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World Of Wars- March: W.O.W Day 23- Kids Again

by Finley Moon

Finley Moon Hello Everybody and today’s work is on Finley! Now Finley was a made up OC that I made for Charms. I decided after awhile that I would add her to World of Wars. I didnt want her to be a main character (I had Sailor for that) so I made her a minor character. The other character in this picture is Rowan (warning now he does NOT represent anyone in real life). They sort of like each other but become best friends. Dusk another show off type jerk wants to become deputy. If u become deputy then u chose a mate. He wanted Finley. Now before you start asking “did he love her?” type questions I will confirm, he only chose her because she was the only she-wolf who was not fooled by his bragging. Dusk knew she would be a challenge and wanted to make her fall for him. When he became deputy he didn’t like seeing his new mate with Rowan. After a short period of time he disappeared and Finley was made deputy. She also disappeared but that’s where we’re leaving off for now. (This scene is Finley and Rowan playing in a stream when Dusk doesn’t know it). I will make another work on this so stay tuned!
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