ravenstar and the grey she-cat stared at the sky, waiting. Suddenly, the tabby's pelt was bristling and her eyes grew wide. She remained this way for a few moments before staggering but catching herself. "What did they say, Ivyleaf?" Ravenstar asked. "A new warrior is rising in our Clan sooner or later....fire will save the forest once again..." Ivyleaf responded.
Ravenstar nodded slowly. "But who is that warrior?" She asked her medicine cat. Ivyleaf shook her head. "I am afraid I do not know," She murmured. "However, it may be a good sign, that our Clan is growing strong again." Ravenstar sighed and nodded.
"Thank you, Ivyleaf. You should get back to camp and rest. StarClan knows what could happen tomorrow." Ravenstar meowed, her medicine cat nodding in response. "May StarClan be with you." Ivyleaf called as she padded back into the woods. "May StarClan be with us all..." Ravenstar muttered, her ears pinned back. She then stared up at the sky, green eyes dark with fear. "Who is that warrior?" She asked one final time.
She then got up and padded back into the woods, stealing one last glance at Silverpelt, before turning away and returning to camp. When she reached the thorn tunnel, she slid through and padded to her den in silence. She curled up in her den and fell asleep. This prophecy could determine the life of her Clan. Who was this warrior?

A grey tabby kit finally opened his eyes along with his siblings. His mother, a white she-cat, stared happily down at him. Soon a black tom padded towards them. "Well, it seems they have finally arrived." The black tom purred. The white she-cat nodded, nuzzling the kits.
"You've been away for too long; they were born a while ago!" The white she-cat pointed out. "And by a while ago, I guess you mean weeks ago?" The black tom sighed and the white she-cat nodded. "Sorry, Feather, but you've missed a bit since you left. At least you're just in time to see them open their eyes!" She meowed. Feather nodded and nuzzled his mate, Cloud. "We've been wandering the mountains to find any rogues or...forest cats." Feather murmured.
"Just as I had guessed. What do you want to name the kits?" Cloud asked. "I'll name one and you can name the other two. This one will be...Storm of Dark Day, or Storm." Feather meowed, resting his tail on the grey tabby with amber eyes. "This one will be Stone of Cold Mountain, or Stone." Cloud purred, nuzzling the kit with blue eyes. "The final kit shall be named Crow That Soars At Dusk, or Crow." The kits stared up at their parents. "Well, I suppose it's final. I'd better get back to hunting. See you soon!" Feather mewed and padded out of the cave.
Cloud curled her tail around the kits, purring. Soon enough, the three tabbies fell asleep, curling up. Feather and Moon Of Night Sky, or Moon, were already out hunting. Moon would often brush her pelt against Feather's, but the black tom would ignore her. Soon, a mouse scurried out into the open and Feather waited.
Just as a hawk caught the mouse, Feather sprang at it, managing to bring it down. It just happened to fall onto Moon, causing her to hiss in surprise. Feather smirked, dragging the hawk away. Just as he expected, the silver she-cat was covered in blood and feathers. "You could at least warn me before a hawk comes down and falls on me!" She growled.
"Sorry! Coldn't help seeing a dead bird surprise you! Oh no, the prey is coming back to kill you! Try not to choke on the feathers!" Feather meowed sarcastically. "Very funny." Moon muttered. "I know! I'm hilarious!" Feather purred. "Next time, you wont be." Moon growled. Feather rolled his eyes and went back to hunting.
Soon, they returned with quite a bit of prey, Moon still covered in hawk feathers. "Well, Moon almost got hurt by a dead bird. I had to save her." Feather reported, tail twitching. "I know what you're saying!" Moon snapped. "Good for you." Feather retorted. Cloud rolled her eyes playfully, nuzzling her kits.

Storm was curled up beside Stone and Crow. Crow was training to be a prey-hunter while Storm and Stone were training as Cave-guards. They were also close to the end of their training. The three to-be's got up after a while. "Storm, I dare you to exit the cave and explore what's outside!" Stone challenged.
Storm nodded. "Alright, fine. I'll do it." Storm meowed. He wandered towards the entrance of the cave. He found a pebble and batted it away with his paw. The cave-guards looked around and Storm slipped past them.
He wandered the mountains in silence, looking around. His short tail flicked. He heard something nearby and looked around, amber eyes narrowed. He growled and unsheathed his claws. A silver tabby was padding towards Storm, tail twitching.
It picked the tom up by his scruff and bounded away. A while later, they were close to the forest. "Where are you taking me?" Storm demanded, but a leaf blew into his face, shutting him up. Hours had passed and soon they found themselves deep into the forest. The tabby set Storm down.
"Who is this, Streamrunner?" A thin black she-cat asked. "I found this kit in the mountains." Streamrunner replied. The black she-cat flicked her tail and padded towards Storm. "Welcome to ThunderClan." The cat growled before padding towards a massive rock that was slanting upwards. "Let all cats old enough to catch their own prey gather here beneath the Highrock for a Clan meeting." It yowled.
Cats poured out of the dens like floodwater, gathering around the massive, slanted rock. "We have a new kit from the mountains retrieved by Streamrunner," The cat began. "He shall be welcome to our Clan for as long as we stand. He will be known as Jaykit and Dawnfeather shall have the honor of caring for this kit." The cat went on. Dawnfeather padded up to the Highrock, touching noses to Jaykit and leading him away. Jaykit looked around nervously.
"Jaykit! Jaykit!" The Clan cats chanted his name, their voices ringing out through the camp like the roar of a lion. The grey tabby looked around, amber eyes wide. He remained close to Dawnfeather, soon reaching the nursery. "Bluekit! Cloudkit! We have a new arrival!" Dawnfeather called gently. A blue-grey she-cat and white tom appeared, ears twitching.
"Who is he?" Bluekit asked.
"Ew! He smells weird!" Cloudkit hissed.
"Cloudkit! Learn some respect for your brother! His name is Jaykit. He came from the mountains." Dawnfeather scolded.
"No wonder he looks and smells weird." Cloudkit muttered.
"What was that about Jaykit?" Dawnfeather growled.
"Hello, Jaykit. I'm Bluekit and that's my rude brother, Cloudkit." Bluekit meowed, touching noses to Jaykit.
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  1. NightRaven
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    Frustration due to failing internet combined with constant coughing isn't very easily to deal with when typing a story. I'm sorry this is taking a while, I truly am, and I'm searching how the Tribe Allegiances work.

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