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War Of Hormone- 방탄소년단 (BTS) Love Story/ J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok x OC): War Of Hormone- 방탄소년단 (BTS) Love Story/ J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok x OC) Chapter 3

by Wi Seong Kim

Wi Seong Kim Chapter 3: 중독
--Cherry/ Leader- Slutty "Slut Person XD"
Wiseong/ Lead Vocalist- Innocent "Should Be In Anime Person"
Sam/ "Mark of GOT7"- Tomboy "'Yep' Person"
Kouhai/ Dancer, Vocalist, Maknae- Kawaii "Looks Like The Oldest, Is The Youngest Person"
Taeyang/ Lead Rapper- WTF "Person Who Knows Everyone Person"--

The next morning Wiseong awoke to the sound of her phone, a smile on her face.

'You got a text~You got a text~ (Un Jora Shon!~*)' The phone sang in a high, cartoon-ish voice. Which she chimed into, singing along lightly, leaning over to grab her phone.

After grabbing the phone, she realized it was a message from Namjoon. One that said he was going to call, knowing the ringtone would get her awake.

In that second, Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang was now blasting and an out-of-context picture of her and her cousin popped up as well.

"Yellow?" She answered in English. Of course, he knew what she said. "Namjoon, it's eight... Yes... I'll get everyone up and out the door." She replied as she walked to the kitchen.

As she entered, she looked up a bit and saw everyone standing. All dressed and ready.

"Good morning, Princess. Nice to see you awake." Sam teased, grinning at Wiseong.

"Namjoon, got to go. See you soon." She hung up. "You guys could've woken me up."

"Nah. It's more fun to let you sleep." Taeyang laughed. "Especially when you're dressed like that."

"I have to agree. But you look cute." Cherry had grin on her face.

"Blue's your color?" Kouhai awkwardly added in, not sure what to say.

Wiseong was wearing a onesie the same color as her hair- ice blue.

"How do you even sleep in that? It just looks like too much." Cherry chuckled, running a hand through her hair. She was wearing strappy heels and a Chinese style dress, with slits at the hips.

"Well, says the one who sleeps in her underwear, hmm?" Wiseong had a brilliant comeback.

Sam let out a laugh, covering her lips. She wore knee-high sneakers which were blue, jeans and a red flannel.

"Not bad, Wi'." Cherry chuckled lightly.

Taeyang gave her (Wiseong) a thumbs-up, grinning brightly. She was clad in black Vans, black leggings, jean shorts, ared long sleeve and a purple tank top.

Kouhai, who was standing next to Taeyang, made a very slight laugh. Her outfit was-- You guessed it-- Pink. Pink knee-high socks, a pink dress, a pink ribbon in her hair and pink tennis shoes. Converse.

"Alright. Namjoon says they're ready. Or, will be. So, I'll get dressed then we can head over there." Wiseong muttered, before doing a 180 and walking back to her room in the door.

Minutes later she had walked out, her hair neatly done. She was wearing a--

"How do you get into my brother's clothes?" Taeyang asked quickly, since Wiseong was clad in GD clothing.

"He gives it to me. Duh." She grinned innocently, fixing the suspenders on the LittleDrummer outfit from Crayon. "Besides, I look cute!~" She cheered, fixing her hair. "Let's go."

Taeyang rolled her eyes at Wiseong, pulling said female from the mirror. "You really are a princess. C'mon, let's go."

Cherry chuckled lightly, walking to the door now. Kouhai was by her side, along with Sam.

"Big Hit, here we come!" Cheered Cherry, walking now to the door. "Let's go, drummer boy." She teased Wiseong as everyone went out the door.

Meanwhile, at the Big Hit office, J-Hope and Jimin were sitting and waiting. Whilst, of course, filming themselves.

"So, Kookie is still sleeping. You want to go wake him?" J-Hope asked, giving a prefect opportunity for the J-Hope and Jimin cams. Or them waking people up by tickling their necks.

"Yeah. Let's go." Jimin had a childish grin on his face.

They both walked through the halls, finding Kookie asleep on a couch.

"Oh~ Jungkook~ Jungkook~ Jungkookie~ Jeon Jungkookie~" Jimin sang melodically, as they walked up to him.

Jungkook made a small mumble in his sleep and rolled over, hiding his face in the back of the couch. He pulled his body into a ball.

Both grinned as they looked at the sleeping maknae. J-Hope had the camera in his left hand while Jimin squatted down in front of the couch.

Jimin slowly poked Jungkook's shoulder, letting out a small laugh. J-Hope had a grin on his face, going to tickle the young maknae's hip, well right above.

"Kookie~" Jimin cooed, only to get startled by a hand on his shoulder. It was V.

"Whatcha doing?" He asked both J-Hope and Jimin, easily noticing the camera. He had taken a guess but decided he wanted them to explain the current situation.

"We're trying to wake up Jungkook." J-Hope explained, a huge grin on his face.

"Oh? Can I help?" V asked softly, looking at Jungkook, then back to J-Hope and Jimin. Both of which nodded their heads quickly. "Jungkookie?~"

Jungkookie had a tiny smile on his face, trying his best not to laugh at his friends' childish nature.

"Oh! He's awake! C'mon, Kookie!" J-Hope cheered, moving the camera towards Jungkook. "Jungkookie?~"

"Mmm?" The maknae hummed back lightly, rolling over.

"Hi Kookie." V said, leaning over the arm rest of the couch and smiling down at him.

"Good morning." Jimin mused softly, waving ever so slightly at the maknae.

"'Morning." Jungkook mumbled back, barely opening his eyes. He saw the camera and pushed it away tiredly.

"Jungkook, it's nine. Get off the couch." Rap Monster said firmly, walking into the room. Jin and Suga were with him.

"Fine." Mumbled the maknae, sitting up and blinking, he proceeded to yawn and rub his eyes. That's when...

"Yo! Repeat is here!" Obviously, it was Wiseong.

BTS walked out of the room, to the hall to see five girls. All of which were nothing alike.

"Greetings. I'm Cherry. I'm the leader." Said the red head, walking over to the group of males. Her heels made small clicks as she walked.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Rap Monster, the leader." This, of course, was too formal.

"Anyway." Wiseong chuckled awkwardly, walking up. "We all know me, yes?" Nods. "J-Hope, Jin, Suga, V, Jungkook, Jimin, this is Cherry, Sam, Taeyang and Kouhai." She smiled widely, pointing to each person. "Now, we've met!"

"Umm... Wiseong, what are you wearing?" Namjoon questioned, raising a brow at his cousin.

"Oh? It's ji Young's outfit from Crayon. He let me have it."

"How? How do you get something like that? That's crazy." Rap Mon asked, a feew poeple were chuckling, especially Repeat.

"I got connections."

"What connections?"

"Me." Taeyang said randomly, causing everyone to look at her. "My older brother is G Dragon. She grew up next door to me and my brother."

"Really?" Namjoon asked, a dumbfounded look on his face. He couldn't believe that 2 singers of Repeat are related to 2 other k-pop singers. "Now I get why you're so popular." He was talking about the band entirely.

"Heh. Thank you." Cherry chuckled, looking very bashful at the other leader.

"Anyway." Jin, the oldest among the yougn adults, called out to them all. "Aren't we supposed to working on the album? Not chatting about Wiseong's clothes and who's related to who?"

"Wow. Feisty, Jin." Suga chuckled, causing a few members of BTS to laugh.

"Okay, yes. We are. But, actually what I was thinking is how about you all get to know one another. And, Wiseong and I work on our song. It gets our song out of the way so we can all work together later."

There were a bunch of mumbles. People seemed to agree with the idea of getting to know one another. Everyone just nodded their heads and decided to talk.

"Alright." Namjoon said, now talking to Wiseong. "Are we going to the song we said we would?"

"Duh! Let's go!"


This all seems so surreal. How will this become? Will this turn out to be a good idea? Or bad?

Found out in the next chapter, the meeting of the bands!!!