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The Vocaloid Chronicles: Vocaloid house part 3

by FalChromiforme

FalChromiforme the 3rd part of my story-just read the first two before this one ;)
Len sat up, pushing Rin away from him. Had they all fallen asleep here last night? Looking around, he figured they must have.
Len sat down again. Geez, his head hurt. When he looked up (ignoring Luka, who was talking in her sleep right next to the door) he saw a figure. When his vision cleared up, he saw that it was Gumi.
"Oh. Hay there, Gumi. Sorry I can't give you a formal intro. We had a huge party last night . . . And, well, yea."
Gumi nodded, then went upstairs to find herself a room. Len looked at the clock on the wall, and (despite the giant splatter of what looked like Miku's paint) he could see the time. He rubbed his eyes, making sure he was seeing right. It was . . . 1:00 in the afternoon?!?! He went around and woke everyone up, trying to help everyone get their act together. Gumi had come at the worst time. . . hopefully nobody else would arrive.
A knock on the door. Len sighed, then went over and opened it.
"SeeU has arrived!" was the first thing he heard.
"Gyahh!" Len yelled, startled. SeeU giggled and went over to the now-awake (mostly) Miku and Luka and started talking faster than they could listen, at least having just woke up.
Len saw this, and smiled. But when he turned back, he thought he saw somebody sitting there, in the shadows. He looked closely, but saw nothing. So he closed the door.
The rest of the day went well, but Len just kept looking for that figure in the shadows. Once he found a bandage on the ground, but he couldn't think who's it was.
The night, while they were sitting in the Living room, eating McDonald's (the kitchen was still badly wrecked from the night before) they noticed that their food kept disappearing. This time, Len decided to go and face the figure in the shadows.
"Come on out." he said into the shadows, everyone else stared at him. And for a full minute, nothing happened. Then Oliver stood up out of the shadows. Only Len saw this, but Oliver motioned for him to stay quiet, so he did. As Len watched, Oliver walked up behind Luka, Miku, Rin, SeeU, and Gumi, and yelled "GOTCHYA!"
Gumi jumped straight out of her chair and was up against the other wall, the other four were huddled up on the floor, shivering.
Len and Oliver started cracking up, laughing so hard they were almost crying. While the others glowered at Oliver, Oliver and Len exchanged greetings. Then, the most unexpected thing happened. The door opened.
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