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War Of Hormone- 방탄소년단 (BTS) Love Story/ J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok x OC): War Of Hormone- 방탄소년단 (BTS) Love Story/ J-Hope (Jung Ho Seok x OC) Chapter 1

by Wi Seong Kim

Wi Seong Kim Chapter 1: Introductions
Hiya, my name is Wiseong Hyuna Kim. I am the lead vocalist of a popular girls group called Repeat. There are five of us:

Starting with Cherry, our leader. She gets her nickname from her cherry red hair and rather outgoing nature. Between you and me, she’s a bit of a pervert. I believe the word is ‘slutty’.

Then we have Sam. Birth name, not stage name. Well, her real name is Samantha, not ‘Sam’. She grew up in America, along with Cherry. Speaking of stage names, Cherry is her stage name, her real name is Elizabeth. Anyway, Sam has rather boring brown hair. She’s what most would call a ‘tomboy’.

Next we have Kouhai, the youngest. She was raised in Japan, as to her stage name. She is common to wear pink and a lot of it. To me, it’s gross. We call her ‘Kouhai’: ONE- because she’s from Japan. And, TWO- because she is the youngest out of all of us.

Besides me, there’s Taeyang. Same name as the singer from Big Bang. Speaking of which, her brother is Ji Young. Or G Dragon. Leader of Big Bang. She is kinda random. She wears EVERYTHING.

Lastly, me. Wiseong. I’m known as the ‘Ice Queen’. My hair is an icy blue. I, also, wear a lot of blue and black. I am the main bias of Repeat. Which is okay, I suppose. I have a cousin, also very popular in the k-pop world: Namjoon Kim. Leader of BTS. And, Speaking of Bangtan Boys, that’s where this begins.


“So, this is the office.” Namjoon said, glancing over to the large building. ‘Big Hit’ was on a large, marble sign in front.

“Wow! This is awesome!” Wiseong exclaimed, her voice full of awe and wonder. “So, I get to meet your band, yeah?”

It should be noted that, even with BTS’ years of fame and the leader being her cousin, Wiseong still hadn’t met any of the other six members.

“Yeah. ‘Course.” Came his reply, the reply being bland and bored. His gaze remaining on his phone, scrolling through some app as he walked up to the building and inside. He sent a small glance back to her, giving his phone a small amount of ‘rejection’. “Excited much?

A rather happy and lighthearted chuckle left her lips as she followed him inside, her smile never waning.

“Extremely so!” That answer was pretty quick. He gave a light chuckle back to her, looking at his phone once more as they stood in front of the closed elevator doors.

She was wearing a jacket from her band. The Front had stated, “Repeat”. And, the back said, “Wiseong”, then a big “96”. That with black jeans and boots.

Namjoon, on the other hand, wore jeans, a white t-shirt, a beanie -red, to be exact- and his signature red converse tennis shoes, high top, of course.


The elevator had opened up, showing a shiny and clean, mirror covered room. It looked as if coated in chrome.

“Fancy.” She mused lightly. stepping inside along with her dear cousin. Once the elevator doors had closed, Namjoon looked up and lazily pushed the button to the fourth floor.

Then, right after, went straight back to his phone. She watched him click button and tap at the screen.

“Namjoon?” She muttered, looking over his shoulder whilst standing on her tip toes.

“Mmm.” He hummed, not looking up from his cell.

“Get off you phone.” Her voice went from a lighter tone to a more serious one. “Your cousin is standing right here and you don’t even talk to her.” A pout rested on her lips.

That’s when the elevator dinged and the doors opened to show a hallway.

“I like my phone.” The older cousin grumbled defensively. Both of them walked out of the elevator.

“I like mine, too. But, I don’t have it out when I’m with family. Now, do I?” She asked, being cocky.

Her eyes glanced to and fro, looking around. Namjoon was in front of her, leading the way around the building. Very interesting, well for her. He saw it as another day in the office. Sadly.

“I--” His eyes rolled a bit at her words. “I’ll stay on my phone if I want to, Wiseong. It’s not harming anyone, now it is?”

Her eyebrow raised, the words: “Oh, defensive,” left her lips. They were very prone to tease one another.

“So, where are they already?” Wiseong questioned, looking around. Namjoon, of course, was on his phone, once more. Which made her annoyed. Ish.

“They said they’re in the practice room.” He mumbled, scrolling through texts.

“Oh. Where you practice dances. Where is that?” A founded look was on her face. She didn’t know Big Hit very well, she wasn’t from their agency. She and Repeat were with EXO at SM, along with Girl’s Generation and Super Junior.

“Right here.” He said, stopping at the door. It was even labeled as such. he looked up from his phone to glance towards her, then the door.

He reached for it, the door knob that is, and twisted it, yanking the door wide open.

“Yo!” Namjoon greeted lightly, making a small wave. His thumb, middle and index were extended, while his pinkie and ring finger remained bent. He moved with a slight flick at his wrist.

That was followed by many greetings. There were six others. No camera crew. No filming. Just relaxing.

“Who’s this?” Jimin asked, a slightly cocky smile on his lips, looking to Wiseong.

“Namjoon, you have a girlfriend?” Jin asked innocently, a bewildered look on his face. He was honestly curious and confused.

“She’s not my girlfriend.” Grumbled the now annoyed leader. Why would they assume such? He turned his phone’s screen off and slipped it into his pocket, then proceeded to rub his left temple. “She’s my younger cousin.”

“Your--” Jungkookie started, having a slightly confused face. There was no previous mentioning of a cousin. The maknae then continued. “Cousin? Huh. I don’t see it, Hyung.”

“You look familiar.” J-Hope blurted out randomly. Rap Monster’s eyes lit up, now that was a good sign. Maybe.

“I should.” Wiseong said with a smile. “I’m Wiseong Kim of Repeat.” She chuckled, watching the dumbfounded faces turn surprised.

Now, this just got interesting.
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