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World Of Wars- March: W.O.W Day 29- You Can’t Seee What I Can...

by Finley Moon

Finley Moon Hello Everybody and today’s artwork is on Mudfur. This month is dedicated to minor characters. The scene in this drawing is of Mudfur sleeping and using her prophectic Powers. While in real life it could be 24 hours and dream could be a few minutes. She is a jaguar covered in mud (hence her name) and does odd things for mysterious reasons that know one knows. The rainforest tribe of wild cats (haven’t decided on a name yet) does respect her, mostly River (prince/king) who relies on her for her healing and prophetic powers. I’m not sure what I want the meaning of the dream so if you have questions on it then I’ll just say I’m not entirely sure yet.
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  1. Finley Moon
    Finley Moon
    Guys I have made a Speedpaint on this so if you want to check this out then go to my description (on my my main page) and you’ll find it! ;)
    Mar 29, 2018
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