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Gaiien Region: WARK: Peagawk, Peagarg, and Peagleam

by Keleri

peagawk dex.png
Keleri Peagawk --> (lv. 20) Peagarg
Peagawk --> (high Beauty or Crystal Mirror) Peagleam

#104 - Peagawk (peafowl + gawky)
Bushy Pokémon
They are well-camouflaged for their lives in the forest among the undergrowth, and they enhance this with sight-altering psychic power and illusions.

Moveset: Splash, Peck, Flail, Supersonic, Magic Coat, Hypnosis, Confusion, Substitute

#105 - Peagarg (peafowl + gargantuan)
Big Bird Pokémon
It is elusive despite its size. Pokémon-watchers are more likely to hear its distinctive singing than see it. They have a friendly demeanor.

Base Stats: (95/100/125/79/60/81) (540)

Ability: Intimidate/Anticipation (senses opponent's best moves and boosts evasion against strong moves)

Moveset: Drill Peck, Stomp, Pluck, Jump Kick, Thrash, Double Kick, Wood Kick, Gravity, Heart Stamp, Psycho Cut, Psycho Shift, Role Play, Trick, Crane Kick, Double Peck, Razor Wing, Wind Kick, Wind Slash, Destiny Blow, Psycho Kick, Amplify, Buzzer, Cacophony, Cavitation, Disco Panic, Megaphone, Voice Throw, Tooth Rattle, Sonic Cannon, Shaker Blast, Sing, Screech, Round

#106 - Peagleam (peafowl + gleam)
Light Pokémon
They are exceedingly vain and groom their multi-colored feathers often. Their mirrors do not always reflect what is in front of them.

Base Stats: (79/60/81/125/100/95) (540)

Ability: Forewarn (senses opponent's best moves and boosts evasion against strong moves)
/[Mirror Armor]

Moveset: Psybeam, Psychic, Mirror Move, Mirror Coat, Miracle Eye, Dawn Call, Dazzle, Heaven's Light, Illumination, Light Blast, Lightmote, Mirror Flash, Peaceful Glow, Searchlight, Searing Corona, Shining Eye, Regal Glare, Replicate, Psycho Shift, Role Play, Trick, Light Screen, Reflect, Air Slash, Chatter, Round, Gust, Hurricane


Design Notes: Everyone in the pokemon discord I'm in liked Peagawk, so I made Peagarg and changed the downstream numbering of all the fakemon in my pokedex (not the first time the latter has happened tbh).

Based on: The bird from Up!, flightless birds, ostriches, cassowaries, dodo, peacock, pokemon that evolve like feebas/magikarp
  1. muddy mudkip
    muddy mudkip
    this would make a good rejanle bird
    Apr 24, 2020
  2. Psycho Monkey
    Psycho Monkey
    I never realized just how massive Peagarg was! You could ride it into battle like a Chocobo! And now I have a very clear image of the Pokemon World analogue to Sesame Street having Big Bird as a Peagarg muppet.

    And I still love Peagawk. That bird has seen humanity's future so it knows just how fucked we are.

    Peagleam gives off the impression that its the best Pokemon in the world and everyone else are mere peasants compared to its majesty.
    Dec 17, 2019
    Ariados twice and Keleri like this.