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My OCs: Warm flowers and cold paws

by Midnight Heart

Midnight Heart I couldn't decide on clown outfit themes for Amy and Roy, besides Roy having paw prints on his outfit and him looking slightly more like your average clown, then a friend of mine suggested making one have an outfit with cold colors, and the other have warm colors, and I thought it sounded neat. I was gonna give Amy the cold colors and Roy the warm ones, but I couldn't figure out how to get the colors to work for their outfits, so I swapped 'em. I think they turned out decent, though I probably should've used a less saturated yellow on Amy's outfit.

Since Trivvy looks up to these two, and they are the ones that taught Trivvy how to be a clown, I added several things from Trivvy's own clown outfit to Amy and Roy's outfits, since I thought it'd be neat if maybe Trivvy took inspiration from them when making their outfit.