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Wardon: World of War Guide

by Fraseandchico

Fraseandchico #Roleplay
This Is A Guide To A Virtual World I wish To Create One Day, There Shall Also Be An Rp For it, I Am Planning To Be A Video game Developer, So Your Support Would REALLY Mean A Lot.

Sword- A Melee Weapon, pretty Standard, Compared To Others, But Very Balanced, Wielding ONE Gives You Extra Physical Strength, While Wielding Two Gives Even More Power, But less Speed
Bow/Crossbow- A Ranged Weapon, Ranged, Note: DOES NOT COME WITH ARROWS, Like Swords, Bows and Crossbows Are Balanced, And Give More Ranged Power, Also More Speed, but Lowers Physical Attack power
Staff- A Magical Weapon, Ranged And Physical, This Weapon Uses A Magic Meter, Which Has Limited Power, There Are many Spells, Such as Self-healing, Or Thunder Blast, Which Blasts Multiple Thunder Bolts At Opponents. Magic Increase, Attack Power Decrease
Healing Rod- A healing Weapon, Only Used For Healing Teammates.
Dragon Stone- A Shift Stone Weapon, Turns You into Either A Water, Fire, Nature, Electricity, Dark, Earth, Light Dragon, These Are All Secondary Types. There Is Also A Neutral Dragon, A Jack Of All Traits, Master Of None.
Beast Stone- A Shift Stone Weapon, Used To Transform into A Wolf, Lion, Horse, Serpent, Pegasus, Mole, Griffin, Slime, or Just Do Nothing, LOL.
Trident- Melee Weapon, Faster, Longer Reach, But Not As Strong As A Sword, Can Be Used As An arrow For Bows. Allow The Wielder To Control Water
Scythe- Melee, Basically The Strongest Variation of the Sword, Extra Range, Power And Speed, plus The Ability To Teleport.
Axe: throwing Weapon and Melee weapon, Balanced.
Shields- Defence Weapon, Goes With Swords
Maces- Fast, Strong Weapons With Little Range, Melee Weapon

Base Classes
knight- Sword and Shield User, Balanced
Archer- Bow/Crossbow User, balanced
Shifter- Shift Stone User, varied Stats
Axe User- Uses Axes, Mainly Attacker
Mage- Staff user, Magic Extraordinaire.
Healer- Healing Rod User, Support Class
Water Squire- Trident User, Magic And Attack.
Reaper- Scythe User, Attack And Speed master
Assassin- Any Weapon, Changes Type Depending On Weapons, Speedy, And Strong, But Fragile

Mark II Classes
Hero- Better Knight, Choose Your Stats
Sniper- Better Archer, Choose Stats
Shifter II- Better Shifter, Varied
Axe Master- Better Axe User, Offensive BEAST
Witch/Wizard- Better Mage and Healer, magic BEAST
Water Knight- Better Water Squire, Magic And Attack BOSS
Grim Reaper- Better Reaper, Beast.
*Insert Type Of material here* Assassin- Locked To A Kind Of material, better Assassin
Ultimate Class
Elemental Warrior- Ultimate Stats, Any weapon, Must Be Lv999999

The World Of Wardon is A Beautiful Place, Filled With Deserts, Mountains, Towns, Cities, Oceans, rivers, And So On, The Main Place, However, Is The Capital, Named 'Herotropolis' here, You Can Find Many Retired And Still Going Adventurers, These people You Can Obtain Difficult Quests, Usually Involving Dragons, You Can Also Find A Market Here, Filled With Every store needed, A General Store, A Blacksmiths, a Stone Shop, Guilds, a Pawn Shop, A Pet Store, And Most Importantly, The Castle!
Now, The World Of Wardon May Be pretty, But At The Time Of The Game, There Is A large War Going On, Between Wardon And Monstein, The World Of Monsters, If You Couldn't Tell, Monsters Are Almost Everywhere, From Wolves To Demons.
In Wardon, You Also Build Houses.

Not Much To Say Here, The last Bit explained The Stores
Pets Are Your Main Companions In Wardon, You Have Got:
Dogs(Protect You)
Guinea Pigs(Scouts)
Wolves(Hunt Food For You)
DRAGONS(Offense And Defence)

Shift Stone

So Yeah, Tell me What Ya Think About This, Down In The Comments, MAKE SURE TO LEAVE A LIKE!