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Warrior cats!: Warrior cats!Moonlit chapter 4

by Dootletail

Chapter 4
Grasspaw was curled up in his nest thinking about the Riverclan apprentice that saved him.
Singlepaw walked in.
"W-what?"Asked Grasspaw.
"Nothing,I'm just tired."Singlepaw answered curling up in her nest.
Moonpaw was annoyed by the racket,"Hey!Can you be a little quieter......"The snow white apprentice whispered calmly to his two friends.
Grasspaw and Singlepaw nodded.
"Thank you.Also can I talk to you about something?"Asked Moonpaw.
"Sure."Singlepaw nodded.
"Well,you know now that Fireheart's been deputy for about probably five moons now?"The medium sized apprentice asked.
"Yeah....."Shiverpaw agreed.