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The adventures of Mina: Vol. 4 Mission Sinnoh

by Poketheme

Last time we saw Mia, born princess Alezia of Kalos, descendant of Az, she was working as a secret agent in Hoenn. When she and her team, Green, Ruby, Yellow, and Saphire, are Calle dot Kanto to speak with some of Kanto and Jhoto's strongest heroes, Silver, Crystal, Red, Gold, and Blue, Ruby and Salhire find out about her true I'd from birth. Mina is faced with the he approaching terror that Az and the rest of Kalos has villains stirring to find Alezia and black male Az into building another ultimate weapon. So, in order to keep her moving, Mia is given a new Id. She is now Princess Maya of Sinnoh, escorted by her royal guards Ruby and Saphire. Green becomes her, "right hand maiden" and Yellow her prince of arranged marriage. Their goal is to find out info from Kalos on team flare and eventually snuff them out do Maya can live as Mina happily in Hoenn. Things change though, when a nightmarish Cynd is resurrected by team Galactic and Darkrai. A girl name Luna and her Pokemon Cresselia join Maya and her crew on defeating Cynd. It leads them through Sinnoh, and eventually the group splits up. Yellow, Green, and Ruby go off to help gather more flare info, as Prince Yellow and his guards Hreen and Ruby, while Saphire and Luna help Maya in tracking down and defeating this nightmare Cynd. Along the way they meet a group of friends named Daimind, Pearl, and Platinum. They get to no each other, but soon all six our trapped in the distortion world by Giratina, and only Palcia and Dialga can free them, so Daimind and Pearl travel the universal Waco world for the dimensions of the two, while Luna, Saphire, and Maya try to find Giratina, only to find Cynd and Darkrai controlling Giratina. They are nearly defeated when Palkia and Dialga save them, releasing them back to the real world. They travel to the nearest town only to hear that Team Plazma, a terrorist group in Unova has been revealed to not only have killed innocent friends Blaxk and White, but kidnapped Prince Yellow and two of his closest Gaurd friend. And so, Daimond, Pearl, and Platinum continued their journey, making surnethat Team Galactic does not get their hands on any other legendary Pokemon. But as Luna, Maya, and Saphire head off to save their friend, what awaits them?